NETTMØTE: Se hva Uncharted 3-utviklerne svarte leserne

Se hva Uncharted 3-utviklerne svarte leserne

Naughty Dog stilte i nettmøte på i dag.

Den actionfylte serien om Nathan Drake har blitt svært populær, og det tredje spillet er utvilsomt blant årets største spillutgivelser.

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception tar oss til den arabiske ørkenen. Her får spilleren utforske historien og forholdet mellom den velkjente helten og hans mentor Sully. Fokuset ligger fremdeles på å skape magiske og visuelt imponerende verdener, og la spilleren få lov til å løse mysterier som er løst koblet til virkeligheten. Vi får også en flerspillerdel.

62 spørsmål besvart

I dag hadde besøk av Naughty Dog, som svarte på spørsmål fra leserne. Det var produsent Justin Richmond og community-ansvarlig Arne Meyer som satt ved tastaturene i våre lokaler i Oslo.

Her kan dere se alle spørsmålene de rakk å svare på:

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception kommer i salg 1. november, kun for PlayStation 3.

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  1. Conclusion?

    Spørsmål fra Brian:

    Is this the final conclusion of Drake's adventures?

    We honestly don't know for sure! We develop each game in the Uncharted series to also work as a standalone story, which also means we didn't plan out the series as as a certain number of games. That means we have the option of ending when we want to or continuing as long as we feel we can do something new
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 09:58
  2. Beta

    Spørsmål fra Jesper Frilseth:

    Will the beta be playable in europe during this month? I saw you released it in the US (by buying subway) and hoped/ wondered you would do something like that in Norway as well :) REAAAALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE GAME BY THE WAY!

    Thanks! The beta is out right now in Europe for PSN+ users only. You can download and play the client as we speak :)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:00
  3. Xbox / PC release ?

    Spørsmål fra Andreas:

    After the psn security scandal my ps3 have been demoted to an offline bluray player. Any chance Uncharted 3 will show up on Xbox 360 or PC at a later date ?

    The Uncharted series is a PlayStation exclusive title. Naughty Dog is a first-party PlayStation studio as well. We have a long history of working with PlayStation platforms - we have a great relationship with Sony and as a result we can push the PS3 quite hard and take advantage of its unique aspects, which we wouldn't be able to if we were multi-platform.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:01
  4. Crash Bandicoot

    Spørsmål fra Håvard Fandrem:

    Will there ever be a Crash Bandicoot game for Playstation 3?

    We're not sure. Crash Bandicoot stayed with Vivendi when we moved over to be a PlayStation first party studio. The Crash IP is now owned by Activision.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:02
  5. ND best developer in the world

    Spørsmål fra Ottsel:

    Was is more difficult to create sand than snow?

    Is there a chance Rika will show up in the game?

    When I see the cover art of Uncharted 3 I get a lot of Jak 3 references, is there a chance Naughty Dog will bring Jak and Daxter in the future?

    Thanks! Sand and snow were equally difficult to create, just in different ways. We built the sand tech off of what we did in Uncharted 2 with snow, but we ended up adding a ton more to make it look the way we wanted.

    No Rika in the game, sorry.

    Jak and Daxter is still close to our hearts, but for now we are fully focused on the Uncharted franchise.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:03
  6. Coop Campaign

    Spørsmål fra Kenny Unneland:

    Is it possible to play coop in story mode(main campaign)

    No, our single-player story is focused on Nathan Drake and the experiences he goes through, so it doesn't make sense for for the single-player story to have a co-op mode.

    However, our co-op adventure mode does have some narrative elements (that are unrelated to the single-player story) so that it feels expressly within the Uncharted game universe.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:05
  7. Nathan Drake British Or American?

    Spørsmål fra Tung Cong Dinh:

    I love Unharted series and have both 2 games at home. I also have pre-ordered Uncharted 3

    My big question is! In Uncharted 1 as Nathan Drake claims he is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake who was the British general and stole treasure and gold from Spanish ships. Sir Francis Drake was declared illegal/Pirate by the Spanish king, but is a hero to the British people. And the coffin of Sir Francis Drake has never been found in the ocean.

