NETTMØTE: Se hva Killzone 3-studioet svarte leserne!

Se hva Killzone 3-studioet svarte leserne!

– Fortsatt mer kraft å hente i PS3, forteller Guerilla Games.

Killzone-serien er en av de aller viktigste eksklusive spillseriene for Sony og PlayStation 3. 23. februar kommer Killzone 3 ut I Norge, et spill vi allerede har anmeldt her på

– Det actionspekkede spillet er bedre enn sin forgjenger, først og fremst fordi at det gir en bedre narrativ atmosfære med en bedre skrevet historie og jevnt over godt stemmeskuespill. Det briljerer med teknisk flott grafikk og lyd som denne gangen kommer til uttrykk i varierte miljøer på Helghan, skrev våpenglade Marius Jentoftsen i sin anmeldelse.

Jan-Bart van Beek var på besøk hos oss i dag.
Jan-Bart van Beek var på besøk hos oss i dag.

Vi vet at det er mange som gleder seg til Killzone 3, og at dere sikkert lurer på enda mer rundt serien enn det som kommer frem i anmeldelser.

Derfor fikk leserne våre i dag muligheten til å kommunisere direkte med en av de sentrale personene i Guerilla Games, den nederlandske utvikleren.

I formiddag gav kunstnerisk sjef Jan-Bart van Beek svar på spørsmål fra leserne. Han satt i Gamer.nos egne lokaler.

Her er det han rakk å svare på:

  1. What new and what is better?

    Spørsmål fra Jonatan:

    What kind of differences is it between this and Killzone 2? What is new and what is better?

    The game is different in a lot of ways. The most obvious thing you'll notice is that the amount of environments has drastically increased. We've tried to put as much variety in them as possible, but also made sure that each one has it's own unique gameplay style. So our jungles, which are more claustrophobic feature stealth based gameplay, while our arctic setting feature much more long range fighting and special vehicles like the jetpack.

    Aside from that you will notice the whole controlscheme has gotten an overhaul and is now much 'tighter' then before. We still have the sense of 'weight' in our weapons, but it's much faster and responsive at the same time.

    I can go on and on, but the last thing I'll mention is our new Brutal Melee system. The name sort of explains itself, so if you want to check it out, just go online and take a look at the movie we've put together for it on the website.
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:03
  2. DLC's?

    Spørsmål fra DB:

    With Killzone 2 you guys at Guerilla gave out several DLC's to a pretty tasty price (good work!). So I wonder, what can we expect from the future DLC's of Killzone 3 (If you even can say something about them). Will you include new maps, or do you want to expand the singleplayer?

    Looking forward to your game, it's going to be a killer!

    Definitly. We're planning on making loads of DLC multiplayer maps this time around. But also we'll have free DLC available on day one for anybody who has pre-ordered the game. This first DLC maps will feature two KIllzone 2 maps, that we've rebuild from the ground to make use of our latest engine and graphical tricks.

    Hope you enjoy the game, JB
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:06
  3. Trophies

    Spørsmål fra PsychoNinjaKen:

    Why is there no hard MP trophies in Killzone 3 like the valor grand cross? And will there be a epic boss battle like in Killzone 2 against Radec(on elite difficulty at least)?

    Ah, the grand valor cross :) The problem with it was that almost nobody managed to get it. It's insanely difficult and very time consuming. A lot of our players really want to get a 100% on their trophy score, and felt it unfair to have one on the list almost nobody could unlock.
    So this time we've made sure the trophies are challenging... put not 'completely-stupidly-impossible'

    The boss fight near the end of KIllzone 3 is - without giving too muc away - completely off the scale. I haven't played the game myself on elite, but I know our tester have been swearing at their machines for days trying to beat it.

    Cheers, JB
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:09
  4. Helgast Campaign

    Spørsmål fra Orrie:

    Hello Mr.Beek,

    Killzone has been a very enjoying game for me, even from the start. It was one of my favorite games on the Playstation 2, and the 2nd one just rocked my world.
    Tho, the only thing missing from the game, is a Helghast campaign.
    My question is; Are there any plans for that in the future, or is that classified information?

    Nevertheless, I love you!

    hehe.... this game might hold a little surprise for you...

    But a game featuring only the Helghast as a playable hero... who would you shoot then ? The Helghast are far cooler as an enemy then the ISA.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:11
  5. Helghan inspiration.

    Spørsmål fra Gray:

    It seems there has been alot of discussions about the Helghans being a modern Interpretation of the Nazis.

    Where did the idea come from?
    Thanks, looking forward to play Killzone 3!

    The Helghast have been inspired by all the proper bad guys of the last century. Everyone knows the nazis, they are always an iconic enemy, just look at Indiana Jones in that regard. But we've also looked at the Stalin's russian for example and not to forget some of the great sci-fi bad guys of the last century like Predator and Alien.

