NETTMØTE: Football Manager-produsenten gav svar

Football Manager-produsenten gav svar

Miles Jacobson stilte i nettmøte på

Football Manager er blant de lengstlevende spillseriene i historien, og antall fans stiger for hvert år som går. Managerspillene fra Sports Interactive er uhyre populære, og lar en hver fotballinteressert leve ut drømmen om å styre sin egen klubb opp og frem til suksess.

Mengder med nyheter

Dybdeinformasjon er aldri langt unna i Football Manager 2012.
Dybdeinformasjon er aldri langt unna i Football Manager 2012.

Årets utgave kommer i salg 21. oktober, og skilter med over 800 nyheter og forbedringer. Her finner vi blant annet dypere analyseverktøy og enklere måter å sette sammen laget på. Alt for å gjøre deg til en mer effektiv manager. To omfattende opplæringsdeler sikrer at spillet er mindre avskrekkende for nye spillere. 3D-visningen av kampene er sterkt forbedret.

Erfarne spillere som liker å gjøre det meste selv vil sikkert sette pris muligheten til å skreddersy grensesnittet, få dypere speiderrapporter og endre tilgjengelige ligaer når som helst.

Svarte på 75 spørsmål

Tirsdag stilte Football Manager-produsent Miles Jacobson til nettmøte her på Jacobsen har jobbet med mangerspillet i over ti år, inkludert tiden da det het Championship Manager.

Her er de spørsmålene han rakk å svare på i løpet av timene som var satt av:

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  1. Truble on Steam..

    Spørsmål fra Andre:

    Is it true that you need to run FM 2012 via Steam and to play it?

    Because I have often had problems to run it through the Steam, in terms of adding extra content; such as facepaks, icons, kits, logos, skins and patches (unofficial). Something that is essential to make the game "complete". Without this content, it feels very empty and boring to me. So, will I have problems with this now, if I MUST run it through Steam?

    At the same time it's annoying that you have to do it via the steam service, since it requires some extra Ram and power from the processor, although it is not much. but it makes some difference when you are choosing players from all over the world and several leagues. like me i like to have 2-300 000 players, and at least 3 national leagues with 3 divisions.

    Yes, you must run it through Steam. There'll be no problems adding additional content though, and I'm sure that all the sites that provide this content will give full instructions on how to add the items.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:03
  2. Expanding The Norwegian League

    Spørsmål fra Rune Kjørkleiv:

    Will you in The Future Expand the Norwegian League to third divsion and not only the second as it is per day!?


    We have no plans to add more leagues to the game, but do provide a competition editor that allows you to add extra levels or entirely new countries leagues, then share those online.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:04
  3. Playing Style

    Spørsmål fra Espen:

    Hi Miles. Just wondering what your type of playingstyle is? Do you like to manage the big teams? Or maybe you like to start with the lower teams and as a manager take bigger offers? Personally I like to bring lower teams to new heights. :-) best regards, espen.

    When testing and directing the game, I play with all kinds of different teams and leagues.

    When I start my career game, which is always on release day, I start off managing the team I support, Watford, and then see what happens.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:05
  4. talents

    Spørsmål fra hehehehe:

    Hva you done something to improve talents development during loans?

    Each player will develop in their own way. Some develop best on loan getting first team football. Other from training. Some don't improve when playing at clubs below the level they should be playing at - it's all based around their various stats, including the hidden mental stats.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:06
  5. Stats

    Spørsmål fra Henrik:

    Are the player stats being used in the demo equal to the ones in the final version?

    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:06
  6. Tell me

    Spørsmål fra Heatliger:

    Why should i buy FM 12? I'm not convinced, to put it that way...

    play the demo, and then decide. If you don't like the demo, the game likely isn't for you.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:07
  7. Negotiations

    Spørsmål fra Kris:

    Will the agents be as hard to negotiate with this year? I found myself pretty annoyed a couple of times when i tried to sign young, not so good players last season of FM.

    Br, Kris :)

    Each agent has their own personality. Some will be easy to negotiate with. Some will be hard. Just like real life.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:07
  8. the big steps?

    Spørsmål fra Ola Hansen:

    After playing through the demo, I am left with the impression that the previous version of football manager. And before that. I also read in various forums who think that you are too conservative in the development of the game. It's something I think too, and with this I have requested the major changes and advances. I know there are a few changes this year, but nothing that drastically changes the way football manager is played. What is your response to this? I would also add that there is great game, and the only game I think is worth playing, so do not take the question wrong.