    So is Nathan Drake British or American? He ought to be British because Sir Francis Drake's is British! Many fans claim that Nathan is British and many American fans claim that Nathan is American.

    Will you make a Ninja or medieval
    adventure/action game in the future? A maybe a game similar to God Of War but its just 100% better than God Of War Series.

    The questions about Nathan Drake's connection to Sir Francis Drake is one of those things that we think make him interesting. How can he make that claim? Is he really a descendant of Sir Francis Drake or just pretending? What is their actual connection?

    We don't have any solid answers that we can share right now - but it would be great to explore that some more!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:10
  8. Thank you both for coming here, Justin and Arne!

    Spørsmål fra Karina Haagensen:

    My question is: What are your thoughts on holding a contest where people can submit their sticker and clothing ideas for the multiplayer?

    I can’t express how much I adore this franchise - you guys are absolutely amazing. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you’ll keep on churning out masterpieces (especially of the Wet Kitty™ variety) for years to come. :)

    Thank you! And we're glad to be here, from what we've been able to see, Norway and Oslo is pretty awesome. I know our fans here are awesome too :)

    That's a really interesting idea - we've always wanted to help support our community and all of the amazing content you all collectively make. That's one of the reasons we have things like cinema mode and being able to make your custom emblems.

    We'll take that back to the team to see what we can do to do something like holding a contest for designs - but you can always make suggestions on in our multiplayer forums!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:13
  9. EMPTY

    Spørsmål fra EMPTY:

    You have done jungle
    You have done snow
    You have done desert

    What location will you do in Uncharted 4?

    Is Uncharted 3 more like Uncharted 1? Or is it more like Uncharted 2?

    How many years have past since the end of Uncharted 2?

    Some people say that Drake is too chubby in Uncharted 3. I don't think so, I like that the characters look like real humans and not like Marcus Fenix or something. Who is the brain behind the design of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3?

    How many epic gameplay sequences is there in Uncharted 3? (Epic gameplay sequences: Collapsing building in U2, train sequence in U2, bridge sequence at the end of U2 ETC...)

    How many hours of cut-scenes in Uncharted 3?

    Have you at Naughty Dog a plan to bring back good ol' Jak and Daxter?

    I would say that Uncharted 3 is it's own beast. We took everything we have learned in making both of the previous games and put into the development of U3.

    This game takes place an indeterminate time after U2.

    Nathan Drake was designed by a bunch of people at Naughty Dog, but the model was created by Hanno Hagedorn for U3.

    I can't tell you how many epic sequences there are, you'll have to play it:)

    There are around 90 minutes of cutscenes in U2.

    While Jak is close to our hearts, we are fully focused on Uncharted right now.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:13
  10. Multiplayer maps

    Spørsmål fra Sander Langaas:

    How many maps will there be to play in the multiplayer, and will there be any mutiplayer dlc maps?

    I can't tell you the total map number yet, but there will be DLC after launch for sure.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:14
  11. New to the series

    Spørsmål fra Sindre:

    I have never played an uncharted game before, would it still be easy for me to get into the series if i start with this game?

    Yes! The answer is definitely yes. We make a very deliberate choice when making each Uncharted game so that you don't have to play the previous games to enjoy the story in the most recent Uncharted. You won't be lost.

    But you should still try some time to play Uncharted 1 and 2 when you can!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:15
  12. Naughty Dog

    Spørsmål fra Haakon:

    I've been wondering, exactly HOW naughty is your dog?

    (Love Uncharted by the way. Day one-buy for me!)

    We have 2 naughty dogs at the office, Pogo (a French Bulldog) and Trumpet (a minature poodle). They are equally naughty I would say. Well maybe Pogo is a worse.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:15
  13. new to the series!

    Spørsmål fra Tor Eirik :

    Hello guys, i am new to the Uncharted-series and i wonder if i haven't played the previous games would i understand the main story or plot? What is changed for the gameplay from the previous game?

    in advance, thanks for answer.

    Hi Tor! Glad we're hearing from some new fans to the series!

    Someone else asked a similar question - the great news is that you can jump straight in to Uncharted 3 without having played the previous games - you won't feel lost within the story and the plot will be quite understandable. We make each of the games, including Uncharted 3, specifically this way, so they can be enjoyed whether you've played Uncharted 1 and 2, or if Uncharted 3 will be your first game.

