NETTMØTE: Se hva Ubisoft svarte leserne!

Se hva Ubisoft svarte leserne!

Nettmøtet om kommende Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood er avsluttet.

I dag svarte Gabriel Graziani på spørsmål fra leserne i et direktesendt nettmøte her på Han har jobbet tett med produkter som Prince of Persia, Shaun White-serien og Avatar, men er nå aktuell med Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood – en fullblods oppfølger til populære Assassin’s Creed II.

Graziani svarte på så mange spørsmål han rakk om Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood i løpet av de to timene som er satt av:

Anmeldelsen av Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood leser du på klokken 18.

  1. Do you feel limited in any significant way by this generations hardware?

    Spørsmål fra Thomas_H:

    I was just wondering, when you develop a game, is there anything you feel like you would love to do, but is simply not doable or easy to do on todays console hardware? One thing i feel is lacking in many games today is a decent level of anti-aliasing, but this might be because of the developers choose to use the resources on other stuff instead of AA?

    What is the thing you want the most from next-gen consoles ?


    Well, I think there is a general feeling with among the team that we could use better hardware to make our games more emotionally engaging... things like facial animations.

    Of course, no matter what kind of hardware you're working on, there will always be limited resources of some kind.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:39
  2. Missing Rainbow Six

    Spørsmål fra Duke Gambler:

    Any hope for a new Rainbow Six game? And an Assassins Creed game set in modern time?

    Ahhh... I can't really answer either of those, unfortunately. I can't talk about any projects we may or may not have in development that have not yet been officially announced.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:40
  3. Apples

    Spørsmål fra Nils Fanestad:

    To understand a product like a video game, you have to understand the people behind. Therefore; what color do you prefer on apples? Red, yellow or green?

    Hmmm... I think yellow, actually, although I'm sure I don't speak for the entire team, hehehe!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:40
  4. Making the maps

    Spørsmål fra Henrik Abelson:

    Did the entire team go to Rome when you were creating the map?

    Not the whole team, but quite a few members of the core dev team went as well as several of our artists.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:41
  5. The truth

    Spørsmål fra Martin Matrix:

    The video segments you could unlock in AC2 called "the truth" was in my opinion really good and exciting. Will brotherhood pick up this storyline or will you tell another story of the same sort? Will there be similar riddles, tasks and hidden symbols etc. in brotherhood or are you going for something different in this game?

    Oh yes, "The Truth" puzzles and (provided you could solve them all) videos will make a reappearance in ACB!

    In fact, our Scriptwriter Jeff Yohalem actually had a hand in designing some of the new puzzles... I think you will see that they are even trickier than the previous puzzles.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:43
  6. AC III

    Spørsmål fra Henrik Gunnar Evje:

    will you controll Desmond in the third one?
    or just another ancestor?

    What "third one?" I never said anything about a "third one," hehehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:44
  7. Lower Quality on 3D games

    Spørsmål fra Bjørn Gjersvik:

    When you render a game in stereotopic 3D you have to render the image twice. How do you plan to keep a steady framerate and keep the game comparable to it's 2D counterpart? Is there any tricks that you use or plan to use in the future? Or do you have to expect lower image quality in 3D games?

    Well, we had to deal with this question quite a bit on James Cameron's Avatar: The Game... it's my understanding that there is always going to be some impact on performance, but of course we work to minimize that as much as possible.

    How we actually do that, however, is outside my domain since I am not really a graphics guy.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:46
  8. Why Brotherhood?

    Spørsmål fra Fez:

    Why call it Brotherhood instead of Assassins Creed 3?
    Is AC 3 under development, and if yes: Will it be set in another world than Italy, with new characters?

    By the way, I love these games with such an intricat story. Long time since I`ve wanted so badly that the story in a game was true...

    Well, as we've said a couple of times before, Brotherhood is a continuation of Ezio's storyline, so it didn't feel right to put the "3" on the end.

    As far as future games are concerned, although we are very pleased that so many people seem excited by the prospect of continuing Assassin's Creed, we are focused on Brotherhood right now.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:48
  9. Le Habitats

    Spørsmål fra Keiko:

    Do you follow Le Habs in the NHL? Bet you have a nice VIP booth at the arena! :)

    Ahhh, Les Canadiens!

