Miles Jacobson vet mer om Football Managerenn de fleste.
Miles Jacobson vet mer om Football Managerenn de fleste. (Bilde: Sports Interactive/David Vintiner)

Football Manager 2015

Football Manager-sjefen svarte leserne

Miles Jacobson møtte i nettmøte.

Football Manager-serien har gått sin årlige seiersgang helt siden 1992 da det første spillet kom ut under navnet Championship Manager. Med sitt sterke fokus på omfattende spillerdatabaser har spillserien slått «knock out» på alle konkurrenter og troner i dag alene på toppen blant managerspill.

Venstremenyen er en av endringene i Football Manager 2015. (Skjermbilde:
Venstremenyen er en av endringene i Football Manager 2015. (Skjermbilde:

Football Manager 2015 slippes fredag 7. november og vi er allerede i gang med å fordype oss i spillet. Det er gjort en del spennende endringer, spesielt i hvordan informasjonen presenteres, og vi har allerede avslørt at Martin Ødegaard ikke er med i årets utgave

Ingen vet mer om Football Manager

På onsdag klokken 15:00 kan du møte Miles Jacobson i nettmøte her på Han er sjefen i Sports Interactive og har ledet arbeidet med Football Manager-spillene de siste 14 årene.

Jacobsen var på nittitallet en stor fan av spillene og tok kontakt med Sports Interactive fordi han ønsket å involvere seg. Han fikk lov til å jobbe med testing av de nye spillene, før han etter hvert steg i gradene. I 2001 tok han over som sjef for firmaet og har styrt skuta siden da. Det er med andre ord få, om noen, som vet mer om Football Manager-serien enn ham.

Nettmøtet starter klokken 15:00 og du kan spørre ham om hva som helst, så lenge det handler om Football Manager. Du kan sende inn dine spørsmål allerede nå, men husk å stille dem på engelsk.

  1. Changes from the beta

    Spørsmål fra Bjarne:

    What changes are made in the release version compared with the beta version available on steam?

    We released an updated version of the beta earlier in the week - the finished game will have another match engine version & a handful of bug fixes.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:02
  2. Talents and skills?

    Spørsmål fra ove:

    How do you guys work to find the skill and level of talent for players in smal and unknown clubs. Is there people who tell you for example about players in lower divisions or do you look at statistics to find their skill level?

    We have 1,300 scouts around the world who are headed up by 51 head researchers - some of those look after countries, some regions, and some individual clubs.

    Our research guidelines are huge - dozens of pages. And all of our researchers work off those guidelines
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:03
  3. latest Patch vs full version

    Spørsmål fra Martin:

    Hi, how close is the latest patch to FM 15 to the full version? Since before the patch I won the Premier League with Arsenal, with the patch I got fired because of the team couldnt score, even on open goal. I tried like 5 tactics on the end, played good football, created alot of chances with all but no one could score, but the AI needed 1-2 chances to score. So just wondered of that will be fixed? I mean I love thet there is challange, but not when there is nothing I can do...

    Just hope that will be fixed, I really loved this game, allready have like 100hours on the game, and love this game apart from that...

    If you need help with tactics, then the place to ask is :)
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:04
  4. Bug

    Spørsmål fra Espen:

    There is a "bug" when the match changes scene sometimes, the stadium lights pop up in the middle of the scren. Is it a fix on that in the full version

    I haven't seen that one myself so it might be graphics card specific - please follow the beta onscreen instructions and report any issues at so our QA team can have a look.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:05
  5. Under-age players

    Spørsmål fra Amnesia:

    We've already heard about players under the age of 16 not being included in the game due to some crappy laws.
    What about players who become 16 years old later this year? I've heard that they are just hidden in the game.

    We have hundreds of players under 16 in our database - but it is true that because of child protection laws, they can't appear in the game until they are over 16 in real life. So the player you are thinking of willl be in FM16, not 15, unless his parents give us permission for him to be in there :)
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:06
  6. Press conferance

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik Skulstad:

    How much does the pre press conferance impact the match?