    We've added a ton of things with gameplay - one of my favorites is the expanded melee combat mechanics. Drake can now brawl multiple enemies at once, with counter moves and getting out of when an enemy grapples with you. Something that's awesome is the melee "finishing" moves when the enemy has a gun - sometimes you'll grab the gun or rifle from the enemy and hit him with it. It looks really really cool when it happens!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:19
  14. Film sequences

    Spørsmål fra Caroline :

    Hello :)
    Uncharted is known for it's fantastic film-sequences. How many hours of film-sequences can we expect in the game?


    Hi Caroline - We have around 90 minutes of cinematics in Uncharted 3
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:20
  15. Shootouts?

    Spørsmål fra Amadeus:

    How much will you be focusing on "shootouts" in this game, compared to the previous games? Will it be hard? Will there be more cutscenes? And who has written the story / script for theese games. Sorry for asking alot! Keep up the GREAT work! Sincerely, A

    The Unchated series has 3 pillars of gameplay, Shooting, Climbing, and Puzzles. This game has the most even balance of the three than the previous games.

    We try to balance the game for all player types, so if you want the game to be hard, play it on hard or crushing and you will have a tricky time, I assure you.

    There are about the same number of minutes of cutscenes in this game than there were in U2.

    The story was written by Amy Hennig, but a bunch of us collaborated on the actual plot line. (Justin Richmond, Josh Scheer, and Taylor Kurosaki)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:20
  16. Karma's a Bitch!

    Spørsmål fra Thomas Larsen:

    Hey, Naughty Dog!
    In Uncharted 2, Nate quoted; "Karma's a Bitch!"
    Will he be as lucky this time? :o

    You'll have to play it :)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:20
  17. Enviroments

    Spørsmål fra Martin Myklebust:

    Will there be a lot of different enviroments like in Uncharted 2 or will it mainly be the desert?

    There are a ton of different environments in U3, I think you will be blown away by the number of different types of places Drake ends up in this game.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:21
  18. Where to next?

    Spørsmål fra Joakim:

    Hi there! Frist I wanna thank you guys for making such a great videogame series. Cant wait to get my hands on Uncharted 3 :).

    Have you ever thought about sending Drake to Norway? We have alot of beautiful places that you could use ;).

    Does Uncharted 3 start off from where we ended up in Uncharted 2? Or do we start the adventure at a totally different place in the world?

    When we make each game, sending Drake anywhere in the world is always an option. For us, the story that we start developing for Drake starts to dictate where he ends up going. For Uncharted 3, our story (and our technology challenge) lead us towards the desert and T.E. Lawrence, but there wouldn't be anything preventing us from sending Drake to Norway (or anywhere else) if it was right for the story.

    Uncharted 3 starts off some time after Uncharted 2, but it's not a direct continuation.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:21
  19. Cart Racing!

    Spørsmål fra Magnus:

    Hello, and thanks for making the best games ever.

    Since you made 3 Crash Bandicoot games, then a cart racer, then 3 Jak & Daxter games, and another racer, will the next game be an Uncharted cart racer maybe? :D

    Uncarted! Most likely not :)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:22
  20. Questions

    Spørsmål fra Emilon:

    Is the story in this game as good as in number 1 and 2? and will there be more locations in this game then its prequels?
    I just have to say you have made the greatest game of all time: Uncharted 2 Among Thieves!!!

    I like to think so! We take a great deal of pride in our stories and this is no exception. In terms of locations, this game has you hoping around quite a bit, so I think you'll be happy!

    Also, thanks!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:23
  21. Why do gamers pay?

    Spørsmål fra LilleTom:

    I have a question about the announced "online pass".

    Why do gamers have to pay for the dispute you/Sony/EA/Ubisoft/etc have with retailers like Game, GameStop, BestBuy and other second hand retailers?

    Shouldnt you rather make new games more profitable for retailers? As it is now retailers, at least here in Norway, are lucky if they make 10€ profit from a game that cost 75€. Its no wonder more stores start used sales.

    As I see it producers and distributors care less about customers than before; eyes on the wallet.