    To be totally honest, I am not much of a sports person in general... but don't tell my bosses! It's practically illegal not to cheer for the home team in Montreal, hehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:50
  10. Two questions

    Spørsmål fra Hans:

    Question #1 When you command a squad of assassin's, do you controll them like the thief's, hookers and the warriors in Assassin's Creed 2?

    question #2 Could I get a free copy of the game? (A) I'm nearly broke :(

    Answer #1: Not exactly... your Assassins are always with you, but they hide in the shadows, just out of view. So they don't work exactly like the other factions in the game. You can call on them at any time and they will assist you however they can, but they don't provide social cover the way the Courtesans do.

    Answer #2: If I had an extra copy, I would give it to you... of course, then I would need a lot of extra copies for everyone else that wants a free one, haha!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:52
  11. Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Per Inge Søvik:

    Hello. As a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series I have every released game so far in my collection. I loved the setting and atmosphere in AC2 and can't wait for Brotherhood.
    Now I have a few questions:
    What is the estimated time span for the story in Brotherhood?
    Are there any possibilities we'll see a Assassin's Creed mmorpg?
    How many more sequels are planned?
    Why did we collect feathers in AC2? We want to know what Petruccio wanted to do with them.
    Thank you for your time!

    Estimated play time in ACB varies depending on how much time you want to spend playing, honestly... if you just want to speed through and do ONLY the ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL story missions, it should take between 20-25 hours. We figure that you're looking at 50+ hours to get 100% synch though.

    I can't really comment on future plans right now, unfortunately.

    Also unfortunately, whatever reason Petruccio had for wanting the feathers died with him... sad, but we may never know!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 14:56
  12. prestige

    Spørsmål fra andreas tangen:

    will there be some sort of a prestige system like in call of duty? that would awesomesauce!!!

    We have a kind of ranking system in ACB that is based on earned experience points (XP). You get XP for performing kills in multiplayer matches. When you earn enough XP, you level up, and unlock all sorts of different things: new abilities, perks, costumes, characters and more!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:09
  13. Online

    Spørsmål fra Michael Boee:

    How meny Online modes will there be

    Currently, we have four that will be available for unlock at launch - it's a little tricky, because for some of the modes, you have to earn a certain multiplayer level in order to access them (like Advanced Wanted).

    There could be more coming in the future as well, though I am not able to announce anything with certainty right now.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:10
  14. Modern time and time period.

    Spørsmål fra Mathias Vernegg:


    Will there be many fighting sequences with Desmond?

    In AC:II we played as Ezio from the age of 17 to 40. How old will Ezio be at the end of the game?


    There will be a lot more Desmond in ACB, but I'd rather not talk about what he will be doing exactly ;)

    If I tell you how old Ezio will be at the end of the game, that might give too much away...
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:13
  15. Splitscreen in Brotherhood?

    Spørsmål fra Eivind Johnsen Haaberg:

    Will Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood feature any option for LAN or Split-screen multiplayer?

    I'm not sure about LAN support, but I know that ACB will not support split-screen multiplayer for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is that Wanted mode would be impossible to play when sitting right next to your hunter/target, hehe).
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:14
  16. multiplayer and one more

    Spørsmål fra Dag Stian Jensen:

    Will there be a Coop - mod?

    What kind of mods can we play in multiplayer

    In singel player. Will there be any side quest's?

    No co-op... our Annecy team has been working on the multiplayer for about three years now and all the while we have known that introducing multiplayer into Assassin's Creed would be challenging, since the series is not known for multiplayer at all yet. Consequently, we wanted to focus on perfecting the versus aspect of the multiplayer, because we knew we had to get it exactly right.

    There will be tons of side quests... some only unlock once you have accomplished certain criteria though, so you have to try everything!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:17
  17. single player

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik sæther:

    how long is the single player in game compare to Assassin's Creed 2

    It's actually a much bigger game than AC2, by any measure... length, city size, variety of content. Single-player should take you around 20-25 hours to complete if you only do the bare minimum to get through the story, 50+ hours if you try to get 100% synch.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:19
  18. bow

    Spørsmål fra Benjamin:

    wil it bi bow nit a crustbow but a juts a normal bow

    It's a crossbow... Ezio does not use a normal bow, he's got to have one with style!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:21
  19. Dedicated servers

    Spørsmål fra Johnny Hauan:


    Big fan of the series! I was wondering since this game is including multiplayer, will there be dedicated servers so the PC community can get together and host they're own tournaments and so on?