    We believe in part revolution, part evolution, and that's what the game is this year.

    As you say, you think it's a great game. So if it isn't broken, there is nothing to fix there. There is no need for complete revolution because, as a football management simulation, it does what it's meant to.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:09
  9. Player

    Spørsmål fra Suver:

    Would it be posible to write something to the press and a player and they understand what u say?

    Try swearing.....
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:10
  10. Why should i buy the 2012 version?

    Spørsmål fra Eivind B. Thorsen:

    Hello Miles! Just recently I bought FM 2011. So I am simply wondering what big improvements are there in the new game? Thank you for making such an awesome game! (I'm addicted)

    If you look at, that will give you the basics. There are also a load of blogs at that go into more detail.

    Or you could just try the demo.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:10
  11. FM11

    Spørsmål fra Worldwide:

    How many copies did FM11 sell?

    Or alternatively, did it sell enough to get a positive financial result?

    If it hadn't been profitable, we wouldn't get to make FM12....
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:11
  12. Regen players

    Spørsmål fra Marius Engebretsen:

    Hello! Ive been a huge fan of the CM/FM series since CM 93 and cant wait for the FM12 game!

    My question(s) regards the regens that appear when you progress in the game, cause I and my friends think they get too good too fast!

    Is this something you have gotten feedbacks on, and have you changed this in the upcoming epic manager game?

    best regards,


    We spend months and months balancing things to ensure they go up at the same pace as players in real life, trying to keep the database completely balanced after 10 seasons compared to how it is at the start of the game.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:12
  13. The next step for FM

    Spørsmål fra Bjørn:

    Hi Miles. I've been playing these game since the early 90s, I really don't want to think about how many hours I've spent in total, so cheers for robbing away so much of my life every year! Anyway, I was wondering what you think the next "big step" will be for FM? We've seen big developments in the 3d match engine, player/media interaction and so on over the last few years, what's the next big feature you want to include in the future?

    We always keep our plans very secret. You'll see what the future holds around this time next year, but we want to concentrate on FM12 for now.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:18
  14. 3D & 2D match engine

    Spørsmål fra Are Wangsholm:

    Will you eventually leave the 2D matchengine completely i.e. will you eventually "upgrade" the 3D matchengine a different direction for more possible animations and better graphics which would be impossible for the 2D matchengine to handle?

    We have no plans to remove the 2d, or only commentary, modes.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:18
  15. updates

    Spørsmål fra pongulf92:

    i wounder. if there somes a update, can the update effect a players attitude to the club?
    like the Tevez episode.

    The Tevez episode is already dealt with in the game.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:21
  16. Player Ratings

    Spørsmål fra Simon Berntzen:

    I have two questions for you. First off; why don't you make a better job with rating players on the bigger teams. I'm a Man United fan, and i'm very disappointed with the low ratings you're putting on Anderson and Cleverley and i hope this will be fixed.

    Second; I don't think that the player potential should be as "preset" as they are. Let's say that I'm using a young player very much. It's natural that he'll develop more because of that and possibly take big steps. It isn't like that in Football Manager. The potentials of the players are already set, and I feel that i really can't impact how good they will become.

    I'm very happy with our research teams work on a global level with clubs both big and small. Our researchers have all of their bias taken out of them, to ensure that the ratings are accurate.
    We're also very happy with our system. It's worked well for us, and players do have a ceiling in their abilities in real life, however much you play them.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:23
  17. Changes

    Spørsmål fra Henrik:

    Will you change some stats from the demo?
    *Young (On Manchester United) have 14 dribble, and 12 flair!*

    As someone who has followed Ashley's career, including watching him as a youth player from the age of 15, 14 for dribbling and 12 for flair sound right to me....
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:24
  18. The managers pay

    Spørsmål fra Lovethegame:

    I was wondering FM would come with something cool on fm, like managers can buy cars or something? Or he can use his pay to help his clubs under financial crisis and so on.

    We're making a football management simulation, not the Sims.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:24
  19. FM12

    Spørsmål fra Toan Le:

    In what prospects are the Football Manager-series better then it's competitors?