    Cheers, JB
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:13
  6. KZ3 Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra emil l:

    is it just snow maps in the game? or is it urban maps too?

    Ha ! It's so much more the snow maps. Killzone's roots are in urban combat, so those maps feature as well, although now in a post-nuclear setting. But there will also be jungles, the arctic planes you mentioned, a secret research base on top of a mountain, the imperial military junkyards, and eventually even into space.

    We've tried very hard to keep serving you new and surprising settings, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:16
  7. helghast

    Spørsmål fra Fabian Johnsen:

    I see there are more and more people that wish to play as Helghast, will there ever be a singel player component of sorts for that?

    Other then that thank you for your great work^^

    Orrie just asked me the same question. But imagine if you would be playing like a Helghast, who in the universe would be able to challenge you ! The HG's are way too bad-ass.

    Meanwhile you can always play the Helghast in our new operation mode in multiplayer. In this mode the HG's and ISA's are fighting it out in a small mini-campaign that even feature real-time cutscene where if you're one of the best players, you get to be the star in them.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:19
  8. Breakcore track in KZ2

    Spørsmål fra Mattis Flobak (PSN: Pocun) :

    Is there any way we can get the Breakcore track in the Killzone 2 credits (Preferrably a longer version)? Also, who made it?

    Mario, our Sound Director made the track. But he custom wrote it fro the credits, so I doubt he's got a longer version. I'll tel him you like it though and we'll be sure to include it on the Official Soundtrack once we release that.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:21
  9. The story continues?

    Spørsmål fra Benjamin :

    Im a big fan of the Killzone story and games. I haven`t played Killzone 3 yet because it has not released yet of course. But will there be more Killzone games in the future without the Killzone games which comes on the NGP/PSP2? You don`t need to confirm anything, maybe Guerrilla ha some ideas about a Killzone 4?

    And the second question is? Will the NGP/PSP2 Killzone game has it own story (sidestory) or will it be a resuming from Killzone 3?

    We're very commited to Killzone, and although I'm certainly not gonna spill the beans on exactly what we're doing right now you can be assured Guerrilla will be giving you more KIllzone games for a very long time.

    The first one up is the one you already heard about, which is the new NGP version of Killzone. I won't give you any details on it right now, but I can tell you that the story thoroughly belongs to Killzone main timeline and is a proper part of the series.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:24
  10. Custom classes in multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Adrian:

    Hey, i was just wondering if there will be customisable classes(weapons and armor) in the multiplayer, like call of duty?

    Yosh ! We have customizable character classes, but not in the same way as CoD.
    Our career system allows you to earn Unlock points which allow you to buy new abilities and weapons for you character. But the cool thing is that you can spend the unlock point in whatever way you want, you can save them up and immediately go for that big weapon, or you can first buy the cheaper abilities and upgrade in a different way.
    You can even use points that you earned with one class, to unlock abilities for another class.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:27
  11. Move/online

    Spørsmål fra Thomas:

    Hey.! How works playstation move online!?

    It's all about talent. I've seen move players absolutely demolish DS3 players, but also vice versa. If you've been playing with a DS3 for a couple of year, there will be a learning curve. But once it clicks you will never understand why it was harder at the beginning.

    There is a trade-off ofcourse. DS3 allows for better situational response - you can turn around faster to flanking threats. While the MOve controller allows you much faster and finer aiming control - you are on-target faster.
    In general, a Move sniper will sweep the floor with a DS3 sniper anyway.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:31
  12. Life as an Art Director

    Spørsmål fra Tom-Ivar Arntzen:

    First off I need to say that Killzone 2 was, and is still one of the most enticing and polished FPS games I have ever played. Much of it due to the exceptional art-direction and sound.

    I myself am one of many fools dreaming, and studying to obtain the necessary skills to work with anything art related in the gaming industry, and I have long longed to ask you specifically these questions:

    What did your studies consist of, did you go to any school at all?

    Were you involved in the game industry before joining Guerrilla? (Indie games, smaller projects etc.)

    I'm 18. Soon I graduate from high school, and have yet to decide what to study onwards. What do you recommend? I'm currently studying 3D animation on a hobby basis.

    Buying KZ3 on day one!

    I'm 36 at the moment, so when I was 18 there weren't any game-schools... heck, there were hardly any computers at my artschool. I studied photography, which actually helped me more then studying 3D modeling I think.

    I'm a firm believer of studying art skills that have a more 'eternal' value. Learning how to paint, sculpt and photograph, even without the use of computers, is a key skill. Software skills aren;t that useful, as the softeware tends to change every 4 years anyway.

