NETTMØTE: Se hva Shogun 2-studioet svarte leserne!

Se hva Shogun 2-studioet svarte leserne!

Creative Assembly stilte i nettmøte.

Total War: Shogun 2 er oppfølgeren til strategiklassikeren fra 2000. Ōnin-krigen rundt år 1500 har rasert mye av strukturene i landet, og nå er det mange som kjemper om makten i det føydale Japan. Strategien tar du hånd i turbasert modus på oversiktskartet, og slagene utkjempes i sanntid på tredimensjonale slagmarker.

Det er totalt ni krigsherrer, og du får rollen som en av dem. Hver fraksjon får tilgang på omtrent 20 forskjellige enheter, og du får mulighet til å rekruttere helteskikkelser som kan avgjøre store slag på egenhånd.

Ellers lover Sega forbedret kunstig intelligens, nye onlinemuligheter og generelt finpuss fra tidligere spill.

I dag stilte «Community Manager» Craig Laycock opp nettmøte her på Han jobber tett på Shogun 2 og spillersamfunnet rundt, og svarte leserne på mange aspekter i spillet.

Merk: Nettmøtet skulle egentlig holde på i to timer, men stanset tidligere grunnet en misforståelse.

  1. Hotseat

    Spørsmål fra Ted:

    Will me and my mates be able to do the campain mode co-op? This is something which I missed in your latest release Empire.

    Yes, you will be able to play the campaign mode in co-op. You'll share victory conditions, a line of sight and will be able to share units with your ally if they're spectating your battle. You can also play head-to-head co-op, which is always fun.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:22
  2. Demo?

    Spørsmål fra Jeff:

    Are you going to give us a demo before release? I can get you milk and cookies in return!

    Hi Jeff. We haven't announced a demo for Shogun 2, but we have previously released demos for our games, so draw from that what you will. Milk and cookies much appreciated, thanks - please send them to the usual address.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:24
  3. Epic game series

    Spørsmål fra Kåre:

    Love the Total war game series. Although I am not the biggest fan of the original Shogun, I think this will be a great game. And since you have allready made a sequal of Medival it is probably in its place to make a sequel to this one aswell. My question is, Why not Rome 2? Rome is by far the most superior game CA have ever made. Why not make a sequel out of that epic game instead? Do you guys hope many of the original fan base will come back and buy it? Personaly i think you would make more money on Rome 2. And even though I am sure you cannot answer this, is there ever going to be a Rome 2?

    One of the things i love about the total war series is the brilliant game engines, and i am looking forward to what you guys have made for us! Looking forward to 15.03.2011!

    Hi Kåre. Well, there are many thousands of years, both BC and AD to pick from. If you were to look at our list of games we have lined up for the future, the one thing you can definitely say is that it's not certain what we're going to be doing next. We'll be having a big argument about that in the office.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:35
  4. Archers

    Spørsmål fra Christer:

    Are they balanced enought? I was reading about someone who had tryed the game, and they thought they weher really strong. So if i get an army of 20 archer units against a balanced army, will i get destroyed, or will i destroy them? If i do, then thats unbalanced

    At the time the player who took part in the community event played the game, the answer was most likely "no". The game is still in development, and the balancing phase of the game continues long after the coders have finished their work. You should find the balance between archery, melee troops and cavalry far more satisfactory on release!
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:39
  5. Diplomacy

    Spørsmål fra Runar 'Hr. Jenssen' Jenssen:

    The Total War series has always been famous for the insane large-scale battle scenarios, with every title you outdo yourselves and move even further away (in the right direction) from the rest of the competition.

    I realise that what goes on on the battlefield has always been the main focus of the TW-series...
    However, I feel that the diplomatic aspect of the games has been too underwhelming. There was rarely any point in trying to establish an alliance with anyone, the AI would never really act smart enough to keep the alliance for more than a few turns, basically everyone is hostile whenever they have the chance. While the fact that you can't trust anyone in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, the way it is done - the way *I* feel it - is done wrong. You don't feel you can't trust the other factions because he's traitorous, but rather because the AI isn't strong enough.
    Even when an enemy is near complete annihilation, he will usually refuse a ceasefire, and will fight on as if he actually had a chance. Even if I offer him money in addition.

    My question is; What is it you are currently doing to improve and expand upon the diplomatic aspects of the series - the AI among other things? What have you done already to improve this in Shogun 2?