    That's not for me to answer - try the demo of the game and see for yourself!
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:25
  20. Few updates for earlier FMs'

    Spørsmål fra Kai:

    Really enjoy your games, both FM and the earlier CM-series. But why so few transferupdates? I really enjoy your game, but I'd just wish you could update after each transfer window, at least. What is hindering you? One update for FM first of august would've kept me entertained while waiting for FM 12, just saying.

    We'd have to change the start date of the game too, which requires a patch, which requires testing, and with new rule groups, it would break things. So we only do the January transfer window update, then move onto making the next game.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:27
  21. Other jobs

    Spørsmål fra Eivind:

    Could it be possible in the future to get a job as an assistent manager or a scout for a club? I think that it could be a good step i the career to be a top manager.

    No - the game is called "Football Manager", not "Football Assistant Manager" or "Football Scout". Doing those other jobs would be very, very boring.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:28
  22. Steam Access

    Spørsmål fra Hans:

    Hello and thanks for your great job over the years on the CM and FM games!
    Now to my question: Where i live, i frequently have problems with my internet access and the past week when i was supposed to play the Demo of the game, i have had no internet, and the offline mode of steam has not been working. Is this a problem you have tought of when you decided everyone had to go trough steam to play? Cause it seems somewhat odd that i would wanna purchase a non-internetbased, single player game when its a good chance i might not even get to play it most of the time.

    Offline mode in Steam most definitely was working, as I have been playing the game offline whilst travelling this week!

    You just need to remember to turn on offline mode, and then you can happily play offline.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:31
  23. Job

    Spørsmål fra Chanji:

    I would love to work for Sports Interactive/Sega. Wondering if an internship is possible?

    We only have internships for C++ coders, and the next 2 years spaces are already taken I'm afraid.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:32
  24. Change

    Spørsmål fra Preben:

    What is the biggest change from last FM11 compared to FM12

    There are over 800 new features. Everyone seems to be saying that different things are their favourites, so I doubt there is one biggest change.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:33
  25. The future

    Spørsmål fra Mats:

    Good day to you sir:) Im a huge fan of the series, and my question is: How do you think the game will evolve in the future? What more can you put in an already awsome game?

    We have a database full of ideas, with well over 2,000 things that we want to do in the future. Typically we add over 500 new ideas on top of this each year. So there are still lots of things we want to do.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:33
  26. Stats in EPL

    Spørsmål fra Tobias:

    The recent years I've seen many big changes in stats in every league, but not in the premier league... Is this something you are afraid of doing? For example Theo Walcott has had almost the same stats the last three FM's.
    Best regards

    Theo is the perfect example of a player who has stalled in real life - he's not progressed well, mainly due to injuries. So it's right that his stats haven't change much (they have certainly changed though).

    I think it's a misnoma that other stats haven't changed in the Premier League - they have. There've been hundreds of thousands of changes in that league.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:36
  27. How to get a job at SI Games?

    Spørsmål fra Morten S:

    Hi Miles!
    I have played CM/FM since 1995 and are major fan! Love your works!

    I have 2 questions:
    1) I have heard rumers about a CM97/98 with a updated playerslist, does it exists? CM97/98 is my favorit and I have heard a lot say that it is the most legendary version.

    2) How does one get a job in SI games?

    1) No idea. We no longer have anything to do with our previous games.

    2) You apply from SEGA's website. It's rare that we have job openings though, and normally only for programmers.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:37
  28. Database in real life?

    Spørsmål fra GJ:

    Do you think any real clubs use the database for finding players irl? I remember reading some rumours about Everton doing that, is there any truth to it?

    Everton do use the database and have a deal with us to do so. Loads of other clubs use it unofficially.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:38
  29. Training

    Spørsmål fra Torstein:

    Hi, i have been a big fan of the FM-series since 2007 and have spent way to much time with this fantastic game.

    Most of the aspects of the game is improved year after year, except the training. Why is that?

    Two years i have spent a lot of time creating different training schedules and researching the effects of them together with some other guys from the FM community, but there have been minimal information about the training system and the effects of training from you guys at SI, which is really dissapointing.

    Do you have any major changes in the training system planned for the FM 2013/2014 release?

    I hope you can consider implementing something similar to the fifa manager system, where you plan real training sessions for your team. Like fitness, strenght, formation, defence, offence, passing, possesion, match training, individual traing etc. I also hope that players with high determination will be the players that will be most likely to do extra individual training and therefore improve more.