    In the end it's all about being hyper-critical of your own work. If you've made a 3D model that you are proud of, hold it up against a film-grade model out of your favorite Hollywood movie. Don't fool yourself that it looks anything like it. Break it down, tear it down, and do it all over again till you feel it's near perfect.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:37
  13. Maybe considering 360-PC

    Spørsmål fra Amir:

    Hi there!

    I have been unable to play Killzone 2 and 3 due to the fact that I do not own a PS3, therefore I was wondering if you guys are going to make a similar game to Killzone to PC/360 platform?

    Thanks for taking time from your day to answer our questions.

    Strangely we get that question a lot. Just like Polyphony (Gran Turismo) and Naughty Dog (Uncharted), Guerrilla is fully owned by Sony.
    And that means non of those studios will *ever* make a PC or 360 game.

    But not all is lost, you can always buy a PS3

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:40
  14. More power in the Playstation 3?

    Spørsmål fra _LarZen_:

    Is there more juice in the PS3? Or have you squeezed out all you can?

    And what are your thoughts on the new NGP (PSP2)Any games coming from you to that system?

    And finaly thanks for making great games!

    There is always more juice. Naughty Dog and Guerrilla have both said they are now using 100% of the available processor power. That's correct to a certain extend. The challenge so far has been to make sure we use all 6 SPU all the time.
    We're now doing that.

    But see it like a six-lane motorway. Sure we've got cars driving on all six lanes now. The next challenge is going to be to make those cars drive at 200mph, instead of a 100mph.

    Performance isn't just about processing power, it's about clever smart programming. This is why console games often outperform their PC versions. The code is just better written for the console version, making all that power in a PC useless.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:45
  15. What is improved ?

    Spørsmål fra Raymond Fjellhaug:

    I wonder what have been improved since Killzone 2?

    Skip up a little bit. Jonatan asked the same question ;)

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:46
  16. Co-op

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Bjerke:

    How does the co-op feature work?

    It's split-screen co-op. My own favorite form of split-screen. We at Guerrilla call it Couch Co-op.

    Basically the screen is split vertically and one player plays Sev, ahile the other plays Natko (a character from Killzone 2 that doesn't feature in the storyline of KIllzone 3).

    In this way you can play through every level and every event of KIllzone 3 with a friend.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:48
  17. ISA and MAIL?

    Spørsmål fra Raymond Fjellhaug:

    Hey! I was wondering if you have noticed that the ISA and the Norwegian mail have the same logo ?
    I remember i found this very amuzing at KZ2 release.

    Yes, that's completely intentional.. ofcourse ;)
    In the future your postmen will re-organize into an international armed force.
    Norway's proud men and women of their mailservice will be the vanguard soldiers of tomorrow.

    Next time you see a mailmen, salute them with respect.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:51
  18. Spørsmål fra Robert:

    Hi i have heard that Killzone 3 runs on 60 FPS and 1080p is this corect??
    Do the game have split screen on multiplayer ore campaign??
    And will you relase new content that you can purchase online

    No, that's not correct. Very, very, very few games run on that spec. In fact, Killzone is pretty unique that is actually runs at native 720p, while many other FPS run at sub 720p resolutions.

    The game will feature split-screen coop and we'll while we don;t have online multiplayer campaign we have the Operation mode, which is an 8 vs 8 mini-campaign that has a story line and even mini-cut-scenes.
    Best thing about those cut-scenes is that you get to star in them yourself if you are one of the top players.
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:55
  19. vehicles

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Bjerke:

    Will it be possible to drive any vehicles in online?

    Yes ! Exo robots and Jetpacks
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:55
  20. next killzone

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Bjerke:

    Will it come a new killzone game in the future?

    Yes ! There's a new Killzone in the works for the new NGP platform
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:56
  21. Maps

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Bjerke:

    How often will new maps come?

    Yes ! Often !
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:56
  22. killzone 3

    Spørsmål fra Ole andre:

    how much did it cost to make killzone 3? and how long time?:P

    It took us exactly 2 years to make this one. That's considerably shorter then Killzone 2, which took us over 3 and a half years.

    This time aroudn though we could spend all our time and experience on creating a much bigger game then during Killzone 2, when a large amount of time was spend developing the core technology and tools to make a game like KIllzone.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 10:59
  23. Killzone 3 !!!

    Spørsmål fra Per stien:

    Hallo.! How Works psmove on mulitplayer? move vs sixaxis? And how long are singleplayer?

    Hey Per, Thomas asked the same question about move a little earlier, so you can skip up to see the answer there.

    On the lenght of the game, if you play it at the right difficulty it should last at least 8 hours. If you chicken-out and play it at on easy or recruit, while you should be clearly playing it at veteran we won't be able to stop you from racing through the game. So make sure you match the difficulty with you own experience level.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:01
  24. I wonder

    Spørsmål fra Eivind:

    Why should i buy this game?

