NETTMØTE: Se hva War of the Roses-studioet svarte

Se hva War of the Roses-studioet svarte

Sjefsdesigneren deltok i nettmøte hos oss.

War of the Roses er et flerspillerfokusert actionspill satt 600 år tilbake i tid, da armbrøster og langsverd regjerte slagmarken. Dette er utgiver Paradox' mest ambisiøse prosjekt så langt, og vår journalist var svært positiv etter å ha sett spillet i aksjon tidligere i år.

Mount & Blade møter Battlefield

Mårten Stormdal.
Mårten Stormdal.

– Med tiden skal spillet friste med både hesteslag, borgkamper og et omfattende figurutviklingssystem, og verdenspremieren vår var bare en liten smakebit på et digert spillprosjekt det er rart at ikke har kommet tidligere. Om alt klaffer, kan dette bli et veldig godt sidespor for de flerspillerbaserte skytespillene, skrev Lasse Lervik i sin sniktitt.

Spillet utvikles av svenske Fatshark, og i morgen stiller sjefsdesigner Mårten Stormdal opp i et nettmøte her på Han svarer på det du måtte lure på, enten du vil vite hvilket middelaldervåpen som ville klart seg best i dag eller hva gjennomsnittsfarten til en svale uten last er.

Stormdal startet med å skape spillomgivelser for mer enn 12 år siden, og har senere jobbet både som hovednivådesigner før han endte opp som sjefsspilldesigner. På merittlisten har designeren både Hamilton's Great Adventure, Just Cause og Just Cause 2, samt Lead and Gold, for å nevne noen.

Sjefprodusenten svarte på 47 av totalt 58 spørsmål den tiden han satt hos oss. Her er alle spørsmålene og svarene gjengitt i kronologisk rekkefølge:

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  1. Character progression.

    Spørsmål fra Erlend Ellingsen:

    Dear chief designer. How will the character progression be like? Will the system look more like the progression in COD? Or more like the one in M&B?

    Best regards

    Hi Erlend.
    Our unlock system is more similar to Modern Warfare than M&B.
    We have a system where you will receive experience and money for performing well in the game modes. The experience will level your character and unlock weapons, armours and perks. You can use the money to buy perk specializations and modifications for your equipment.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:33
  2. War of the Roses vs. Mount & Blade

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik:

    How is the battle experience/feeling when swinging the sword compared to Mount & Blade. Will we M&B-lovers enjoy it?

    Hi Fredrik.
    I most certainly hope so.
    We have a slightly different approach to the control scheme and when you can release your swings.
    In WotR you hold down the mouse button before you indicate in which direction you want to pose for a swing instead of vice versa. The pacing will be pretty much the same.
    The ones we have tested the game on felt right at home pretty quick.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:37
  3. Big Battles

    Spørsmål fra Daniel :

    How similar will the game be to Mount and Blade? Will you be able to control your own armies or just be part of them?

    Hello Daniel.
    War of the Roses is mainly a multiplayer game, and with this, the focus is on the player controlled multiplayer experience. So you won't be able to control any bots. But getting your team mates to do what you want might be enough of a challenge...
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:40
  4. how big of a focus is realism, really? (and "bonus" questions)

    Spørsmål fra Alexander:

    hi. your game looks immensely promising. I am one of the people who really value actual realism in games. I find myself quickly bored with pseudo-realism á la Call of Duty. I enjoy America's Army or Quake. the middle-ground? not so much. thus I find your project truly refreshing.

    what I'm wondering is - how far are you willing to go in terms of realism vs. "getting things done"? as a programmer I know that realism takes quite a lot of time to accomplish, and as a gamer I know that fun(ctionality) shouldn't be axed due to realism, as it is after all a game we are talking about.

    I also wonder if it would not be fruitful to make the game have first person perspective as well as third person? fps (first person slashers) have not worked well in the past for reasons such as a lack of ability to adjust the pov angle (bar developer's consoles that the majority of players don't know exists), making your view too narrow - and other problems. but still, a first person perspective can result in higher immersion and a game that feels more precise.

    finally - will you be looking at console versions/ports? twitch games have historically worked well on consoles.