    If you would implement something like this, the game would be a step closer to perfect!

    We've changed the training system entirely at least 3 times since 2003.

    The one we have at the moment works, and we tweak it each year, and add a few new things too. This year you can now track a players training progress over their whole career, not just per season, for example.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:41
  30. Add and/or remove leagues while playing?

    Spørsmål fra Simen D Berg:

    Hello Miles. Looking really forward to antoher excellent game from your side.

    I have once question for you. One of the great news this years is the option to add leagues and nations after a started save. But will you also have the possibilty to remove leagues while playing? I ask this because my computer(slow one) tends to go really slow when playing many leagues at the same time.

    Best regards Simen.

    Yes, you can add or remove leagues.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:41
  31. Loyal Players

    Spørsmål fra Mikael Skogseth:

    Even young homegrown players in past games couldn't care less about their home club and wants to go to the likes of Barcelona. Once in a while a loyal star shows up in football, and I hope such a random thing can happen in FM too. A star that only thinks of his first club.

    Is it possible to get 100% loyal players, players such as Maldini?

    Yes, it is. Both with newgens and existing players.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:47
  32. Addition of leagues

    Spørsmål fra FM player:

    One of the big changes is the addition of leagues.

    Say I start a game by selecting 3 nations, England, Germany and Italy. After three seasons I choose to add Brazil. How will the system calculate the results, transfers, stats and player attribute changes that have taken place in Brazil from the beginning of the game and up untill recent time?

    Will it be completely random? Or will there be no changes, other than age, and start out as if I just started a new game with the brazilian leagues added?

    It's certainly not random in any way. It simulates the progression of all the players, as well as the outcomes of the competitions using some new technology that has been written specifically for this feature - which is why it took us so long (we've been working on this one feature for nearly 3 years).
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:48
  33. Sponsors

    Spørsmål fra Ariel Øygarden:

    Are there any plans on expanding/improving teamsponsor-deals in the game? The current way of just automatically recieving new deals at the end of the current one is rather "dull". Recieving and reviewing different offers, being able to negotiate deals, and new owners/good results giving bonuses/better deals would be a fun addition to the game in my opinion. Any thoughts on this?

    Managers don't negotiate these deals in real life, it's done by the clubs board. So we'll continue to leave it to the board...
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:49
  34. Spending of money

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik:

    During FM2011 i started to buy players with the money over time option, this made it possible for me to get expensive players without spending all of my transfer budget. And if your spread thoose money on 48 months it didnt affect the financial situation of the club to much. Will it be more realistic in FM2012? and what changed have you made in that matter?

    It affects the future transfer budgets in a very major way, so gives you less money to spend in the future.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:51
  35. training

    Spørsmål fra Thomas:

    How much will it affect your game that you're not paying too much attention to the training part (i.e making schedules etc)?

    I know there's an option to make you assistant manager take care of training, but is it affecting your game negatively in a big way?

    With everything in the game, it's up to you to micromanage it any way you want to - it could be that you handling training rather than your assistant improves things, but if you get it wrong, it will make it worse!
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:54
  36. Optimisation of code

    Spørsmål fra Alexander:


    Just wondering whether optimisation of code is something that is considered a complete waste of time with the series nowadays, or are you still putting an effort into it? The jump from '09 to '10 (I think it was that one) had a noticeable improvement in terms of performance, but after that edition, I haven't really noticed any vast improvements in the performance area.


    We still put lots of effort into it. It would be more noticeable in 09 - 10 as that's when multi-core was added for background matches, which were the biggest processing hog.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:56
  37. Manger fame

    Spørsmål fra Staale:

    Hello Miles

    One thing i always missed abit in previous manager games is that the manger get little fame, and glory other then winning, do you now what i mean? and if you agree is this something that uppgraded in the new Football manager 12? My favorite Fm game was the nr 10.
    Hope next Fm is the best. You guys are doing a great job, contniue the good work:-)

    what fame do they get in real life? They win, the newspapers say nice things about them. They lose, the newspapers say bad things about them. Thus is the life of a manager.

    We don't have managers personal lives in the game and it's not something that we'd be looking at doing for a football management simulation.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:58
  38. FM database

    Spørsmål fra Sam:

    How many big clubs are using your database as a way to find talents/players? I know that Everton subscribes to this database? Are there additional clubs that use it?