    For us, something like an online pass has nothing to do with the debates you mention. It's all about being able to support our community, and our multiplayer community specifically, for as long as possible. What is easily forgotten is that there is a significant cost associated with running multiplayer servers and the bandwidth used for multiplayer (even with a P2P-style server-host setup like we have). We would love to support our MP community with Uncharted 3 MP for as long as possible.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:25
  22. Franchising

    Spørsmål fra Bjarne Nordstrand:

    Hi and let me just say that I'm a big fan and I love your all your games(Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped!!!). Anyways the question is this: How do you feel the industry is moving with the increasing number of franchises that has appeared in the last few years and how do you think it will effect future games?

    For instance I love the Final Fantasy franchise, but only because they have independent stories and characters. While others tend to be too repetitive for me personally, I don't feel like buying a game I've already played ;)

    Thanks and I can't wait for Uncharted 3!
    /Game design student

    I think that one thing that people lose sight of is the fact that games are an industry, and that industry is set up to make money. When AAA games cost as much as they do, companies expect a large return on their investment. That is why you see so many sequels coming out.

    I love games, and I am glad that the indie scene is exploding, and that there are more and more games out there for people to play. But at the top end, I think you are going to see more sequels for the time being. That doesn't me that we are going to rest on our laurels, or not push ourselves. But we have always said we'll make Uncharted games until people don't want them anymore, and that is still true.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:27
  23. Monsters and singleplayer!?

    Spørsmål fra Sindre Johansen:

    how much weight have you put in the single player part since the multiplayer is so important these days? and will we be shooting at none human enemies in the single player? ;P

    We take single-player very, very seriously. The single-player campaign and gameplay is really where it all starts for us, so when we started working on multiplayer for Uncharted 2 and now for Uncharted 3, it was critical for us to tackle that without affecting our single-player efforts at all.

    As far as your second question, you'll have to play Uncharted 3 to see how turns out, or not!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:28
  24. I'm just a LittleBIG fan

    Spørsmål fra Daniel Sivertstøl:

    How many chapters are there in Uncharted 3? Uncharted (1) had 22 and Uncharted 2 had 26, does that mean Uncharted 3 has 30 chapters?

    How old are Nate and Sully in the game?

    Ok, I know this is not Uncharted related but; Will Jak and Daxter ever return?

    There are over 20 chapters in U3 (I can't remember the exact number). Nate and Sully are close to the same ages they were in U2.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:29
  25. Gold?

    Spørsmål fra Lars:

    Has the game gone gold?

    The game is wrapped up and we are waiting to hear if we are officially gold.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:29
  26. New Jak and Dexter game soon?

    Spørsmål fra Morten Rønning:

    Are you planning on releasing a new game in this series soon? :)

    We have a very soft spot in our heart for Jak and Daxter and I know our fans would love for us to make a new Jak game. However, we usually focus on one series at a time, and that series right now is Uncharted.

    But I wouldn't count it out entirely - we like to keep our options open because you never know.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:30
  27. The greatest?

    Spørsmål fra Stian:

    A lot of gamingsites around the world are now claiming that Drake has surpassed Indiana Jones as the worlds greatest adventurer. How does that make you guys feel?
    Thanks for one of the greatest gamingseries of all time.

    We are honored that people would say that. We have some of the best fans in the world!

    We all grew up on Indy, and there is a special place in my heart for Raiders of the Lost Ark. In all honesty, while it is flattering that people would compare Drake to Indy, I think Indy still has us beat for global recognition :) We hope that one day we'll reach that level!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:33
  28. Goats and Zombies

    Spørsmål fra Kristoffer Nesland:

    Will Nathan Drake fight special enemies in the upcoming game like the fantasy-goats and the zombies from the two previous games?

    You'll have to play it :)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:34
  29. Motion Capture

    Spørsmål fra Scott:

    Hi there! My name is Scott, Im 23 years old from Oslo. On my "things to do before I die"-list, I have written that I've really wanted to try out motion Capture. And if that for some reason were to be in the next Uncharted game, my life would be complete.. So tell me if you ever need someone for motioncapturing, I'd travel anywere to help you out. hehe. Sincerely scott at

    Noted :)
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:34
  30. Uncharted + Norway = <3 ?