    It can impact player morale.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:06
  7. Martin Ødegaard

    Spørsmål fra Kenneth:

    Where is Martin Ødegaard, and why isn't he in the game? We've seen players earlier that's younger.

    Not since the child protection laws were brought in you haven't. As I already answered - he'll be in FM16 unless his parents give permission for him to be in earlier.

    You can always add him into the game using the data editor
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:07
  8. How to improve the match experience

    Spørsmål fra Thor:

    Hi Miles. First of all I want to thank you and the team for making enjoyable games year in and year out. I have been played every game in the series since the original CM. Improving and combining the 2D and 3D views are where the FM series should be able to take a big leap forward. I still use 2D instead of 3D during matches due to the clunkyness and relatively poor graphical quality in 3D which for me kills the imersion. The 2D view feels more authetic and relevant from a tactical and managerial standpoint. I would have loved to use a 3D presentation which I could believe in, one which gave me the option to in real time freely move the camera whilst toggling rewind and fast forward to replay key situations, even switching to a completely top-down view like the 2D of today's FM and then back again seamlessly to 3D without having to choose from a pull-down menu. The new freely adjustable camera view should be mouse controlled, not something I choose from a menu. Mouse buttons should be used to rewind, pause, play, fast forward and move the perspective around. The mouse wheel should be used to zoom and switch between 2D and 3D. Create a advanced media player experience with a 'god mode' feel to it.

    We have a free-cam for debugging purposes, but it's unlikely it'll make it into the game for a load of legal reasons. We have to keep the lawyers happy unfortunately.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:09
  9. Questions.

    Spørsmål fra Eivind Grodås:

    Lovely that you take time out of your obviously hectic schedule to answer questions, Miles.

    How important is the value of a players familiarity with a position, versus a player with better stats for the same position?

    Why isn't there an option to loan a player out/in if he is signed as a future bosman? If i want to develop a young player signed 6 months before the contract expires, I want to make sure he is not rotting on the bench.

    At the moment I feel feedback from the board regarding requests can be improved. I would love a feature that recommended, based on the club finances, when a particular request can be allowed. Right now I feel that if the board is in a bad mood, you may miss out on the opportunity and have to wait a year or more to improve your facilities.

    Are you the sole reason behind SI's sponsorship of Watford?

    Any opportunities to watch the FM documentary, if I missed it the first time?

    Feel free to answer any, or all of the above.
    Thanks for your time!

    How many questions? I am on Twitter, so you can always ask me things there :)

    Players familiarity - is important so that the player knows what to do, even if they have the skills. Learning the positioning is important, for example.
    Bosmans - if the club is willing to let them go, there is a "buy now" option.
    Feature suggestions - please post those on the wish list thread at
    Watford - no, it was a great commercial opportunity.
    FM doc - is on iTunes. Will be coming soon to Google Play, Microsoft Entertainment Network and Sony Entertainment Network. There are possibilites of a TV repeat too, but not for a while.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:13
  10. Wii U version

    Spørsmål fra Glenn:

    Did you consider, for more than a few seconds, making a Wii U version of FM 2015? Would have been awesome to play on the gamepad while watching a movie on the TV.

    For more than a few seconds, yes. But not for much more than 5 minutes. The market just isn't there.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:13
  11. bugs from fm14

    Spørsmål fra liam:

    i personally felt that the fm14 M.E had many bugs i actually stopped playing because of it. when chatting with your forum they told me that these where known issues but that they would be fixed in fm15. are they? and is there any assurance that we wont be given the same answer but this time it will be fixed in fm16? please have a great M.E without a good M.E the game is unplayable

    The demo is out now for FM15 - so play yourself and decide :)
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:14
  12. Benefits of Suit Manager type

    Spørsmål fra Eivind:

    Hi, I were wondering about the benefits of the suit manager type, as for now I think the tracksuit manager is a much more obvious choice. I remember in your features video you mentioned that players will respect you more, but I don't know more than that. Basically, is it anything Fermo Favini can't do?