    Hi Alexander.
    Well, realism is a tricky path to go down, I rather work with believability because of all the technical limitations that are already there when you try to make a game (resolution, field of view, stereoscopic vision etc.) so when you set out to make a simulator you are already on minus.

    So my primary goal have been to create a believable, fun, gaming experience.
    We have tested a lot of camera positions and our conclusion was that third person works best for melee combat (for the peripheral vision reasons you mentioned amongst others) and first person for shooting and when you couch a lance. We are constantly testing and tweaking and re-evaluating our decisions, but I'm pretty sure that this is the way that we are going for.

    Unfortunately I can't answer the console question at the moment.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:49
  5. maps

    Spørsmål fra Per Kristian:

    will there be big maps, and catapults and other stuff like that?

    Hello Per Kristian.
    The maps are quite large, we have to make sure they fit the number of players so it doesn't feel empty and desolate.

    If I'm not totally wrong, catapults were quite outdated at the time... Bombards are more in line with the time frame. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:52
  6. Mod

    Spørsmål fra Sujit Islam:

    Hvordan vill modding supporten bli? Og vis det blir mod support vill dere hoste dem hos deres forum eller overlate til de som modder?

    Hej Sujit Islam.

    Tyvärr kommer det inte finnas någon support för modding när spelet släpps.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:53
  7. Throwing weapons

    Spørsmål fra Frode Fivehead:

    Are throwing weapons available in the game? Like throwing knives, spears and axes?

    No, we will not have any throwing weapons at launch.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:55
  8. 2 quick questions.

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Folde:

    1. how many can play at once?
    2. how moddable is the game going to be?

    1. The game will support 64 players at launch
    2. The game will not support any modding at launch
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:57
  9. Questions

    Spørsmål fra Emilon:

    1.Did you focus more one the singler player or the mulitplayer?
    2.Is there going to be muskets in the game?
    3. How did you come up with the idea?

    Btw. love the idea, i think this is going to be the next big thing. Good luck with the game!

    1. We focus mainly on multiplayer
    2. Muskets are a bit out of our time frame (1455-1485) they weren't around until the 16th century
    3. Paradox came to us and asked if we wanted to make the game. :)

    Thanks, I really hope you'll like it. :D
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 11:59
  10. Physics and destruction

    Spørsmål fra Doktor Proktor:

    How will the physics and ragdoll effects in addition to destruction of models (such as castle walls) be in contradiction to Mount and Blade: Warband?

    We have ragdoll for characters which will work as ragdolls do. :) If we will have destruction of models it will be in certain, very specific areas where it will benefit the game mode.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:01
  11. Block certain moves/attacks?

    Spørsmål fra frogboy:

    Will War of Roses give the ability to block certain moves? eg. in Mount and Blade the thrust was a hard move to do damage with and even with good mouse control, the attack would still "pop up" at the worst times possible.

    WotR have a four directional combat system, very similar to the one in Warband, the thrust can be blocked as any other attack. My goal is to make all attacks viable in at least some situations, and they should certainly not "pop up" when you don't want them to.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:05
  12. Damage points & bleeding?

    Spørsmål fra MaBfan:

    Will War of the Roses have many damage points, such as if you hit dead flesh, you will do little damage, but if you hit arteries you will do alot damage? And will it be possible to hit the nerve system and by that immobilize the enemies so they can't walk? And if you hit someone in the foot, will they then have reduced walking abilities?

    Aslo, will bleeding be a damage over time factor?

    This is a very advanced damage system you describe here, we have the traditional six damage zones (head, arms, legs and torso). All of these obviously have different damage multipliers. In addition to this we have eight six different armour types (plate, maille, cloth, leather etc.) and six different damage types which will affect the different armour types differently. So our focus is more on the armour and damage than the human body. Cool idea though. We do have bleeding over time as a special weapon damage effect, but I wouldn't want to affect the player character's movement speeds to much, since it can be really tedious to traverse the map with a limp.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:09
  13. Fatalities question

    Spørsmål fra death scenes:

    Can the fatalities/kill cams you do when you kill an enemy get you killed? (in the sense of an enemy comes and kill you when you are stabbing a poor fella in the face) Or is they designed to only kick in while the neares other enemy is far far away?