    We'll have to see about dedicated servers... we haven't announced anything one way or the other yet.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:22
  20. Subject 16

    Spørsmål fra Nilsen:

    I wonder if there is more hidden memories from subject 16 in the new cities in ACB? Those mystic little puzzles was very fun and, a cool part of the main story.

    Yup, there will be more Truth puzzles!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:23
  21. Desmond on Assassination missions?

    Spørsmål fra Marius Aarskog:

    Hi UbiGabe! Loved your Q&A's on youtube, good to see you answer even more questions!

    I was wondering if Desmond will be going on anny assassination missions in the present time? It would be awesome to see how much Desmond realy learned from the time he "spent" with Ezio, and one seceond question. Will you be able to pick up and use the guns that the guards use, like with every other weapon?

    Hope you take the time to answer my questions!
    Regards, an dedicated Assassin.

    Hehehe, everyone wants to know if Desmond will actually see any action in ACB! Well, I can say that he will be more prominent in ACB, but beyond that I can't say.

    Ezio cannot pick up dropped firearms... he prefers his Hidden Gun since it is easier to conceal and he's become more comfortable with it. Also, the guns used by the guards are not the most efficient since they didn't have Leonardo Da Vinci as their personal weapons designer, hehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:26
  22. Which version of Assassin's Creed is this?

    Spørsmål fra Arkando:

    I'm a bit confused...

    Is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, AC2.5 or AC3?

    I've heard some rumors that you wanted to create an Assassin's Creed trilogy, so I'm guessing AC:B is in fact Assassin's Creed 3?

    ACB is not AC3, nor is it AC2.5 - It's a continuation of Ezio's storyline, but it's way too big to be considered an expansion or anything like that.

    I'm not sure why people get so hung up on the numbers, hahaha.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:27
  23. Spørsmål fra Petter Osmundsen:

    Will there be any connection to Assassin's Creed 3 in this game?

    No comments on anything remotely AC3 related... including any possible existence of an AC3.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:28

    Spørsmål fra thehunter:

    how many multiplayer characters and maps will there be??

    Oh boy... um, I'd have to go back and count! LOL

    And those numbers could change... eventually.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:29
  25. Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Khashayar:

    How many rank is it on AC:B? Multiplayer

    Hmmmm... we had the Beta capped at 20, but I think the current cap is 50.

    Again, that could change in time, though. You never know!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:30
  26. How big is actually Rome?

    Spørsmål fra Benjamin Skjevik:

    I just wondering how big Rome actually is?

    Rome is approximately 1,285.31 square kilometers (496.3 square miles) - thanks!

    Oh wait, you mean in-game? I am not sure... it's really huge.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:39
  27. Desmond Miles

    Spørsmål fra Ole-Marius:

    How much more will we see of Desmond? I think it's bad we saw too little of him in AC2, because his story is just as epic as Ezio's. So it would be nice to know if we also followed Desmonds story in the game.

    Oh, you'll follow Desmond... in fact, the whole reason that we revisit Ezio is because Desmond needs to learn the locations of the Pieces of Eden from Ezio's memories. So, yeah, you'll have to spend a lot more time with Desmond while he pokes around through Ezio's memories and through contemporary environments.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:52
  28. Graphics !

    Spørsmål fra Martin:

    Are the graphics significally better than it was on the previous Assassin's creed? :)

    Significantly better? Well, that is kind of subjective, honestly... there have been several improvements, but it depends on how closely you look and what specific things you look for.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:58
  29. Expansion pack(s)?

    Spørsmål fra Alexander Brandsvoll:

    Even though the game is not yet released, can we gamers expect expansion pack(s) to this game as well? And, If you got any idea, when?

    We haven't made any announcements about upcoming DLC, but there will probably be some, hehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 15:59
  30. Why does Ubisoft oppose harmless genocide?