    There are lots of other clubs that use it, but none that officially do so.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:59
  39. Welbeck, Cleverly

    Spørsmål fra Didrik:

    Is Welbeck and Clevely much better than they were in FM 2011?

    Current ability, yes. Potential ability, no. Which is how it should be!
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 15:59
  40. Ask Miles:)

    Spørsmål fra Bjarte Sletteng - @rabadamtintin:

    First i want to say well doen for all the charity work you guys are doing, and for your work with Warchild and Kick out rasciscm- You reach a great number of ppl!

    so the Q- What is the best question you have never been asked about the FM series?

    And all the best to Watford:)

    Thanks for the well done - it's something that means a lot to us.

    As for the best question I've never been asked, well, probably "what is the best question you have never been asked about the FM series?". But I've been asked that now so, err. "How many doughnuts are consumers by the studio in a typical game cycle?" would be a good one. The answer would be "a lot".
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:02
  41. Local talents

    Spørsmål fra Didrik:

    Will there be better local players that will come in from junior divisons

    The talent that comes through is according to the various club settings, and how well they are likely to find the new talent. There is a possibility of a random better player coming through, but if a club has no history of good players, then they are less likely to get them in the future, as those good players are more likely to join better clubs in the first place.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:06
  42. Testing team strength..

    Spørsmål fra Dag Langerød:

    Hi! Im a researcher in the norweagian league myself, and just wondered, how do you actually check that the researchers do their job properly? I use to let the game play itself for a season or two, after i get the game, just to check that the players im responsible for evolve correctly, but hoew thorough do you check the teams, the leagues etc?

    We have lots of code based checks that produce lots of statistics to show us how things are looking over both short and long term periods of play.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:07
  43. Thanks

    Spørsmål fra Kim Aasen:


    I just want to thank you for making the most addictive game in history. I've been playing each version since CM95/96 houndreds of hours, and (almost) every year since then you've improved the game.

    My personal favorites are CM96/97 and CM97/98.

    My questions is this; are you guys still sitting on the databases from the CM-games? If so, do you have any plans of doing something like CM Allstars? Where you can load a custom database in e.g. FM2013, which lets you choose which year to start in?

    We have no plans of doing an "all stars" type game.

    There was one in production once, but it was terrible, as everyone knew how the players progressed, and it looked ridiculous when new players came into the game.

    Someone else did release historical versions of their game last year and they didn't do very well critically or sales wise.

    So no. It's something that marketing people think is a great idea, and gets brought up regularly, but while it sounds good on paper, the reality is that it's not.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:09
  44. Diference

    Spørsmål fra Marius Andersen:

    Is there any real diference between FM 11 and FM 12, and what?

    There are over 800 new features in FM12. For details on what those are, you can go to and read about them, and then look at the 20+ blogs and video blogs!
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:10
  45. Stats

    Spørsmål fra Ola Pettersen:

    How much focus have it been on updating the stats of the players this year?

    The research process has it's own dedicated team who spend their whole year focused on improving the database and the player stats.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:10
  46. Fans reaction and job

    Spørsmål fra Andreas S:

    will the fans have their saying in your manager job in the future?
    How can you appley for a job for FM?

    Fans already have a say in your job in the game. You can see what they think about you via the comments they make after matches, and also in the board confidence screen.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:14
  47. 2020

    Spørsmål fra Dag Langerød:

    Is it possible (are you allowed?) to say something about the dreams you have for the game in maybe ten years time? Any specific evolutions you hope is included then..

    I would hope that in ten years time I might be asleep. There's only so much sleep deprivation one man can handle, and I've had it for the 17 years I've been working on the game.

    Seriously though, I work 3 years ahead, not 10. But no, I'm not about to tell you what's coming in 3 years time. I like surprising people.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:15
  48. Ultimatum

    Spørsmål fra Magnus:

    Will there be any chance of placing a ultimatum (threatning to leave/quit) when a chairman steps in and accepts a bid on a player you don't want to sell at that time? I've yelled at my computer for this several times.

    No - once a bid is accepted, it doesn't then get turned down, so it would be pointless.

    It's just one of those facts of life that happens. Not just in football, but in life too.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:16
  49. Sponsors

    Spørsmål fra Eirik k. H:

    Will players be able to deal with or choose beetween diffrent sponsor contracts for our team? if not, is it something you want to add to the series in the future?