    Motivation, extra players known about via player knowledge, respect in team talks and player conversations - I got for a mix, personally.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:15
  13. Yo

    Spørsmål fra Jan Erik Sletten:

    Why can't you update FM every year instead of selling a new retail copy for full price which is completely ridiculous and greedy?

    Making games is expensive. With FM14 having an average play time of 198 hours, I think it's pretty exceptional value for money personally.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:16
  14. Online?

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik Karlsen:

    Can this game be played online? and how will that work?.

    When it's released on Friday, yes. You can play network games amongst your Steam friends, or look for network games to join.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:17
  15. Player roles

    Spørsmål fra Vegard:

    Will it be possible to assign certain player roles to individual players? Example: when you swap Rooney (false nine) for van Persie (poacher), the player role automaticly change.

    PS: I sold my soul to you guys in 96, and I'm very happy with the deal. Thanks!

    Yes. You can do that in the tactics screen for individual players.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:18
  16. Match engine

    Spørsmål fra Magnus Hatlestad:

    How many more years do you think it will take until FM could have a really good looking 3D matches engine? Something like the old fifa games :)

    We have no interest in making the game look like FIFA. We want it to look like football - and we have a long term plan for that.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:19
  17. Defense and GK AI

    Spørsmål fra Martin Bangsund:

    Are you going to fix the bad defense and GK AI for release? And also why does the game feel alot easier than previous versions? I basically won everything with Man Utd in my 2nd season without bringing in many new faces.

    Some find it easier, some find it harder - as for issues with the beta, please follow the onscreen instructions and report specific issues with examples to
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:20
  18. Youth recruitment

    Spørsmål fra Long serving Huddersfield manager Franz Kahn:

    Are there any changes done to the youth recruitment section? Is it still only based on reputation?

    There are lots of changes, yes. It's not solely based on reputation, no.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:20
  19. MY FM QUESTION. (Redan)

    Spørsmål fra Redan:


    There is a lot of FM Player database/FM Encyclopedia sites that gives us in depth facts, statistics and player potentials online, and in the FM Game Data there is players you guys have picked that has 4-5 Star potential ability, Do we need to buy those players that has those 4-5 star potential ability to make future world class player, or could you do some scouting on a decent youngster and build him up to be a world class player? Does the players have kind of an artificial intelligence?

    All players have A.I. All coaches & managers do too.

    If someone doesn't have the potential to be a great, they can't become a great. Which reflects real life.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:21
  20. Board issues

    Spørsmål fra Håvard:

    Hi Miles!
    Thanks for making the best football managing game!
    But, there's one thing I've been missing. Many times I've been snubbed by the board, financially, when trying to sign a key player. The board just won't give me the money. I would like the option to guarantee the board, i.e. 1-5 place in the league, if the player is signed. If I can't reach that goal, the board is free to terminate my contract. Are there any plans for this option?

    Regards, Håvard

    With Financial Fair Play, the option just isn't realistic any more.

    You can adjust your expected finishing position during the season though. Normally just before the transfer windows.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:22
  21. Cromecast

    Spørsmål fra Karl Magnus Torgrimsen:

    Will it be possible to stream FM to an external screen through cromecast in the future?

    I have no idea - it's not something we'd support as so few people would do it. So if it happens by accident, as 3d glasses support did, then yes. If not, no.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:23
  22. Right click to continue

    Spørsmål fra Dj Jazzy Jeff:


    Question/Feature request: Is there, or will there ever be, an option to right click in game to get a contextually aware menu appear where your mouse is?

    i.e: when reading news: Right click to get a menu where your mouse is to "read next", "continue to next day", "go to relevant player/team mentioned in news article" etc.