    Spørsmål fra Diab:

    First you give us all these awesome pointy thingies which are, quite frankly, awesome to stab things with! And so you grab these amazing pointy stabby thingies, and you go into this even more amazing world! And of course, the first thing you do, is repeatedly stab the nice old woman at the fruit stand in the throat...only to be told that this isn't in your personality and you will lose the game if you stab the dodgy looking old lady and nun over by the flower bed. Why does Ubisoft oppose the harmless practice of genocide and will this change in brotherhood? Will you recognize my right to be a genocidal maniac with this expansion pack?

    Well, Desmond has to maintain synchronization with Ezio in order to experience his memories... Ezio didn't kill civilians, so the more you kill, the further away from Ezio's experience Desmond gets.

    We can't help it if Ezio was a generally mellow guy, only killing when he absolutely had to.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:03

    Spørsmål fra thehunter:

    this game looks freaking awsome but will there be possible to like pick up the gunmens guns and run around like a freaking rambo

    No Rambo... never Rambo. That's a completely different game (that doesn't involve stealth at all).
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:04
  32. How many??

    Spørsmål fra Christer Gundersen:

    Im wondering on something and thats how many "sidekicks" can you have when your playing Brotherhood?? Cus if there are like an army of sidekicks, that would be kinda boring.

    You can get up to 12 Assassins in your Assassins Guild, but it's not like they crowd around you... they remain hidden until you call upon them to strike.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:06
  33. well, i got some questions, hope you got the answers

    Spørsmål fra Redneck:

    first: is this a game, or just some new thing and objects? and, if it is, why?
    and second: why does it got 18+? that means that i cant buy it yet!! well, god luck.

    Uhhhh... ACB is a game, yes.

    It's 18+ because it contains graphic violence... I mean, it's a game about killing people. In my mind, that's about as adult as it gets.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:12
  34. Desmonds bag

    Spørsmål fra Mathias Vernegg:

    I have one more question. What is Desmonds new bag for?


    He keeps supplies in there... though, mostly I think it's filled with cakes and pies.

    Not really.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:13
  35. Assassins

    Spørsmål fra Caroline:

    Hei Gabe. Have a questioin about the assassins. Can Ezios assassins only be used for "immediate action" then dissapear? Or can you have them with you at all times (see them run on rooftops, in the crowds, behind you ect.) Saw your vids on youtube, gave me alot of answers. Thanks

    Just immediate action... although, they'll stick around and fight until Ezio is safe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:16
  36. Desmond

    Spørsmål fra Stian Lorentzen:

    Will the adventures of Ezio be re-lived as a sort of flashback from Desmond as it was in the last game? Are there any new weapons?

    Desmond still relies predominantly on the Animus as his primary method for reliving Ezio's memories; however, due to the Bleeding Effect, some of Ezio's experiences "leak" through into Desmond's consciousness on their own. Yeah, this happens in ACB... in fact, it plays a crucial role.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:17
  37. Desmond?

    Spørsmål fra Tony olsen hjelle:

    will there be more "missions " for desmond like combat or anything like that?

    Desmond will play a significant role, beyond that, I can't say.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:18
  38. Ezio without Assassin armor

    Spørsmål fra Even Hatteland Engelsvoll:

    Hey, Gabe!

    Can you, at any point you want, play as Ezio without his assassin armor?

    There is a Uplay Win reward that lets you play as Ezio in his Florentine Noble clothing, but I think you might be referring to removing pieces of armor once he's equipped them, right? He can't unequip a piece of armor once he has put it on.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:20
  39. Its already pirated. How?

    Spørsmål fra Gnugfur:

    What do you feel about the game already been pirated?

    Well, firstly, I don't know that that is true.

    But, honestly, it would break my heart... after watching this team work their fingers to the bone on this game, pouring their hearts and souls into it, I think it is very disrespectful to imagine that anyone is somehow entitled to that work without proper compensation. But that's just my immediate emotional response.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:22
  40. Multiplayer?

    Spørsmål fra Daniel Rosland:

    How will the multiplayer be? Is it just about assassinating other targets with oneshot-kills, or is it more to it than that?

    Well, firstly, that's just one mode: Wanted. And, secondly, that's only half of Wanted mode, because while you are hunting your assassination target, you are being hunted by anywhere from one to three assassins.