    No, because it's not something that managers do in real life. That's done by the commercial department and directors of clubs.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:23
  50. FM2012

    Spørsmål fra Lars-Erik Jørgensen:

    first of all i wanna say that my mother blames you guys for my addiction to games, not that its any valid proof of that but still. (you guys are doing an fantastic job with the series)

    id like to know a few things regarding FM2012. FM2011 clubs always bought the same players (unless you bought them yourself). what have you guys done to change that clubs make more realistic and random moves, specially for big players? (any suprise transfers coming?)

    2.Regens are a big deal when it comes to comparing with my friends (who got the best regen sort of thing). Ive seen some insane regens in FM2011, Is there any change to this? or will the generator still make it very random?

    3.any suprises for us in general? that you havent told anyone about or something

    keep doing what your doing! we all love it!!

    Best Regards

    You should mention to your mother how educational our game is, teaching you about maths, economics, people skills and the football world. The game gets used in some schools and Universities in the UK for these subjects.

    1) There are times when clubs will sign the same player, but this is because that players fits the mould of exactly what they are looking for. If you added similar players, with similar stats, to the database, then they'd look at those instead.
    2) There is nothing random about the generator. It generates players to ensure a balanced database, but there are hundreds of thousands of lines of code at work there, not a random player generator.
    3) there are around 200 features that we haven't mentioned yet. Many of these have been found in the demo. Some have not...
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:26
  51. View match with only commentary

    Spørsmål fra Martin:

    I have played CM and FM for a very period now, and i tend to still use the "only commentary" option when i see a match because I like it ;)

    A problem that has occured for me tho, at least on FM 2011 is that some of the new features "quick sub, quick tacticts etc" are only avalible when you watch with "TV view"

    Will you in the future make some adjustments to please those who prefer to watch only commentary, but still want to be able to make use of these features?

    It's unlikely, to be honest, because the amount of people who use only commentary are so small, and it would be a huge amount of work.

    I'm not saying "no" though, just "unlikely".
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:29
  52. Yo dawg

    Spørsmål fra Dudefromspace:

    Yo I had a lot of problems with injuries within my squad. You know I mean dawg. So will there be a more balance to the injurie system? Fo`shizzle

    Do you want to ask the question again in English? Maybe I'll answer it then, if there's time.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:29
  53. How far can you go?

    Spørsmål fra Jonas:

    is there any limit before the game actually stops? or can you in theory play till the year 3000?

    The PC & Mac game doesn't stop. The PSP & iPhone games do.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:30
  54. Steam

    Spørsmål fra Gjermund :

    Hi, just wondering if you have to have steam running to play Football Manager or if it's just for the activation. If it have to be running via steam and connected to internet I think you should know that sucks:)

    It needs to be running, but you don't need to be connected to the internet. There is a mode in Steam called "offline mode", so it you click on that, there is no need to be online when you are playing.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:31
  55. steam

    Spørsmål fra svein børre:


    just want to express my unhappyness rearding steam.
    I`ve got a Macbook with Lion, and have not been able to test the FM12 demo..

    First I had to write a code in Terminal in order to innstall Steam on my macbook, found the solution on a forum after a lot of troubleshootin.
    Than, after I finelly get Steam to work, I`m not able to start the FM12 application after downloading and innstalling it.. FM12 accoures a unexpected problem and is shut down every time I start it...

    This really is making me for the first time NOT wanting to buy the game :(

    for technical support, you should ask on our forums at - it's likely a local issue with your computer, that our tech support guys will gladly help you try and fix.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:32
  56. pre order

    Spørsmål fra christer:

    Hello just a quick question did u ever think about letting those that pre ordered the game start playing the game earlier?

    Yes. But every time I bring up the suggestion, I'm told no, as it would be a logistical nightmare for SEGA.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:34
  57. Player development, tabbed browsing, integrated music player

    Spørsmål fra Big O:

    First off, thanks for developing the amazing CM/FM series. I have been playing every iteration since CM 94, and I'm very much looking forward to your latest creation. Also, thank you for taking the time to answer questions here on

    So, I have two questions and one request and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the following matters:

    1. Are you planning on doing any changes in regard to the way players develop? The current system with CA/PA works fairly well, but it has remained largely unchanged the last 10+ years. In other words, player development is rather predictable nowadays. I would love to see a few more variables thrown into the mix, so that to allow "late bloomers" and unlikely superstars (Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Djorkaeff and Zidane all come to mind).