    A quick second question; Can you elaborate a little on the collector's edition of the game, and why you think it's worth the buck?

    The Total War series has always been one of my strategy-favorites, and I am really looking forward to picking up my copy (of the collector's edition, perhaps?) in march. Can't wait. :)

    Talking from experience, having played the campaign, I can safely say that the AI in diplomacy has moved on considerably - to the point where I can genuinely say I feel like I have been played by the AI into doing things I didn't want to do! Alliances are most definitely more meaningful and treachery feels like it has a reason. Failure to honour your agreements certainly has consequences. Honouring your agreements also has its benefits. Being backstabbed isn't always fun, so keep your back covered!
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:43
  6. Realistic battles

    Spørsmål fra Ole Martin F. Røsholt:

    Hello Mr Laycock!
    Do you have any spesific plans on how to further improve the realistic melee fights that the total war series have become famous for?

    We're always working on improving our combat and animation systems. For example, in Shogun 2 we brought in the British Kendo Association to act out our motion-captured animations for swordsmen in the game (we have an in-house motion capture facility here at The Creative Assembly). We also used stuntmen for a number of animations, rather than throw our own staff through walls!
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:47
  7. Should we expect

    Spørsmål fra Gunnar Magnus Støle:

    Should we expect a bunch og new feteures in the game? Will there be new fractions and soliders or the same as in the old one?

    In short, yes :) There are new factions that weren't in the original game, and there are new unit types that also weren't in the original. We have a whole new RPG-like skill tree system this time round, meaning you can customise all of your characters on the campaign map. Plus there are a couple of new agents in the game. All of this not mentioning the huge new multiplayer system in Shogun 2, which has been completely revolutionised from the ground up.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:49
  8. Moving & Shooting

    Spørsmål fra Ac_:

    How will the ranged units behave if one or more soldiers has fallen behind the rest of the troop (stuck in a tree or building)? Will they start fire when most of the troops have arrived at their destination, or will they have to wait for all the soldiers standing in the correct place to start fireing?

    Looking forward to the game! Got nearly all the Total War games in my bookshelf ;)

    Have a nice day!

    They'll start firing when the majority of the unit is ready - the entirity of the unit doesn't have to be present in order to fire.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:50
  9. Archery

    Spørsmål fra Daniel:

    Have you guys finally managed to fix the animations for archery? With animated bowstrings and arrows actually sticking in people?

    This was one of my biggest annoyances with Medieval II...

    We think so!

    There will be bowstring animations in Shogun 2, with the arrows being knocked in on the string and those very same arrows will stick into their enemies, the ground, walls and ships. When there are hundreds of arrows flying through the air, it's a sight to behold - especially when they're flaming (and not coming toward you)! And don't get me started on the whistling arrows...
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:52
  10. hello

    Spørsmål fra Khashayar Khalili:

    How big is the campain?? in shogun 2 total war??
    I love Total war

    Thanks for the question, Khashayar. The short campaign is 120 turns, with each season being a turn (so 30 years in total). The long campaign is 220 turns (55 years) and there's also a domination campaign, in which you have to capture all regions in the campaign map.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:55
  11. Economy system

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik:

    How will the economic system be handled in shogun 2 compared to the original shogun game? What I loved about the original is that it was easy to learn but difficult to master, how do you plan the learning curve of the game (in regards to the economy)?

    Food was important in medieval Japan. Without it, you could not pay your retainers, your samurai or your soldiers, as an army marches on its stomach. So that will be the first place players will engage with the economic system. As they move through the game, they will be able to engage in trading routes and building markets. This slowly unveils the entire economic system to the player.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 11:58
  12. Beginners

    Spørsmål fra Stian Eide:

    Hi, I was just wondering how you are going to make this game accessible for new players to the total war world.

    Cant wait for the game to come out! :D

    Hi Stian. We've made sure Shogun 2 is the most accessible Total War game to date. We'll be including a campaign tutorial, as well as three battle tutorials, which unveil the depth of gameplay and hone your mastery, as well as introducing what's new to Shogun 2. We've got an in-game encylopaedia this time, too, so you can always look up anything you're not sure of, wherever you are in the game.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:01
  13. question

    Spørsmål fra Adrian Duister:

    Is tger a way to lay seige on port cities with naval troops?

    You can blockade ports again this time round :)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:03
  14. Experiments?