    Assassinations are one-shot kills... whether they be done with the Hidden Gun, Poison or signature weapons.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:26
  41. Faux italian-accent/Moving on to a different time period

    Spørsmål fra Haakon:

    I bought Assassin's Creed 2, but was quickly turned off by the horrible decision that you made in regards to making every character have a faux-italian accent. I tried playing it with the original italian voices, but then found the subtitles to be rather lacklustre. I'm sorry to say I never finished your game because of this.

    As far as I can tell, you haven't made any changes to this formula in Brotherhood, and as such I'm sorry to say I won't invest neither my time nor my money on that game either.

    However, I loved AC1, and I look forward to future games in that same fashion. In that regard, could you unveil any details on whether you are changing location and/or time period in any future installments? If not, will you perhaps sometime in the future remove the horrible faux-italian accents you have imposed upon the series?

    Thank you!

    I personally find our voice acting to be pretty charming, honestly.

    In general, we've been very pleased with the performances delivered by our voice actors... and most others seem to be as well.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:31
  42. Weapons

    Spørsmål fra Benjamin Borch:

    How many new weapons will we see in Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood?

    And is there anything that you can upgrade simular to the castle you could rebuild for your uncle in assasin's creed 2?

    Well, we've added Heavy Weapons, so that is a whole extra tier of weaponry you'll have to play with. There are also new gadgets like the parachute and poison dart.

    Yeah, there's stuff to rebuild in ACB... you get to rebuild Rome!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:35
  43. Characters

    Spørsmål fra Øyvind Lunder:

    Will Macchiavelli have a bigger role in this game? I think he had a surprisingly little role in ACII.

    Yup, Machiavelli plays a very pivotal role in ACB.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:36
  44. assasins creed brotherhood

    Spørsmål fra mikael:

    Is there going to be many different weapon for ezio to use? hopefully even more than in assasins creed 2

    Yes, there will be more weapons than in AC2.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:36
  45. Servers?

    Spørsmål fra Harry:

    Will there be servers to choose from in the multiplayer part? Or is it autojoin?

    We haven't released any details on PC multiplayer yet.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:37
  46. Job @ ubisoft

    Spørsmål fra John Andre:

    Just curious what you are looking for from people who want a job as for example 3d artist, animator, programmer or anything else within game development :) Right now it seems like a rather impossible task to learn anything (but I try by myself so its a lot harder I guess) so just want to know what to focus on :>

    Hmmm... well, it is probably a good idea to focus on one area of game development to start off. No one individual can do all of the things you mentioned at a professional level, you know? Start by deciding which area interests you most and then look around to see where you can learn how to do that specific thing.

    So, for animating for example, search online resources to see what's available in terms of tutorials and other learning materials. There are tons of online game development communities, so definitely try to hook up with one of those.

    Ubisoft, in general, looks for professional experience as a prerequisite, so we don't usually hire people unless they have worked in the industry previously. Of course, if you have a nice portfolio, that helps a lot as well.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:41
  47. Clans

    Spørsmål fra Filip Abelson:

    Dear Gabe!

    on multiplayer, is it possible to make assassin-clans with your friends? If so, how many can you be in one clan? :)

    I look forward to play it!

    We know that clan support is high on the list of priorities for our fans. We're currently in the process of examining different methods for implementation.

    I can't promise that we'll find an ideal solution for clan support, but I can assure you that we won't stop looking for one until we find it!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:43
  48. Why should i buy this game?

    Spørsmål fra Marcus Hovet:

    Why should i buy this game instead of for example Minecraft? What makes this a good game?

    Wow... um, if it's a choice between ACB and Minecraft? I mean... I don't really know what to say. They are extremely different games, y'know?

    I would say that Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has an incredibly rich mythology behind it and its strength is really in the storytelling.

    Plus, it has waaaaaaay better graphics. I mean, seriously.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:48
  49. Autographs with the codex edition?

    Spørsmål fra Jonas jore:

    Hi. I recently watched a unboxing video with you unboxing the limited edition assassins creed jack in the box edition. Then i saw it including a map of rome with a bunch of autographs on the backside. Will this be the same in the limited odex edition?