    I absolutely abhor having to move my mouse to top right ALL THE TIME! I'd love to be able to continue/access relevant info just by right clicking!

    Right click already has too many uses in the game - but if you want to make feature suggestions then please do so on the wish list thread at
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:24
  23. Licenses needed for club/player information

    Spørsmål fra Vegard Lobben:

    What is your personal opinion on licensing issues, such as the one regarding the German national team? Do you believe it is a fair situation, or should public information about footballers be available for those making products based on the sport?

    My opinion doesn't matter on this. Only that of the laws of different countries matter.

    There are lots of laws I'd change in the world though. But I'll have to wait until I'm leader of the Universe before I can change them. All I need now is an army of mechanical monkeys to help me take over the world, and I'll sort them then.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:26
  24. Player definitions

    Spørsmål fra The man who discovered Hangeland and Carew:


    I notice several players in FM2015 beta who is doing extremely well in this years Barclays Premier League, but in FM their skills and attributes are well under par.

    My question is, will you adjust player skills and attributes before launch - or are they already determined by your scouting networks?
    (I am aware of the editor, I just want the best end product at launch!)

    We have with some where we think it's necessary - but just remember that form is temporary....
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:27
  25. Watching the game

    Spørsmål fra The man who discovered Hangeland and Carew:


    I've been a fan of manager games since the early 90's. I can't bare but to criticize how the ingame matches look like. Players run around unnaturally and confused(even when my Burton Albion beat EPL teams!).

    I wish for a more fluid and better visuals than already present. FM2015 does not seem that big of an upgrade compared to the engines in 2013. Take note that I'm referring to the 3D engine - the visuals only. Copy FIFA or PES presentations of goals perhaps? A recap of your teams highlights each month\season would also be fun. This will create a more bonding experience for the player and to his team of choice by looking back on achievements or failures!

    You can easily make a monthly round up yourself using the YouTube / video editing functionality in game. It's fun to use!
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:28
  26. PS4/Xbox

    Spørsmål fra Karl Magnus Torgrimsen:

    Do you think FM will ever come to PS4/Xbox?

    Ever is a very long time....

    We have no current plans though.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:28
  27. Norwegian Premier Division Club Emblem

    Spørsmål fra Anders SImonsen:

    I don't quite know what to feel about the new default club emblems for FM15. I like the variation but I would still prefer that you add the realistic club emblems for more clubs than the highest ranking ones like R.Madrid and Barcelona. It just add a more realistic feel to the game and although I am aware this is something I can add myself I would still prefer that it is a part of the game by default. You don't have to add it for all clubs, but at least the premier division.

    Thank you for taking the time for my question! :D

    Where we have licenses, we have official emblems. So we have a Conference license in England (level 5 & 6) so have logo's for them.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:29
  28. Goals from corners

    Spørsmål fra Steinar:

    Hi, There has been a discussion (on reddit etc) about how much goals from corners have changed from fm14 (and before) to fm15 where its gone from way too easy to SEEMINGLY way too hard to score in these situations. What are your thoughts on this specific issue and will other "balance" changes come for the full release?

    I have to say I love the game and the series and I have already put in 50 hours into the beta.

    There are some balance things for full release, and we will continue to release updates for the game as always.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:31
  29. Best edition yet

    Spørsmål fra Espen:

    What version of FM is your favourite through the years?

    Always the current one, or the next one when we're working on it. Or else there'd be no point making the game any more!
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:32
  30. New Player

    Spørsmål fra Kristoffer:

    As a guy that have never played the Football Manager series, but want too get into the series. Is this FM2015 a good game to start with? Is it "noob" friendly?

    I would start with Classic mode first, then move onto the full sim mode when you think you are ready.

    That said, our help system this year is the best we've ever had.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:32
  31. Favourite team(s)

    Spørsmål fra Kristian:

    Most people reading this probably know how it is to develop a special relationship with a club through the Football Manager series. I want to know, what club(s) have you developed a special relationship with throughout the years? Or do you perhaps only play as Watford?