    Because it's awesome !

    The game is unique in every way. It's the only proper military sci-fi action adventure on the PS3. There stuff in the single-player campaign that no other game will be able to offer you, because we're not restricted by the constraints of modern combat.

    But it's probably best if I let the game itself do the selling. You can download the Multiplayer Beta now and give it a spin. But if you prefer the single-player experience we'll soon be releasing a Single PLayer Demo for Europe on the PSN store.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:06
  25. Split screen in botzone?

    Spørsmål fra Morten:

    IS there any hope for split screen in botzone? Either as a update or as DLC?

    There is always hope.
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:07
  26. The Killzone universe

    Spørsmål fra Jonas:

    First of all; I'm a huge fan of your games, I really am. I've been following the Killzone franchise since the start and I can't wait to get my hands on the newest installment. My question is; how have you improved the story in «Killzone 3»?

    When I completed the Killzone games, the only thing I really felt was missing was a gripping and compelling story. The universe of Killzone is so interesting and the potensial for a great, epic and touching story are endless. The story in «Killzone 3» seems promising, but are we going to see deeper Killzone games storywise in the future?

    We believe the future of gaming lies in storytelling. Even the best hollywood effects and the most extreme action won't grab you in the same way as a good story, with good actors can.

    Fort KIllzone 3 we've invested heavily in the quality of the storytelling. We've gotten help from the best in their field to help out with the writing, acting, directing, camera work, etc, etc.

    One thing we've done this time around is focus the story more on the Helghast side. We wanted to give the player a peek inside of their culture and their minds.
    If you want to get a taster for the story, you can find the cinematic trailer on the site
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:11
  27. Longer matches?

    Spørsmål fra Sindre Næss:

    Hi! I have been playing the beta for some while now, and i really like the guerilla warfare game mode. But one thing i don't like with it is that the rounds are pretty short (in my opinion). Can you please try to (if not already tried) make some kind of guerilla warfare game mode with longer matches? Thanks.


    Probably. But if you feel Guerrilla Warfare is a bit short, you can always 'upgrade' to Warzone mode. Matcxhes can easiliy last up to 30 or 40 minutes. But be prepared for a whole different gamestyle. Warzone separates the men from the boys. It's is all about tight teamplay in that mode.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:13
  28. Co-op

    Spørsmål fra Stig:

    Will the game feature co-op in the campaign? And will it be possible to play online with a friend on the same screen, some sort of split-screen multiplayer?

    Yes on split-screen co-op campaign. But alas, no on competitive multiplayer split-screen online - or however you would call that mode.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:15
  29. Changes that been done.

    Spørsmål fra rune strand:

    Hello,i was just woundering how you decide what kind of changes was to be made to Killzone 3?
    Do you take notice what players complain on when it came to Killzone 2 or do you make changes that you think is needed and what the players may want in a new killzone game?
    By the way..cant wait for killzone 3,i love the singelplayer but im not really interestet in the multiplayer.

    We listen intensely to our fans. This is their game just as much as ours.
    Ofcourse that also means we can never please every one, what one guy likes the other hates.
    We try to keep our own personal tastes outside of these discussions, but at the end of the day we have to make the hard decisions of what is best for the game and all of it's fans.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:18
  30. Weapons/DLC

    Spørsmål fra Martinio:

    I just played youre BETA on PSN, and i noticed the lack of guns. Is that just some of the guns that are in the game, or Is that it? And another question, is Will there be DLC's? Weapon packs/ map packs?

    We believe that all guns need to be unique and have a clear function. Why have 6 different shotguns if they all play the same. I rather have 6 different weapons that all have a unique function and tactic associated with them.
    It's an opinion we share with Bungie's Halo selection of weapons for that matter. Give the players real choice and make sure that choice matters and isn't just superficial.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:21
  31. Open maps

    Spørsmål fra Gaute:

    how open will the maps be? ist it more similar to big battlefield maps, or are they small like in call of duty?

    Somewhere in between. But we have a wide selection in our maps, from the very large, to the very small. There should be something for everyone.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:22
  32. KillStreak Rewards

    Spørsmål fra Isaac Clark:

    First off all. KZ3 is tottally awesome, Great job GG. Secondly will there be any form of Killstreak rewards like the COD series has come to be known for. By the way KZ3 kicks COD's A**s:)

    There is a Killstreak system. but not like CoD's.
    Go and try out the beta that is available on the PSN store free for everyone.

    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:23
  33. If

    Spørsmål fra Per:

    If gears of war and the killzone franchize came to both consoles. Wich would be the "hit" ?

    Both !
    Besvart: 11. feb. 2011 11:24

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