    I am not sure, actually... I think the map that comes with the Codex Edition might be a bit bigger, but I am not sure if it has the team autographs on the back.

    I don't have a Codex Edition here in the office, or I would just check for you. Sorry!
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:50
  50. my question

    Spørsmål fra Stian:

    Hi,does Ezio dies in this game? and will it come another assasin's creed game? and i moast say: the assasin's credd brotherhodd owens! ;) so plz make more of the games

    Uhhh, thanks for the compliments!

    But I am not answering that question, hehe ;)
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:51
  51. No Assassin's Creed installment in 2011?

    Spørsmål fra Stian Husby:

    I remember reading that someone in the devlopment team for the Assassin's franchise said there problably would be no new AC in 2011. The reason for this was that he felt there was a risk that the audience could become fatigued with the series.

    I'm sure you can't say anything official, but could you maybe give a hint on wether we're going to see a new installment also next year?

    Nope, no hints. Sorry.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:51
  52. Multiplayer

    Spørsmål fra Dan Le:

    I am just wondering, since AC:B is a multiplayer and single player game, will it be any co-op modes, like playing AC:B online with a friend? Or Co-op Story mode?

    No co-op. We wanted to make sure we got the versus exactly right, so we focused on that.

    Baby steps, hehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:52
  53. story

    Spørsmål fra assassin creed gamer:

    Is the game story bigger then the Assassin's creed 2 game story? I thought the AC 2 story was good, but short!

    Uhhh... if you thought the AC2 story was short, then I think you skipped over some content.

    I am not sure how people can complain about a game being short if they aren't going to do side missions and that sort of thing... if you want more of the game, then play more of the game, but it makes no sense to me that someone will speed through a single-player campaign and then complain that it was too short.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:54
  54. Story

    Spørsmål fra Glenn Gjesdal:

    Is it recommended to play the first games before playing this one?

    It couldn't hurt ;)

    We give you a pretty good background in the beginning of the game though, so it's not essential that you play all of the previous games.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:54
  55. Storymode etc.

    Spørsmål fra Mads N.:

    how much of the Desmond story will it be compared to the last game, will we get to run around in the world outside the Animus?

    More than AC2.

    And yes, Desmond will get out of the Animus from time to time.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:55
  56. Copy

    Spørsmål fra Christian Stueland:

    Some(many) seems to think that the 2nd game was more like a copy of the 1st game. Felt alot like you were playing the same thing all over again. Is this going to be a subject again, or are you trying to re-route the game a bit?

    I'm not sure who these "some(many)" people you are talking about are, because I don't hear that very often, I have to say.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:57
  57. Milking the cow

    Spørsmål fra The bearmaster:

    How long can a cow be milked before it gets fatigued?

    I have never milked a cow, so I am probably not the best person to ask.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 16:57
  58. Natural progress in story

    Spørsmål fra Limbodance:

    How much money did your company save by setting the story in AC:B in the same environment as AC2 rather than following a natural hitorical progress(as in the progress from AC to AC2)?

    Well, I am not sure that I would call the progress from AC to AC2 "natural historical progress" - it was a jump of several hundred years. Also, there is nothing inherent in the technology of the Animus that requires the user to examine memories in chronological order.

    I hope you are not implying that we were somehow being cheap by creating the entire city of Rome (as well as a few other environments) from scratch, because, frankly, that would be offensive and rude.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:01
  59. Mr. Graziani

    Spørsmål fra Erik Sommer:

    First of all, congratulations on creating such a fantastic series that is Assassin's Creed. I've enjoyed every second of both 1 and 2, and I can't wait to get my pre-ordered copy of AC: B.

    Now, a few questions:

    1. What have been done to address the simplicity of combat? It's all great fun to fight in AC2, but it's so very easy. Any interesting changes here?

    2. How many (and what kinds) of multiplayer gamemodes will there be?

    3. Will be there be some way of checking how you fare compared to your friends in multiplayer?

    4. Has there been any thought into giving Ezio the ability to disguise himself? Such as taking clothes from victims etc.

    Thank you for your time, and best of luck with the upcoming release.

    Regards, Erik

    Combat has been altered significantly, actually. We added a combo execution system that enables Ezio to move fluidly from one kill to the next. In addition, we've added a kick ability that lets you stagger enemies (useful for those with high defense).