    Yes, the execution camera can actually get you killed, but the execution is an optional feature you can use on knocked down enemies if you want to make sure that they aren't revived by their team mates. It is a risk-reward scenario.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:11
  14. Weapon arsenal

    Spørsmål fra Jorgen297:

    Will War of the Roses have alot of weapons and alot of different types of weapons?

    We don't have hundreds of weapons and armours, not even close. But the customization alternatives available for the weapons enables you to try out huge number of combinations. (maybe even millions)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:13
  15. Sheaths.

    Spørsmål fra Sigmund:

    Will War of the Roses have sheaths for blades and swords?

    From the footage I have seen, there are no sheaths for your sword, but Mount & Blade had this, and it is a detail that really enhances the immersion of the game. I find that more and more developers neglect small details like this, but small details like sheaths is something I always notice and always remember.

    According to my research (I might be wrong) sheaths weren't widely used on the battlefields during the 15th century, this might have been because you didn't want to get your legs entangled by an empty scabbard when you are fighting on foot. We will however add something called a frog (Groda) which is basically a steel or iron ring on a leather strap attached to your belt where you can put your sword when you don't use it. We just haven't gotten around to it yet.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:16
  16. Custom battles

    Spørsmål fra OP:

    Will you be able to make your own character for custom battles with bots, and choose the weapons yourself, or will it be preset classes like in M&B?

    War of the Roses will not feature custom battles similar to M&B, our focus is mainly on multiplayer. But you will be able to create your own class.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:17
  17. Spørsmål fra Kristoffer:

    Hello Mårten

    I loved Mount & Blade, and I was wondering if this is anything like M&B? Is there any noticeable differences beetween the games?

    PS: I am a huge fan of Just Cause 1 & 2 and Lead and Gold: Gangs of The Wild West.

    Hello Kristoffer.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Besides the time period and the visual style? yes, but I also think you will feel right at home. The deep persistent unlock system is something we have put a lot of effort in to. We also decided to go a different way regarding some horse combat functionality.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:22
  18. Fast paced combat?

    Spørsmål fra A fanh:

    How is the combat generally going to be? Fast paced and "left mouse button spam" like the unreal tournament games, or strategic "slow" where you have to chance if you should do a heavy attack (if there are) and leave you vulnerable for a quick attack?

    And is it hitpoints based, or are there vital areas you have to protect?

    Last thing I wanted to know is, if possible, does a shield on your back protect you from arrows? It felt kinda silly when you got hit with an arrow through an iron shield in Mount & Blade.

    Really exciting about the game!

    I'm really working hard to make the combat tactical and deliberate, like a fighting game, button spamming might work on noobs but if you meet someone with any skill at all you need to really plan your moves.

    It is hitpoint based, but some areas will multiply the damage you receive (like the head) so you would have to protect it. A sword in the face might be very painful. A shield carried on the back should protect if it is directly hit with a projectile.

    Thanks, I really hope you'll like it.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:28
  19. prone and crouch.

    Spørsmål fra Sigi333:

    will the game have stances like in cod? etc crouch prone and such.

    Well we have a crouch function, so you can hide behind things.
    But no prone stance, we didn't really see any use for it...
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:32
  20. Traps

    Spørsmål fra Chris O:

    Will there be traps? I'm thinking dry grass/oil and fire arrows!

    Oh, you mean like Braveheart?
    No, that's more than 100 years before... :)
    But seriously, no, not at launch at least.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:33
  21. A New Rose...

    Spørsmål fra Jonatan0:

    I'm going to be honest. I have never played any of your earlier games. But War of The Roses looks really awesome.

    My question is: Will this game be OK for player who did not play the Mount & Blade games?