    Spørsmål fra Tor:


    Will Drake ever come to visit Norway in a game?

    He could for example look for "Mjølner", the Hammer of Thor, God of Thunder - who is the one i'm named after.

    When you think about this, i just wanted to say keep up the good work, and i can't wait for Uncharted 3!

    Thanks for the kind words - we can't wait for you and our fans to be able to play Uncharted 3 very very soon!

    We get the question quite often about if we'll send Drake to a particular spot in the world, and today obviously a few about sending him to Norway. We send Drake where it makes sense for the story, so it's entirely possible that we could explore a storyline in the future that takes him here. Of course, we have no idea what we're doing next - we just finished Uncharted 3, I think we need a vacation first!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:35
  31. How much of my time?

    Spørsmål fra Terje:

    Will Uncharted 3 be longer than it's predecessors? Cause this game really needs to be as long as possible.
    I'm only interested in the singleplayer with the story and all the cool stuff and I just don't want all that to be over the very same day I'll get this game.

    And please include lots of bonus videos as with Uncharted 2 where you guys talk about how your magic is done ;). I liked those videos.


    U3 is on par with the length of the previous game, and we did include behind the scenes videos on the disc as well.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:35
  32. Game Length

    Spørsmål fra Simon:

    How long is the game going to be?

    I think we've found a satisfying length for the single-player with Uncharted 2 - it wasn't too short that it was over before you knew it and it wasn't too long that you would get disinterested in the game. In general, the length of the single-player campaign in Uncharted 3 will be similar to Uncharted 2.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:38
  33. Blindfire

    Spørsmål fra Martin Myklebust:

    I have recognized a lot of complaints on the blindfire in Uncharted 3's multiplayer. Does Naughty Dog know about this and will you fix this in a later update?

    The Uncharted franchise is one of my favorite franchises alongside Zelda, and I am truly amazed of what Naughty Dog has managed to achieve! Can't wait for Uncharted 3!

    We have already taken steps to help improve the blind fire issue in the mp game (check out the blog for details), and we are keeping a very close eye on the game.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:39
  34. Collector's Edition

    Spørsmål fra Knut:

    Will the Collector's Edition be reliesed in Norway?

    Yes, the Explorer Edition (which is the CE in Europe) will be released in Norway, but in very limited quantities!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:39
  35. sex

    Spørsmål fra Benkt Olavesen:

    is it possible to have sex in Uncharted 3?

    No. It is not , sorry.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:39
  36. hellu

    Spørsmål fra Mike Mo:

    Any Norwegian inspired environment in this game? :D

    Not this time, sorry. We were much more based around the desert this time. Maybe if we do another one!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:40
  37. More more more

    Spørsmål fra Scott Maurstad:

    Hi Naughty Dog! Counting days till Uncharted Release.
    Now that you're done with Uncharted 3. Are you planning on starting with a 4? I know it's way too early to ask, but what would ideally be the next "theme" of a forth game?

    After nearly 2 years of working really hard, I think we and everyone else at the studio need a vacation to recuperate before we consider our next project!

    We really don't know what we're up to next - what story, or even if the Uncharted series will continue or not. Once we've had a break, we'll all get together and start talking about what to do next.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:41
  38. Nate's new flirt?

    Spørsmål fra Thomas Larsen:

    [My second question]

    Will Nate get a new girl on his neck, or does he stick to Chloe & Elena? :o

    You'll have to wait and see, but Chloe and Elena are both back in this game
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:41
  39. hellu

    Spørsmål fra Mike Mo:

    Any Norwegian inspired environment in this game? :D

    Not this time, we were more focused on the desert. maybe if we do another one !
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:43
  40. Uncharted 3 Campaign length

    Spørsmål fra Thomas Egeland:

    I just LOVE your game, it was what made me play PS3-games again. I'm mainly a single-player-gamer, so what I'm wondering is, how long is the campaign compared to Uncharted 2, and how many of the trophies are single-player compared to multiplayer?

    I think you'll find the length of Uncharted 3 to be similar to the length of Uncharted 2 single-player campaign - we felt that was a satisfying length for the stories we write in the Uncharted series. Of course, that all depends on the difficulty you are playing in and how well you can play the game.

