NETTMØTE: Se hva Sony svarte på lesernes PlayStation 4-spørsmål

Se hva Sony svarte på lesernes PlayStation 4-spørsmål

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Som vanlige er det knyttet store forventninger til hvilke teknologiske byks vi får i den kommende generasjonen stuekonsoller. I Norge får vi de første konkrete svarene når PlayStation 4 legges ut for salg 29. november, sammen med 19 lanseringstitler. Xbox One kommer ikke til Norge før tidlig neste år.

Lanseringsspillet Knack omtales som en blanding av en Pixar-film og et figurdrevet actionspill.
Lanseringsspillet Knack omtales som en blanding av en Pixar-film og et figurdrevet actionspill.
PlayStation 4 sammen med den nye håndtrolleren og PlayStation Eye.
PlayStation 4 sammen med den nye håndtrolleren og PlayStation Eye.

Syv år siden PlayStation 3 debuterte

Det vi vet med sikkerhet er at konsollen som erstatter den syv år gamle PlayStation 3 får en 64-bits åttekjernes x86-prosessor, et skjermkort som kan håndtere opptil 2 teraflop/s, samt 8GB GDDR5 RAM.

Selve boksen er langt mindre og slankere enn sin forgjenger, med et vinkelrett design. Den nye håndkontrollen – kalt DualShock 4 – er større, men likevel slankere enn forløperen, med forlengede og utvidede håndtak for bedre grep.

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DualShock 4 kommer i tillegg med en berøringsplate foran på kontrolleren. «Start»- og «Select»-knappene er erstattet med to nye knapper: «Share» og «Options». «Share»-knappen er en del av Sonys nye strategi om å lage en spillmaskin som er mer enn bare en underholdningsplattform.

Sony har også videreutviklet PlayStation Eye slik at den kan snakke med håndkontrolleren når du spiller.

– Du må ha PlayStation Plus for å spille på nett

Onsdag 18. september stilte Jim Ryan, sjefen for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, i et nettmøte her på Her er spørsmålene han rakk å besvare i løpet av den timen han dedikerte seg til oss:

  1. Playstation 4 Online gameplay

    Spørsmål fra Johan Kvia:

    Why do we have to pay for a subscription to play online.

    Hi Johan, the answer is yes, if you want to play online multiplayer, that you will need a subscription to PlayStation Plus. We are making huge investments to improve the quality of the PSN, and also wanted to be sure that consumers can buy the console for E399, so we felt that recovering the cost of these investments by including online multiplayer within PS Plus with its fantastic value Instant Game Collection (which will include PS4 as well as PS3 and PS Vita games) was the fairest way to achieve this. Important to clarify that online multiplayer remains free on PS3 and PS Vita. Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:04
  2. Harnessing the Power

    Spørsmål fra Kevin Hoholm:

    Hello, how long will it take for the developers to fully harness the power of the PS4? Is it going to be the same as it was with the PS3? A couple of years pass, and by the end of its lifespan we'll see PS4s answer to games like The Last of Us? I'm asking this, because I want to know if a PS4 is worth my money at its release date.

    Thank you.

    Hi Kevin, it's a good question. You are right that developers usually take a couple of years to optimise their performance on new gen consoles, but one point I want to make is that the highly developer-friendly PS4 system architecture means that the PS4 launch titles are actually showing a step change compared to PS3 that we haven't seen in previous generations. So I'd say get yourself off to a store on November 29th and buy one! All the best, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:09
  3. Life Span

    Spørsmål fra Archer:

    It has been said that PS4 will last for 10 years. How do you believe that will happen? What meassures have you taken to stand tall on that promise?

    hi Archer, it's hard to see ten years into the future these days but historically PlayStation platforms have had very long lifecycles (PS2 is still going strong in some countries, believe it or not!). The reason that I'm optimistic that PS4 will follow this trend is that the network-centric nature of the product will allow us to upgrade that console on a regular basis through the use of firmware updates (these firmware updates will be pushed automatically to your console on PS4 - no waiting time). So we have the tools, and we have the desire, to make this thing last for a very long time. Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:14
  4. DualShock 4

    Spørsmål fra Morten:

    Is the DualShock 4 controller compatible with Playstation 3?

    Hi Morten, the short answer to the question is no, the DS4 will not work with PS3. In order to make use of the exciting new features of the DS4 including the great new 'Share' button and the new touchpad, you will have to go get yourself a PS4 on November 29th. Regards, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:17
  5. PSN Profiles

    Spørsmål fra Iselin Tangen:

    Hello Ryan!

    This might be an odd question but I hope that you are able to answer it. Me and my boyfriend are both passionate gamers. As you can imagine, we like to play co-op games together when possible, like when playing the new Resident Evil games. With PS3 we had a big issue with the fact that you could only log in with one profile at the time while playing most games, making it impossible for us to play on our own profiles and both earning rewards or trophies.
    Since the reveal of the PS4 I have been wondering if it will be able to have two or more profiles logged in at the same time like the Xbox 360 is. We really want to play on a Playstation, but have felt that we had to prioritse the 360 this generation because of this feature. I hope it is not the case this time around.