    Braga in Portugal.
    Udinese in Italy. (many years before their owner bought Watford in real life)
    various lower league Brazilian clubs.

    But I mainly play as Watford.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:34
  32. Full featured iPad-ed.

    Spørsmål fra Azeem:

    Hi! Will we see a full-featured FM-game on the iPad anytime soon?

    If we were going to go that route, Classic mode would be the most likely. But we'll only look at it when Apple make a device capable and it has wide enough adoption.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:35
  33. potential

    Spørsmål fra Petter fure:

    Sometimes in the real world players dont become great before they are more experienced and older. Can this happen in FM.
    And somtimes you see yong player suddenly becoming very good, when given the chance. I dont see that often in FM. Is it possible?

    Yes, to both. Players progress quicker when they are getting first team football.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:35
  34. potential

    Spørsmål fra Petter fure:

    In real life we see players are played in different position from season to season. Then suddenly thir Natural postion change in fm. How do you descide wich postion is Natural?

    Our researchers decide based on how they perform - so Bale has proven himself to be a more natural left sided attacking midfielder than a left back, but we couldn't know that until we'd seen him playing there.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:38
  35. Fans in the stands

    Spørsmål fra Joachim:

    Does the passion from the fans in clubs like BVB, LFC, Valencia etc affect the result of the game more than the likes of f.eks lesser passionate fans?

    That depends on the players mentality.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:38
  36. demo

    Spørsmål fra liam:

    will the demo M.E be updated on relase day? so that i can experience the newest M.E before i make up my mind on buying the game or not

    Probably not on release date, but shortly afterwards - we tend to update the demo 1 or 2 days after each game update.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:39
  37. New Meny

    Spørsmål fra Martin T:


    How are the feedback from players about the new meny system you have in FM 15?
    What was the idea for changing it?

    The menu system? It's gone down incredibly well - much better than I expected initially for such a massive change.

    The reasons for changing it were usability and to ensure that people would find all the features in the game. We often get feature requests for features that are already in the game :)
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:40
  38. Speiding

    Spørsmål fra SuperRay:

    1. Er det gjort noe for å forbedre speidingssystemet? I dag er dette alt for dårlig. Speiderne finner ofte spillere som er langt fra bra nok for de beste klubbene i verden. Det virker også som at de samarbeider dårlig ved at de ofte finner den samme spilleren, sjefspeideren sender flere til et land, mens andre land ikke blir besøkt i det hele tatt. Virker som at det ikke spiller noen rolle hvor god speiderne er, da de finner de samme dårlige spillerene. Speidersystemet bør forbedres!

    2. Mediedekning bør også bli bedre. Er det gjort noe med dette? Bør være flere spørsmål, bedre dekning, bedre oppfølgning.

    3. Hvordan jobber dere med å få oppdatert spillerferdighetene til et realistisk nivå? Er jo maaaange spillere der ute. Hvorfor er ikke Martin Ødegaard med?? Er jo blant de største talentene i verden!

    4. Hva mener du er den beste formasjonen i FM15? :-)

    1) Yes - scouting and player search have merged, you now get a range of attributes for players until you watch them multiple times, you can scout them for longer, and much more besides.
    Scouts at big clubs in real life make mistakes - look at the players United have signed over the years, like Djemba Djemba. Loads of clubs chasing him. Wasn't good enough. We can't have things perfect as they aren't in real life.
    2) There are loads more questions & follow ups - and different types of press now who have different agendas
    3) We have 1,300 scouts around the world watching players week in, week out. I've answered the Odegaard question elsewhere. He's in our database, just not in the game yet.
    4) There is no such thing - that depends on the players you have, and whether they can play the roles you want to play.
    Besvart: 5. nov. 2014 15:45

Football Manager 2015

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