    As with Uncharted 2, the vast majority of the trophies are for the single-player campaign
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:44
  41. Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Ole :

    Greetings, I loved the beta multiplayer map. I wonder how many maps are there and are they any different from the beta?


    We haven't announced the final list yet, but there are a bunch of new maps plus upcoming DLC
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:45
  42. Hello Naughty Dog! :D

    Spørsmål fra Andreas:

    I'm just wondering if there's any prizes in the game for those who have they played two first? Like a gun or something?

    We were just trying to remember this - we're a little tired from the long trip from Los Angeles and can't remember for sure. We'll find out and get back to all our fans.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:45
  43. Some sort of reward?

    Spørsmål fra Nordmann:

    Just gotta say it;you're the best developer out there(not just because you've got a norwegian member:P).Thanks for all your fantastic games/experiences.
    Just wondering; will there be some kind of reward for those of us who finished/platinumed the first two games?Like an ingame reward or something.

    Thanks! We're pretty tired from the trip out and neither of us can remember about the rewards thing. We will find out and get back to our fans soon with an answer.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:46
  44. Hardware Use

    Spørsmål fra ps3 Fan O.G:

    This is the third game you are making for ps3 is it left some powers on ps3 do you think for more use?

    Our team at Naughty Dog always amaze us at how they can keep doing things to help push the PS3 even more with each game. There is always the opportunity to optimize what we've got more, and that means our game engine will be pushing the power of the PS3 more when we thought we may have maximized it. Optimization of the game engine have helped us do things like the massive moving platforms of the cruise ship, or tackle the sand effects and physics, and more.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:48
  45. Uncharted 3

    Spørsmål fra Krister:

    How does it feel to release a new game from a franchise that is loved around the world? Something you are proud of in the game?

    Justin: We are pretty excited for people to play the new game. It is a huge relief to be done and have our fans play it. I am proud of the entire game, but there is one sequence in particular that I think is going to blow people away, I can't wait until you get to play it (teaser!).

    Arne: It's very scary and exciting at the same time! We're really excited to release a game we have worked so hard on to our fans so that they can finally play the game. But in the same vein, we have no idea what our fans will think and we hope that everybody loves what we've done in Uncharted 3. We like it a lot - we hope you love it too.

    I think each person you ask will have something else they are proud of in the game or from the process of developing the game. Can I say we're proud of actually getting the game done? Haha - I'm not completely joking. At the beginning, and often during the past two years, we took a look at how big this game and sometimes we had no idea how we were going to actually get something this ambitious done. But the fact that we did get it all done is something pretty awesome.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:49
  46. Multiplayer.

    Spørsmål fra Draug1:

    Hello. I am just wondering how will the multiplayer be balanced if people that buy collector's edition, will Get in-game benefits?. Example the healling thingy you Get

    The collectors editions just give early access. Everybody can earn all of the items in game, so there is no imbalance created.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:50
  47. hvorfor ørken

    Spørsmål fra s.... n...... e......:

    I uncharted 3 Drakes deception er han i ørken hvorfor?

    Drake is looking for the Atlantis of the Sands, the lost city of Ubar, which is located somewhere in the Rub' al Khali desert (600 miles of trackless dunes).
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:52
  48. The future for the Uncharted series

    Spørsmål fra Bubba:

    Would you like to see Nathan and his friends on any future Sony systems?

    We have always said that we will make Uncharted games until people are no longer intested in playing them :) I would love to see Drake continue on his adventures in the future!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:53
  49. Thanks ALOT

    Spørsmål fra Jone K.:

    Thanks alot for making great games that really captures two of mye favourite things in the world games and movies.. your the best at really getting the moviefeel into a game :) next up i really would like to know if there is any game that has inspired you guys? and what is your personal favouite games from other developers?

    Thanks so much!

    There isn't any one thing that inspires us. We play everything, see movies, read comics listen to music. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

    My personal favorites:
    Bioshock, Modern Warfare, Portal, Half Life series, Team Fortress 2, Halo series, the list goes on and on
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:56
  50. About Uncharted 3 Graphics!

    Spørsmål fra Ken:

    How far have you pushed the ps3 hardware in this game in the way of graphics and physics, and can you squeeze better graphics out of the box for unchanted 4 if it appears on ps3?

