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Looking for team for the upcoming split
IGN: WeS Kastrullen
Name: Gilbert Nathell
Age: 22 years old
Region: Swedish and DACH LTR.
Role: Toplane
Rank atm: Master
Peak S11: Master 152 lp
Experience: Last 3 split playing in div 2/3 in primeleague, 1 split in Telialigaen div 1 and 2 splits in SEL div 1
My top 5 champions: Gragas, Darius, Urgot, Camille and Cho'Gath
Time commitment: Not working atm so have alot of freetime 2 play and scrim.
Playstyle: I like 2 play fighters, tanks and bruisers. Strong weakside player, but can play strongside if that's what's required of me.
Contacts: discord: Kastrullen#7315 Twitter:

  • Spill: League of Legends
  • Nivå: Master
  • Roller: Top
  • EU West: WeS Kastrullen
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