    2. Have you considered allowing tabbed browsing or implementing other solutions to make multitasking easier?

    3. More of a request than a question: Even though it's easy to play music in the OS whilst playing FM, it would be great to have an integrated music player available in the game.

    1) We have a phrase in England "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The be fair, there have been LOTS of changes to the way we collect data in the last 10 years, but CA/PA will remain.
    2) We have windowed mode to let you do exactly that.
    3) We looked at that two years ago, wanting to partner with someone, but they ran away scared due to the amount of people we have playing the game. As we are games devs, not music player devs, we have no plans to write our own player.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:36
  58. Steam Pricing & selling used

    Spørsmål fra memyself:

    Do you think the Steam-pricing is fair? (50 euro) for Norwegians. For a digital copy?

    I did order the game from amazon and paid half of that, including shipping, AND i'm getting a physical copy.

    Secondly, your way of forcing us to activate through Steam, isn't this just a way to stop users from buying used games? It will be impossible now. It sure don't prevent piracy at least.

    We make the game, and having nothing to do with pricing. Nor do we have any say in how retailers run their businesses regarding making losses to gain customers.

    As for used games, the end user license agreement (which is also nothing to do with me) clearly states that the license you purchase to play the game cannot be sold on. So second hand sales didn't come into any thought processes, as you already weren't allowed to re-sell the game based on the license agreement that you agree when installing.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:39
  59. pricing

    Spørsmål fra first day buyer:

    Is the pricing on steam down to the publisher? It is odd that I'm able to find cheaper physical copies from amazon and play than from steam it self.

    First day buyer

    As per the previous question, pricing is nothing to do with me. You'd need to ask SEGA and the retailers concerned.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:40
  60. Football Manager 2013? 2014

    Spørsmål fra Kris:

    Will there be more FM games in the future?

    I hope so, or else I'll have to get a proper job. And I'm not very good at flipping burgers.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:40
  61. Season tickets

    Spørsmål fra Stian:


    Any updates regarding season ticket sales? It more or less stayed on the same amount of sold tickets for FM11 each season. Even though i took a crappy team to new heights (yes, im a cheater) the season ticket sales where on the same lvl each year.

    If you cheated, then you didn't cheat well enough. Some clubs are limited with the amount of supporters they would have however well they do. This can be edited in the database when you're doing the rest of your cheating, cheater.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:41
  62. New leauges?

    Spørsmål fra Ole Jesper Halsli:

    Will we be able to see any new leauges in this years game?

    Only if you create them yourself using the data editor.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:41
  63. Player and manager personalities

    Spørsmål fra Håkon Solberg:

    Have you ever considered adding a more spesific personality to the players and managers - beyond what the press matters? For instance Arsenal always ends up buying world class players in FM, despite the reality, where we see Arsene Wengers spite in buying already established players.

    As for the players themselves, we often see the fans reacting to a purchase if the player has a reputation for causing trouble. Despite this fan reaction, I have never actually seen them do anything to justify these rumours. Wouldn't this add some depth, if each player and manager actually acted differently off the pitch?

    Really enjoy what you do


    Manager preferences are already in the game.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:42
  64. Tactics...

    Spørsmål fra Thomas:

    First I will like to thank you guys in SI for making great manager games year after year.I've been a dedicated fan since the first CM game. Keep up the good work!

    So to the Q: Do you recommend making new tactics for this game, or will the tactics from FM 2011 work just as good?

    Tactics from FM11 should be just fine.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:49
  65. Player attributes

    Spørsmål fra Olav :

    I am wondering how you messure the players attributes? For exampel, do you have any tests to se how fast Ronaldo is compared to Messi? Or do you use statistics and data?

    I've also heard that you use scouts all over the globe to spot potensial talents, is that true?

    We have more than a thousand scouts around the world, in more than 50 countries and regions who help create the worlds largest football database.