    With each game we feel like we've pushed the PS3 as far as it can go or close to it, but we have some really amazing and talented people at Naughty Dog who just find ways to push it even more. Sometimes I don't know just how they do it, we can go ask them for something crazy - like we wanted to have this huge cruise ship, on a procedurally generated ocean, and then we wanted to capsize it - and our programmers will figure out how to make optimizations and create new technology to support our crazy gameplay ideas. All of those things means we need to find out how to squeeze even more power from the PS3.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:56
  51. Naughty Dogs Best game?

    Spørsmål fra Henrik:

    Is Uncharted 3 the best game Naughty Dog has ever created?

    We are very proud of U3, and poured our heart and soul into it. It is up to the world to judge the game once it comes out. I think it is up there as one of the best things we have ever done for sure.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:57
  52. How you ever considered to expand Naughty Dog?

    Spørsmål fra Henrik:

    I am a big fan of you guys! I know that it have been many hard days making this game but when i see Uncharted 3 i know that it payed off. My question is, could you some day consider to expand your staff so that you can make multiple franchises like Insomniac and Santa Monica is doing? Like in the next generation keep making Uncharted games while you are still making a new franchise? or does it effect the quality of each game?

    Keep up the good work, Arne and Justin!

    I know that's a question we've asked ourselves from time to time - it all comes down to that we work really well as a relatively small, single team. If we were to expand, we would have to do it really slowly and carefully, so that we retain all of the aspects that we think make Naughty Dog special, like the high level of collaboration we have at the studio. Either way, that's a challenging thing to consider, and we have one shot at doing it right - so we haven't looked into actually doing that yet.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 10:58
  53. The road to happyness?

    Spørsmål fra Ole A.:

    As a game enthusiast, and as a boy with dreams I'm wondering how I should approach the world if I want to work with games?
    Games have been a great part of my life since I was a little boy, and I want to continue to include games in my life by working with them (as a programer, designer, animator or sculptor)
    Do you have any tips?

    (I know this isn't directly related to Uncharted, but I'm still hoping for an answer)


    First, decide what you want to do. You need to pick the part of games you want to work in. And then, start making them! There are tons of tools out there for those interested in making games. You can download the Unreal SDK right now and start playing with it. Then I would join a mod team and help create a game with them. If you want to be a programmer, you really need a college degree in computer science to even have a shot at working at a big studio.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:00
  54. MP

    Spørsmål fra UC3:

    If a mp trophies is to get 50 kills with the G-mal . Will I get this trophies if I manage to do this in the beta

    There are no trophies in MP that are related to kill numbers.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:01
  55. Simple gameplay question

    Spørsmål fra Marius Johnsen:

    1. Are there any tweaks that have been done to gameplay that you want to talk about and
    2. How many quicktime event are there roughly in the game compared to the other 2 games in the series.

    1. We've made some tweaks to the gun mechanics system from the previous games so that they feel better to use in the single-player game. They are subtle, but I think the gun combat will feel a bit better than before. There are plenty more tweaks though, that's just one of them!

    2. There are no quicktime events! I've heard some of our fans ask this because some of the gameplay we've shown off can look like they are quicktime events, but they really are not. Just because there is a button press or indicator on the screen, doesn't mean they are actually associated with a quicktime event. A great example of this is our melee system - it may look like a quicktime event, but really it's our expanded melee combat system that has counters and escaping from when an opponent has grappled you.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:04
  56. game length and whats new

    Spørsmål fra Belal:


    what is the game length and whats new in this third installment?

    It's on par with the length of the previous game.

    We have tons of new stuff!
    A brand new brawling melee system, new set pieces, expanded traversal options, new and more realistic animation systems, etc! The list goes on!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:05
  57. Working with a Norwegian

    Spørsmål fra GhostViper:

    How is it to work with a Norwegian (if he still works at ND)

    Pål is still with us - he's great and really an amazing graphics engine programmer. He is constantly amazing us! And he's very tall!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:05
  58. Uncharted Movie

    Spørsmål fra Lars Kristian:

    I remember there was some talk about a Uncharted movie, got any info/news on that?

    Love the series btw, keep it up!