    It's totally fine, you are not alone, but thanks. :)
    You should be fine, I will make sure there is a good and smooth introduction for you to practice on.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:35
  22. Sounds Amazing

    Spørsmål fra Odd Egil:

    1. Will it cost a "monthly fee" to play like for example "world of warcraft"?
    2. Is there a muktiplayer?
    3. Is it worth the money? :)

    1. No monthly fee, if you have bought the game you may play it for as long as you like.
    2. The focus is multiplayer, so yes.
    3. It's a bargain! :D
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:39
  23. "Running and gunning (wielding)" or more then that?

    Spørsmål fra Sindre:

    I'm really looking forward to get a look at the final product. However, I've got one concern.
    Will the gameplay be based upon a system similiar to i.ex. the one you find in the Battlefield series? Here you run around, capture flags, run back to those you lost and then the tickets at some point will run out for one team. your teams success or loss will have no further impact on the next matches.
    Or will the game structure be a more complex and dynamic one like i.ex. some old games/ simulators like Falcon 4 or ww2online?
    In the last ex. your doing ingame allways in some way affects the future of the experience/ history of the game. I.ex. if a castle gets destroyed it won't be there in future missions to support your troops if I try to relate to WoTR.
    This is something I've missed alot in many games and 'am really hoping that you will make the difference.

    As we envision the game now and for launch, it is more similar to Battlefield than ww2online. It's not a mmo after all, its' "just" a multiplayer game. :) I really hope you'll try it out anyway, who knows, you might like it...
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:42
  24. Inspiration and comparable games

    Spørsmål fra Ole:

    What inspired you to make this game, and which games do you think people will compare it to? Is it mostly like the battles from Mount&Blade, is it more like BF3 or is there som other game that it`s more similar to?

    I would say it is a combination, we have been looking at most of the modern multiplayer games out there. Some bits might be like BF3, some like CoD, some like Warband etc. We even looked at really old ones to see how they solved things, did you ever play an old game called Rune?
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:45
  25. Weapons

    Spørsmål fra Runar:

    Will there be morningstars and throwingweapons like spears and axes in the game?

    A Morningstar might be there at launch (not to be confused with ball and chain flail, which we won't have) but no throwing weapons.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:46
  26. Singleplayer

    Spørsmål fra Rikard:


    I wonder about how the singleplayer will be, will it be free roaming or will the player be lead through a series of mission?

    It will be a series of missions, presenting the setting and a bit of story. At the same time letting the player practice on the mechanics.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:47
  27. Maptypes/Environments

    Spørsmål fra Ove:


    From what I've seen you guys are going to have a few different environments.
    Even tho it's still in development I have to ask, will you have a broad specturm of different environments and/or maps? Mountain battles, snow maps etc.

    Hi Ove.
    Well, since the game takes place in England, we are somewhat limited in the environment spectrum. (no deserts, no arctic missions and certainly no lava maps). We are basing our maps on actual battles that were played out during the first two wars of the roses, and will use them to be able to set the game in as different environments as possible.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:53
  28. First person

    Spørsmål fra Steffen:

    Are you planning on implementing a first person camera angle?

    Yes, but only for ranged weapons and couched lances. See reasons above. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 13:54
  29. 2H vs 1H

    Spørsmål fra Snake:


    Wil lthere be differences in the striking with 1 handed compared to 2 handed? Mount and blade kinda ruined that as they both swing at the same pace..2 handed should swing slower but be more powerful
    Also will there be loads of different settings? like TDM and assault on a castle and such?

    Hi Snake.
    This is a really interesting question.

    If you mean the difference between one handed and two handed weapons, I would rather see it as a difference between long and short weapons. Some weapons were even used with either one or two hands, and some short weapons are so heavy that the require two hands. But a general rule of thumb would be that longer weapons are slower and shorter weapons quicker. Doing more and less damage per attack respectively.

    You will be able to play TDM on a castle, sorry can's say more than that at the moment. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:02
  30. dx11 3d vision

    Spørsmål fra Robert Øygarden Bøe:

    hi i am tnking about bying this game but i wonder if it suport dx 11 and or nvidia 3d vision??

    Yes and No. War of the Roses do support dx11, but unfortunately not 3d vision at launch.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:03
  31. Singleplayer

    Spørsmål fra Asirum:

    Hi. First of all, I have to say I love the combat system, and I've been waiting for a polished game with it. Lovin' it!