    Four multiplayer modes available at launch: Wanted, Alliance, Advanced Wanted and Manhunt.

    Online leaderboards.

    Ezio will have to wear disguises in ACB, actually.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:10
  60. Another age

    Spørsmål fra Ben Jerry:

    Will we see a more modern setting for Assassin's Creed in the future`?

    Not answering questions about future AC titles.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:10
  61. Assassin's Creed III

    Spørsmål fra Pål Ezio Hansen:

    What will be the setting of the 3rd AC game? I have heard rumors that it will be set in the French revolution. Is this true?

    I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or possible existence of any future titles or where they may or may not be set.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:11
  62. Saint Peters basilica

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik:

    Will St Peters basilica (the "new" one) feature in the game?

    I don't think so...
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:11
  63. Customization?

    Spørsmål fra Ezi-oh-no:

    Will there be more RPG elements in the coming games? Now we can customize our own squad of assasins, but what about a hideout or castle for the Assasins to hang out in? More customization please! :D

    Who knows what will be in future games?
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:11
  64. Desmond?

    Spørsmål fra Jostein Hauge:

    Will there be parts of the story which relates to Desmond, as in play as him, in "The Real World"? Or will he only be mentioned in dialogue?
    If you can't answer, I understand.

    Yup, more Desmond.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:11
  65. Altair

    Spørsmål fra Joakim Heitmann:

    Will we be seeing more of Altair in the future? I really think Assasins Creed lost alot of... its charm when they moved to Ezio.

    Can't say what may or may not be in future games.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:12
  66. desmond?

    Spørsmål fra Jan Christian:

    Hi, just want to say good job on the assassins creed series! My question: Are Desmond going to return in brotherhood? or will this only be an Ezio game? ether way, no time to be social this weekend :(

    Yes, there will be Desmond in ACB.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:12
  67. Improvements from AC2

    Spørsmål fra Adrian Simen Holm:

    Hello there! I just want to say that Assassin's Creed II was a massive improvement from the first one, you should all be proud. However, AC2 wasn't flawless, and I just wonder what you will do in Brotherhood (or are planning to do in AC3) to improve what didn't quite work out in the last game.

    Wow, um... too many things really to list here. We spent a lot of time adding new features so that people would have a fresh experience. Exotic weaponry missions (from Leonardo da Vinci) are just one example.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:14
  68. Location, location, location!

    Spørsmål fra Simen Pedersen:

    Hey. My friends and I have been discussing alot about Assassin's Creed III lately, mostly about where it is going to take place. England during the Middle Ages, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, old Japan, World War 2, the French Revolution, we have tons of theories. Do you have any thing to say on this matter yet? Have you even decided already? Have I mentioned it already? Can you say anything?!



    Nope, I can't say anything.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:15
  69. desmond

    Spørsmål fra henrik kvamsdal:

    when will the story in the future be more developed than the first two titles and what looks like to be the third game. what i mean is when will the series be focused on the future instead of these past memories that are stored inside his DNA?

    Can't answer this, hehe.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:15
  70. Not sure..

    Spørsmål fra Kristoffer:

    Do you have to have Assassins Creed 2 to get Brotherhood? I mean, if you want to follow the story properly. Not sure if I'm gonna get it, considering I don't have either the first or the second game..

    No, you don't have to play AC2 to understand what's going on. We have some background for you when you start the game that explains things.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:19
  71. Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Spørsmål fra Jambalolk:

    I wonder if Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood for the PC will be using dedicated servers for online gaming for all game modes. Or if we are stuck with matchmaking like the consoles on all or certain game modes?

    I wonder that too... no answers for that yet though.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:20
  72. Hello

    Spørsmål fra Mizu Mizu:

    Ubisoft dont make good games these days, will this be diffrent?

    Well, that's just rude.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:20
  73. Leonardo and the Borgia

    Spørsmål fra Marius Alfsen:

    How do Leonardo affect the game since he is working for the Borgia and providing them whit "new tecnology"?

    Leonardo will alert Ezio to the locations of this new technology so that Ezio can find it and destroy it.
    Besvart: 16. nov. 2010 17:22

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