    Spørsmål fra Raymond Myhre:

    So what i wanted to know, this was something that i missed in Empire Total war.
    The part of experimenting.
    With elements and alchemy.
    Which just would make the entertainment factor raise like a hail marry pass.
    Would it be any possiblities we would see this in future total wars?

    Using everything in combination is definitely a big part of Shogun 2. As well as the different combinations of units you can assemble, you also have unique skill trees for each of your agents and generals and the Mastery of Arts tree allows for all sorts of experimentation. The results can be quite surprising.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:06
  15. Five stage siege battles

    Spørsmål fra Edgar:

    "Five stage castle sieges, breaking the outer walls of the toughest castle is only the start" does this mean that you can capture one tier of a fortress, and wait for the next turn to capture the next?

    It means that just by breaking through one set of walls, you haven't captured the castle. Expect a big battle on your hands with the new multi-tiered battles - they create new strategic options for both the defender and the attacker. In short, they're epic. Capturing gates, towers and then finally the Tenshu.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:08
  16. clans

    Spørsmål fra Joknho:

    How many clans will the game feature?

    Short and sweet: 9 out of the box, and 10 with the limited edition. Plus there are loads of non-player factions on the campaign map.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:11
  17. Region Bonuses

    Spørsmål fra Jan Erik:

    Will you bring back the region bonuses, as in where certain regions would give bonuses to things like experience for archer units trained there and so on?

    Yes! We're bringing back bonuses to production and units for both single and multiplayer. This will most definitely affect your strategy in both areas of the game, and in planning how you want to proceed.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:12
  18. Possible to destroy the walls completely?

    Spørsmål fra Lars Petter Lindman:

    As said is it possible to destroy walls completely with war machines? Not only some holes in the wall what makes the battle a bit buggy and not realistic. I hope this in shogun 2 is a feature what is completely different from Rome, Medieval and Empire. All these had these weird wall system that you could make only 1 hole per wall not destroy it completely.

    As Japanese castles tended to be built out of the sides of hills and mountains, no. That said you will be able to damage individual wall parapets around the exterior of the castle, as well as gates and towers.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:13
  19. Christanity

    Spørsmål fra levi rogne jensen:

    if yoy go over to belive in christ you get gunpowder what is the difrence between that and arrows and can you get out of christanity and keep the gunpowder

    You don't even have to become Christian if you're willing to take the time and money to research gunpowder on the tech tree.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:15
  20. My Questions

    Spørsmål fra Eivind:

    Will there be any guns in Shogun 2?
    Is there some european fractions in the game?

    Yes :) There won't be any european armies in the game, but you can trade with the europeans.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:15
  21. Blood?

    Spørsmål fra Kjell Hatteland:

    I am just wondering why you took out all the blood in the assassination videos?

    In Shogun 1 you had a perfect amount of blood I want that back.

    Also if you won`t bring blood back can you at least stop making the movies comical that just ruins my feeling.

    But besides that the games are almost perfect :)

    The simple reason is ratings - we can't add blood into the cutscenes or the game without bumping up our age category. We have a large number of fans who are under 16. As for the comedy, it's part of the charm of Total War - a lot of fans love that aspect, and that humour's been in every single Total War game since the original Shogun 10 years ago.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:19
  22. Economics, logistics and diplomacy

    Spørsmål fra El Varian:

    1. How does the economy work in Shogun 2?
    2. Will there be trading in the game?
    3. What about food supply relative to army size (i.e growing maintenance cost when no. of soldiers increase)?
    4. Which diplomatic options are at the player's disposal?

    Loved the original Shogun and looking forward to the sequel!

    1. That's a very big question - partly answered elsewhere. 2. Yes. 3. Food supply is important in supporting your castles. 4. I could list them, but explaining how they can be used in combination would take a long time - in short, plenty :)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:21
  23. question!

    Spørsmål fra Roar:

    hi big shogun fan but few question

    will the "code of honor" or the feel of the era of the shogun war get a more "feeling" in on the field of battle?