    Anyway, I was wonder how the singleplayer mode will be in the game. Similar to Mount and Blade, or are you doing something else?

    Hi Asirum.
    Well, this is mainly a multiplayer game, so I can't really compare it to Mount and Blade on that point. So, something else... :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:05
  32. Running

    Spørsmål fra Krister:

    Seen some fightning and it seems really bad that you can move backwards just as fast that people are able to charge you. Will this be fixed?

    Yes, I need to tweak that. There is a lot of balancing remaining still.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:07
  33. questions

    Spørsmål fra Rico Rodriguez:

    1. how much hipoints will you have? will you die after a few blows or will you have to hack at an enemy for a "long" time before they die?

    2. how big will the maps be? is it smaller maps like cod? or huge maps like some you can find in battlefield?

    3. will there be castles?

    4. how will the class system be like? is it only weapons you can change etc. or do you have some kind of perks like in cod?

    5. this question isn't about this game, but do you know if there is planned a seguel to just cause 2?

    thanks for answering! :)

    1. We are still working on that balancing and tweaking. It is a thin line between single blow fights, which is not very fun and challenging, and fights that seem to go on forever... I want to hit just right in between.
    2. Big enough. Battlefield have jets and choppers, we only have horses... So we scale our maps so they fit both the horses and people on foot.
    3. Yes
    4. You'll be able to create your own class, with weapons, armours and hemets and obviously perks. More like CoD in that sense.
    5. No, I don't know, if I did I could't tell you, it's not for me to reveal their games in media... But I would't be surprised. :D

    Glad to be able to answer some questions at least!
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:19
  34. Music

    Spørsmål fra Felix:

    Can you tell us who composes the music to the game? I'd like to hear some of his earlier tracks.

    Sure it's a guy called Linus Söderlund,
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:22
  35. Amount of players

    Spørsmål fra Ole Furseth:

    I read earlier that you could join "squads" consisting of 8 players, when in a battle.

    How is this number compared to the amount of players on the team? If there are, say 16 players on each side, that would mean that half the team could spawn in on one single teammate...

    Can we get an approximate "squad capacity/team capazity" ratio? Or just an amount of players per team :)

    Yes. the squad cap is eight by default. But I guess you could scale it by the number of players on the server. A squad of two is kind of pointless, but from four to eight maybe? Where eight is for 64p battles and scaling down (maybe in a non-linearly fashion) down to four for the smallest battles. Is that ok? :) Or make it a server setting?
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:26
  36. Walking backwards

    Spørsmål fra Asirum:


    Currently (from what I've seen in the alpha footage), walking backwards has the same speed as walking forward, and that may cause a bit of strange combat. Will this be changed?

    Actually the backwards movement is 90% the forwards movement, but that is still up for tweaking.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:28
  37. Character Animation

    Spørsmål fra Leif:

    I love that someone dares to take the medieval ages and turn it into a fast-paced multiplayer game.

    However! There is one small thing that just bugs me, namely that all of the characters seem to have a metal-spine. It takes quite an amount of momentum to swing those heavy swords.

    So I guess my question is: Will the animations be unique according to their current wielded weapons? For example; daggers vs. two-handed sword.

    Thank you.
    We are really happy to be able to make this game for real.
    Not unique for each actual weapon as such. But certainly to each weapon type, like daggers, two handed swords and polearms. I'll pass on your feedback to our animator. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:31
  38. Skill

    Spørsmål fra Markus Olaussen:

    Will this game be based entirely on player skill and not things like, stats and weapons ( even though i understand some weapons are better in certain situations.) and allow good players say, take on two/three others and obliterate them?

    The whole game is oriented around skill. As it is now there is only two random elements at all, ragdolls and the reload-minigame for the crossbow. All other systems are totally deterministic, which means you can learn them and use them to your benefit. This requires knowledge in addition to the eye-hand-coordination and reaction times that usually is connected to the term skill. Since there are a lot of differences in speeds and damage and types of damage, a weapon that is good for you might not be good for another player that has a totally different play style.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:37
  39. artificial intelligence

    Spørsmål fra master93:

    will the artificial intelligence give the computer the ability to do as much moves as we humans, or will it have pre-set moves?