    Thank you for any information you can give on that subject. Really looking forward to the PS4 launch!


    Good morning Iselin, really glad to hear that you are looking forward to our launch. I have some good news for you - up to four profiles can be signed in on one console on PS4. Thanks for your question, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:20
  6. Naugthy Dog

    Spørsmål fra Øyvind Tokerad:

    What can you say about Naugthy Dogs plans for the PS4?

    Hi Øyvind (did you see how I just used a Norwegian keyboard there - not bad for a brit...). I'm going to tease you a bit and repeat our Gamescom message that ALL of our studios are hard at work on PS4 titles. Watch this space on this one. Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:22
  7. Gaikai needed for PS4 to Vita streaming?

    Spørsmål fra Øystein Rantrud:

    Hi. I'm wondering if it'll be possible to stream PS4 gameplay to Vita from day one here in Norway, or if we have to wait until Gaikai launches before this is possible.

    Morning Øystein, we're hard at work with the Gaikai guys to bring their great service to PlayStation. We will lauch in 2014 in North America, and after that turn our attnetions to Europe. The great broadband infrastructure that you guys have here in Scandinavia means that Gaikai is going of huge interest to our Norwegian fans.
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:26
  8. Spørsmål fra Adrian olsen:

    What do you think about the competition against microsoft? And how are your plans to make xbox fans join the playstation?

    Hi Adrian - of course the first thing to say is that PS4 will be the only next-gen console available in Norway before Christmas this year. We want to appeal to everybody and by designing the console with the gamer's interests at the very top of our minds, we think that we have a great chance of achieving this. It obviously comes down to the games available as well, and with all of our Worldwide Studios hard at work on PS4 games, we will have a huge amount to offer. Thanks Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:31
  9. The incredible response to PS4

    Spørsmål fra Stian:

    Before the reveal in Febuary, did you expect such a huge response? Just by looking at various polls, the interrest in the PS4 is incredible. And how will you keep this momentum going?

    Morning Stian, to be perfectly honest, while we were really confident about what we had to say, we did not expect the level of response that we got in February, and then again at E3, and we've been blown away by it. It's up to us now to deliver on our promises, and we intent to do that by providing the best gaming experiences that are avaialbe on a next-gen console. I've seen the titles that will be there at lauch and, believe me, they look just great. Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:34
  10. bundles

    Spørsmål fra jim evensen:

    what bundles do we get in norway? and when is it available?

    Hi Jim. First may I say what an absolutely fantastic name you have! At PlayStation we have a great history of offering a wide range of bundles that give our fans lots and lots of value, and PS4 will be no different. Before Christmas you can expect a Killzone Shadow Fall \ PS4 bundle, and watch this space for some great bundle offers in Norway in 2014! Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:40
  11. Ps3 games

    Spørsmål fra Inge Stian:

    Hi, is it possible to play Playstation 3 games on the Playstation 4 console?

    Hi Inge. Lots of questions on PS3 backward compatability on PS4. This will not be available at launch, but we are working with the guys from Gaikai to provide a solution that will allow the streaming of PS3 content to your PS4 at some point in the future. Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:45
  12. Ps+

    Spørsmål fra Lars:

    Hi,I have PS+ membership on my ps3, can I use that on PS4 or do I need to upgrade? Will the membership cost more on PS4?

    Thank you

    Morning Lars. Great call for you to go for PS+. it's a fantastic deal. Happy to say that it will carry forward to PS4, so no need to upgrade. Your existing sub. will cover PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. When you come to upgrade you will find that the price has not changed. Regards, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:49
  13. How ist best

    Spørsmål fra Htc:

    How is best Xbox one or PS4?

    Hi Htc. PS4. Thanks, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:50
  14. PS3 and PS4

    Spørsmål fra Reacher:

    Will the PS3 be forgotten after the new gen is released? What are the plans for the current console owners who refuse to give up their PS3?

    Morning Reacher. We never forget current gen when next gen launches and PS3 will be no different. Witness the fact that we brought brilliant new IP to the console this year in The Last of Us, and Beyond: two Souls, not to mention the small matter of GT6 coming in december. Enjoy! Thanks Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:53
  15. Sony going back to its roots

    Spørsmål fra Jostein H:

    Any chance we can get another Jumping Flash? :)

    Jostein what a brilliant question. There can only ever be one Jumping Flash (it was the first game that I played when I took my original PlayStation home). However, a lot of the great Indy stuff that we have people working on evokes the spirit of that classic and I can tell that you will love some of these games. All the best, Jim
    Besvart: 18. sep. 2013 11:57

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