    I will love to see some of the samurais atleast refuse to retreat even when orderd to if lack of dicipline or training , fight to the death if the moral is high (they suppose to be learned to fight to death and ready to die anytime for their master) while the peasent will not have that "combat spirit" and will flee for their life, is the combat more intresting now then some small pixals that clash into each other and not really moving but "glide" along the way?

    it's said we now get "new generals" will they have some trait when they leading the army? or some hardcore traits like " refuse to retreat and will rather die"?

    the Hattori clan is kinda "the ninja clan" but on what impact? what will the "ninja " bring on the battlefield that not a normal samurai? I hope he not get "stronger vs samurai" simplified bonus but rather someting like "when the ninja elite unit (or insert a better name)lose the fight or the moral start to get lower they retreat from the fight with smokebombs " or something like that?

    is there a improvment on the assasination system? turtling then go ninja assault over the world was a easy tactic

    speches before the fight will have a sub in english?

    "hero unites" are suppose to be stronge but I hope there is a limit to how many you can have? so we not fight a army of heroes

    This is a huge question - sorry Roar, I'm not sure we can answer it in the time we have!
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:23
  24. Idle Units

    Spørsmål fra Dennis:

    I am sure I saw Soldiers singing in a boat once they were in Idle mode( Naval battle). Is this true ?

    If yes, will units in land battles do something.. idle-ish when not in combat ?

    Units will have idle animations and comments (sometimes amusing, if you understand Japanese!)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:25
  25. Superman computer?

    Spørsmål fra Magnus Selseng:

    Hi, Craig Laycock!

    I just wonder if you really need a super-good computer to run this game? For me, it's not a problem, but i still wonder, and probably many others too.

    Hi Magnus Selseng!

    No, you don't. If you could run Empire or Napoleon, you can run this game. The engine is super-scalable too - see our recommended and minimum specs for details.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:26
  26. Mod able?

    Spørsmål fra Eirik:

    Will the game be mod able? if so, to what degree.

    Yes, if you know how ;)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:27
  27. LAN

    Spørsmål fra Tor:

    vil shogun 2 ha LAN støtte ?

    If you're asking if there will be a LAN mode - yes :)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:28
  28. Any major differences between factions?

    Spørsmål fra Bjarte:

    Hi Laycock!

    I was just wondering if there will be any major differences between the factions? Personally I found all the nations in Medieval 2 and Empire a bit too similiar, while I loved how different the nations were in Rome.


    Yes there are. Every player clan will have its own specialities that give it a distinctly different feeling when playing the campaign. As you invest in skills and the Mastery of Arts, as well as capturing regions with specialities, your clan will stand out as being unique and different each time.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:29
  29. Shogun 2 supports

    Spørsmål fra Robert:

    Does Shogun 2 support 3D vision and quad core processors?? And do you use direct X 11?? What is the minimum requirements for Shogun 2 ??

    We'll be using DirectX 11, yes - and the game will run better on quad core processors. Check out our website or the forums - - for details on the minimum and recommended specs for Shogun 2 :)
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:31
  30. Sieges - Now fun?

    Spørsmål fra Andreas Oterhals:

    Hello Mr. Laycock!

    Short and brutal: Have you fixed the mess that is ordering troops onto walls in the newer TW titles? (The inefficiency of shooting, the bugs, the chocepoints on the stairs up to the walls, layering multiple units only allows the first unit to shoot, etc.)

    Also: Have you fixed enemy AI's treatment of artillery? (I.e., in N:TW they would often stick artillery *behind* hills and fire uselessly into the hills even on the hardest AI.)

    I would love to see these two issues addressed as, combat-wise, they are probably the two most jarring elements in the real-time combat segment of the games.

    Tangential question: Have you ever considered making a more narrowed-focus game to complement the TW series, like Mount & Blade, or a single-player campaign where the player gradually builds up their forces and "conquers" their home country and then starts expanding into the world? Thanks!

    Postscript: I'm really looking forward to your next installment, as always, and I hope you keep making the Total War series!

    To answer your first question - and sorry, we're running out of time - we have fixed moving and ordering troops onto walls. You will find this a lot easier to control, and more intuitive.
    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:33
  31. Naval battles

    Spørsmål fra Joma:

    How are the naval battles compared to the ones in Empire?

    Last question :)

    Completely different. For the first time in a Total War game, we have land represented in naval battles. This dramatically affects your tactics - you can lure enemy ships into coves and inlets, and you will of course want to avoid sailing into it! Ships are oar rather than sail powered, and as a result go exactly where you order them without tacking and will hold station.

    Thanks everyone for your questions - don't forget to buy Shogun 2 on March 15th, 2011. It really is epic and you will love it! Also, check out for further announcements and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TotalWar.

    Besvart: 2. feb. 2011 12:36

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