    Neil Burger has signed on as the director, and he is actively working on the project. We are big fans of his work (The Illusionist and Limitless) and are excited to see what he does with the franchise!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:09
  59. Hi!

    Spørsmål fra Ole:

    I just had some few questions.
    Is the game any longer than Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves.
    How is the multiplayer? Has it been many improvements since Among Thieves? :)
    PS: I can't wait to put this in my playstation! :P

    Uncharted 3 is roughly similar in length to Uncharted 2 - we think that's the sweet spot with the Uncharted games so far.

    I think multiplayer is pretty awesome. You can try out the multiplayer right now if you're a PS+ member. We've made a ton of expansions to the multiplayer from Uncharted 2 - adding in deeper character progression, customization for characters and your play style and weapons. It's going to feel a bit different if you're a seasoned Uncharted 2 multiplayer gamer, but give it a little time as we think we've done of a lot of good things with Uncharted 3 MP.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:10
  60. uncharted 3

    Spørsmål fra fredrik moen:

    hello. wow a honor to ask you about this game :) well is this game more a shouting game or more a role play as i se at the last game i se it is more like role playing and could you play online with shooting ? thank you for asking ;)

    This game continues in the same vein as our previous offerings in the series, with all of the action adventure and story moments and set pieces you have come to expect, along with a fully featured multiplayer that has been greatly expanded from U2.
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:10
  61. The secrets of breeding perfection?

    Spørsmål fra Tom-Ivar Arntzen:

    Hi! First off, I must express my gratitude for making the best experiences in gaming since the PS1. Crash Bandicoot was practiacally my childhood, and Uncharted has helped set the bar for what is possible in interactive entertainment.

    Now to the question:

    I am developing indie-games in my spare time, using it as a playing ground to become a better character artist and animator.

    I was wondering if you kindly could share some of your insight on how to approach the industry if you're on bare footing. We don't have anything to show for other than our ideas and our ability to execute them (And a few small arcade games on XBL-indie games).

    Is talent and determination enough to succeed, or is it all luck and marketing?

    I look forward to your insightful replies!

    I would say you are on the right track. Creating your own work is the best way to try and get your foot in the door in the industry. Game companies are always looking for talented, passionate individuals to work for them, you just need a way to show that off. So indie and mod development offers you the best chance to do that. Also, try to get to GDC (Game Developers Conference) if you can. It is the best place to network with other people in the industry and talk to others in the same situation you are in. Good luck!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:13
  62. I miss pants

    Spørsmål fra Daxter:

    Is Uncharted 3 the last game of the series?

    Is Chloe a important character like she was in Uncharted 2?

    At the beginning of the E3 trailer Drake got shot, right?

    You don't need to answer this question but: will Rika Raja show up in Uncharted 3? Remember Drake's last words to her: "I'm gonna find you"

    (It's ok if she doesn't appear, she can appear in Uncharted 4)

    It's the 10th anniversary of Jak and Daxter this December. Will you (Naughty Dog) celebrate?

    Will the singleplayer in Uncharted 3 be as long as Uncharted 2's singleplayer, or will it be longer?

    Will there be an easteregg in the desert? Maybe Jak's footprints or something? (since in Jak 3 they where in a desert)

    Did you start the production of Uncharted 3 right after the release of Uncharted 2?

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception looks amazing, no doubt about that, how expensive is it to create a game like this?

    Jak and Daxter is the reason why I become a Naughty Dog fan. Will the beloved duo ever return?

    Wow those are a lot of questions! I'll try to get through them as best as I can! We don't know for sure if Uncharted 3 is the last game in the series or not. We definitely didn't plan it as a trilogy, so the door is open for us to continue if we want to.

    Chloe is a great character and extremely important to help you learn more about Drake and his personality, so she does play a role in Uncharted 3.

    Yes, Drake did get shot in the beginning of the E3 trailer - you'll have to play Uncharted 3 to see why!

    Rika isn't in Uncharted 3 - sorry!

    Wow you're right, it is the 10th anniversary of Jak and Daxter. We've been working so hard we didn't even realize that anniversary will be coming around. We'll have to be sure to tell our fans about it in a couple of months!

    and they're taking the keyboard away from me!
    Besvart: 10. okt. 2011 11:15

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