    And yes, we have all kinds of tests that we run our data through to help balance the data.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:50
  66. Spørsmål fra Thomas:

    Hello! Im a huge fan of the FM-series and my questions is:
    1: The long loading time during the game has annoyed me a little, and is the loading time shorter in FM12? Especially when I gonna start a new game.
    2: In FM12 is there any youth academy or something like that were you can make own stars?
    3: Do you have some plans for how the next FM games?

    best regards

    1) Loading times are down to your computers speed. If you're finding it slow, then I'd suggesting optimising your computer, such as defragmenting your hard drive.

    2) Youth academies have been in the game for years.

    3) Yes :)
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:51
  67. Bribes and match fixing?

    Spørsmål fra BR:

    Did you ever play the old Ultimate Soccer Manager games and think of implementing the best features from those games? More specifically referee bribes, match fixing and overprices pies in the stadium? Could make FM a bit more realistic perhaps?

    I wouldn't say that any of those features were good. Nor would they make the game more realistic - quite the opposite, in fact.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:53
  68. The games played so far

    Spørsmål fra Åsmund K. :

    Have the games that have been played so far this Premier League season been used in the development of the new game? Have you changed stats on players, or team mentality based on this season? Or were you too far in the development of the game to take these games into account?

    Our data snapshot is at the end of the Summer transfer window, so should be accurate as of the end of August.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:53
  69. Youths

    Spørsmål fra TM:


    One question regarding youth players. In real life when a younger player gets the chance on the first team, it boosts their morale and you often hear how they appriciate this in different ways. Maybe it will also affect the other players in different ways, showing that the manager is willing to let the youngsters get a chance.

    However in FM you never see such reactions (only players complaining when not getting the chance). Have you considered implementing more positive feedback from players, as it seems to be more focus on the negative aspect (I guess this is somewhat true in reality also, but not completely black/white)?

    You do see it in the game, with players thanking the manager after debuts if appropriate, and also in the way the player deals with you overall.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:54
  70. tactics

    Spørsmål fra Master of tactics:

    Is it true that a tactic might become unefficient after a season of use?

    There's no fixed time for it, but the computer scouts can learn about your tactic in the same way you can learn about there's.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:55
  71. Steam

    Spørsmål fra Sverre:


    How has the introduction of Steam , with its massive amount of users, affected your company financially compared to pre-digital download?

    Without a doubt the PC industry has been plagued by piracy, but I would argue that there is light in the end of the tunnel with such digital outlets such as Steam.

    My only problem with Steam is that the prices tend to be higher than retail/physical copy, which is rather odd. Do you think this trend will change? Or is this a decision made by the publishers, and not STEAM?



    Pricing is nothing to do with me.

    As for Steam, normally at this time of year, there would already be cracked versions of FM available. This year there is not, purely because of Steam. So Steam can solve pre-release piracy, which is a good thing for us.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:56
  72. Player Stats

    Spørsmål fra Flabo:

    How do you get information about the stats,weight and height of ALL the players in this game? there are just soooo many players!!

    We have over 1,000 researchers around the world in more than 50 different countries and regions.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:57
  73. New Features

    Spørsmål fra Alexander:

    Hi Miles,

    What would you say out of the smallest new features that will enhance the game the most in this years edition of FM?


    Contract locks. Sounds small when written down, but is massive gameplay wise.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:57
  74. Your favorite games?

    Spørsmål fra Gunnar:

    Hi, what video games do you play when you'r not making or playing Football Manager?

    I tend to play more puzzle based games, and ones that make you think. Things like the Pixeljunk series on PS3.

    But also Fifa & Pro. The new F1 game is superb too.

    I also tend to watch a lot of games. I don't like shooting people, for example, but don't mind watching others shooting people as though I'm watching a film, so have some friends who come round and play most of the big action titles.
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 16:59
  75. Unrealistic transfer sums

    Spørsmål fra Kjitha:

    Will there still be unrealistic transfer sums to buy players in the coming football manager 2012o, or is this something you have improved? Because in 2010 and 2011 you had to offer to high prices before the clubs accept the offers

    This is the last question for today - thank you all for sending in the questions.

    I'm sorry I can't answer them all but there are far too many to answer in 2 hours, and I have somewhere else I need to be now!

    The value you see for players isn't their market value, but their actual value. That means that the club who own them may see them as being more valuable than that figure, and that's why you have to pay more for them.

    That certainly hasn't changed. I don't think anyone thinks Andy Carroll is worth £35m, but his worth to Newcastle was £35m, and Liverpool were prepared to pay it...
    Besvart: 18. okt. 2011 17:02

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