    The ai won't have any restrictions regarding controls or the number of moves they can perform.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:37
  40. Classes

    Spørsmål fra Logea:

    Can you tell us a little bit of what kind of classes we can make?

    Is it possible to make assassin like classes with daggers and backstabbing and such? Archers, heavy knights, etc. ?

    Well, we don't have any assassin like perks at the moment. But other than that you can create pretty much anything you like that you would find at a 15th century english battlefield. Archers with longbows, footmen with pollaxes and swords, Heavy knights with barded horses. Crossbowmen, footknights... you name it. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:43
  41. Co-op

    Spørsmål fra HeatedCoffee:

    Hei Mårten!

    I used to be really good at M&B singeplayer, but useless at multiplayer.
    I'm really hyped for WotR, and I love the Witcher-look, but I fear that I might be as bad in MP as I am in M&B.
    Will you consider implementing co-op so that I may boost my self-confidence after getting hopelessly ganked in MP?

    Hello HeatedCoffee.
    I totally understand.
    But I unfortunately I can't promise anything co-op like at the moment. My advice for you is to find a couple of trusty friends and join a squad together and teamplay the life out of the disorganized enemies instead. In some games, on some open TDM-servers, it feels almost like horde mode-coop if you play together with some friends. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:46
  42. Armour

    Spørsmål fra Jostein:


    In most of the art I've from the time around the wars of the roses, soldiers wear mostly black armour, will this be an option in-game?

    Hello Jostein.

    It will rather be the shiny armour that is an option. Most of the plate armours were actually painted or oxidized in some ways.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:49
  43. singel player

    Spørsmål fra Eirik Grønnevik:


    1.How long will the singel player become in hours?
    2. i haven't read everything about this game so i need to ask, is there going to be a level system, or more a m&b system where all are at level "1" and all have the same money ?

    1. Don't know yet... :)
    2. It will be more like a level system.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:49
  44. Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Vegard Skarsholt Hotvedt:


    Will it be a mulitplayer game, or just singelplayer?
    And if multiplayer will it be like battlefeild and Call of Duty. With ranks and unlocks?

    Hi Vegard.
    It will be multiplayer with ranks and unlocks...
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:50
  45. Fatality

    Spørsmål fra Kjetil:

    I see it is hitpoint based (obviously since its a computer game ;) ). But will there be possibilities do do instant fatalities?
    Arrow to the head (most weapons to the head, except a few if one have a plate helmet..)?
    And how will you do plate against swords, historically, swords and a few other weapons made almost no damage against plate armor.
    Will you have certain weapons that can penetrate different types of armour? Or will armor only be damage reduction based?

    Well, games have that benefit over reality. We have a number of hitzones that will affect the damage that is deducted from your hitpoints (like double in the head and such) So yes, instant fatalities is definitely a possibility.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 14:52
  46. Mount and Blade

    Spørsmål fra Christian:

    How will this be any different from Mount and Blade? Don't get me wrong, I love mount and blade, but right now it just looks like a polished version of it with some killcams and another game mode. Still looking forward to buy this title :)
    Crossing fingers for severing limbs and more blood ;)

    Wouldn't that be enough? ;)
    Well there are a number of different things we have done, it's not like we have taken M&B and copy-pasted it and are trying to release it as our own game. We are making our own multiplayer melee game, M&B have some good solutions on some problems, we looked how their game (which is an awesome game btw) worked, and tried to improve on it, make it more accessible and so on. But we also look at other games, which you have to do when you make games. You can't lock yourself in a room for a year and try to create the awesomest game ever all by yourself. I heard a story about one of the guys who made the ancient game Elite 2 that was something like that, don't know if it's true or not...

    But anyways, it's too much to list in this kind of forum, I have given a couple of examples in previous posts. Like the damage system, persistence, horse control, basic input mechanics and cameras.
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 15:11
  47. First person view

    Spørsmål fra Mike Hunt:

    Will we be able to play in first person view?

    In certain situations, yes. :)
    Besvart: 10. mai 2012 15:11

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