NETTMØTE: Assassin's Creed-studioet svarte på spørsmål

Assassin's Creed-studioet svarte på spørsmål

Manusforfatteren stilte i nettmøte på

De siste årene har de populære Assassin’s Creed-spillene blitt bedre og bedre, og nå er det straks klart for det siste action-eventyret med den akrobatiske snikmorderen Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Ezio på nye eventyr.
Ezio på nye eventyr.

I Assassin's Creed: Revelations søker han en mektig gjenstand, gjemt bort av seriens første protagonist, Altaïr ibn La-Ahad. Denne gjenstanden skal kunne stoppe den vedvarende konflikten mellom tempelridder- og snikmorder-fraksjonene. Nøklene til objektet er skjult i det osmanske riket Konstantinopel.

Svarte leserne på spørsmål

Mandag mellom klokken 16:00 og 17:00 stilte manusforfatter Darby McDevitt opp til et nettmøte her på McDevitt har jobbet med spillindustrien i 11 år, og er kreditert i over 15 spilltitler. I tillegg til spillselskaper har han også gjort oppdrag for musikkgrupper og dokumentarer. Siden 2009 har McDevitt jobbet tett med Ubisoft Montreal, og Assassin's Creed: Revelations er hans første store konsollproduksjon som manusforfatter.

Leserne stilte spørsmålene, og her er alle svarene:

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Assassin's Creed: Revelations kommer i salg tirsdag 15. november, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 og PC. Vår anmeldelse publiseres mandag klokka 18:00.

  1. I hope you will find my following question interesting and relevant.

    Spørsmål fra Espen S:

    How do you feel about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    When I was eleven, traveling through colonial Williamsburg with my parents, I stumbled across a graphic novel containing the first 4 or 5 TMNT comics ever written -- the originals, you know? All red headbands, no pizza, no cowabunga, no surfer silliness. And I loved it. So i began collecting them with a passion... and I have a lot of rare first issues dating back to the mid 80s. Good times, those were. Now, on to AC: Revelations!
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:02
  2. Script

    Spørsmål fra Robert Krondorfer:

    Why does a game need a script? Why not base the gameplay on an evolving algorythm?

    There are really two major types of game mechanics, IMO -- Scripted mechanics (like riddles, puzzles, or dialog trees) and Systemic mechanics of the sort you are referring to (combat systems, economies, etc.). Lots of people like games of BOTH types.... like the old Adventure games from the 80s -- Sierra Adventure games, LucasArts games, the amazing The Last Express, etc... these are scripted games with deep stories, where the developer has almost full control. And many people like that, including myself. Games like Uncharted are following that tradition. But with Systemic games, the player is in more control. I have been playing a lot of Dark Souls lately, and there are a lot of choices I get to make about how my character evolves... I like that too. Assassins Creed, as a franchise, tries to include elements of both scripted and systemic mechanics ... so we have lots of interesting systems for player to mess around with, but we also have a very focused narrative for people who like to experience good story.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:07
  3. DRM

    Spørsmål fra Erlend Fiddan:

    Will this game feature the same superb DRM that Ubisoft have been ruining their games with lately?

    It didn't matter that much in ACII where there is an option to turn off the connection for Uplay. And Brotherhood I've got for the Xbox, so I didn't really pay attention to the PC version at the time. My latest Ubisoft game for Windows is Heroes VI and I stopped playing it after 5-6 hours after countless of random disconnects. I've been looking forward to Revelations for some time, but I will not be buying/playing it if ends up with the same frustrations as Heroes VI.

    I would really hate to miss out on the end of this great story, but at some point I feel I have to say enough is enough! I understand that you cannot speak badly of the DRM in public as you are an Ubisoft employee. I also understand that this is probably none of your matters as a storywriter. Still I hope that someday this horrible excuse of a DRM will die a painful death and that you can pass the message to te persons in Ubisoft responsible for it.

    While I wait for a better tomorrow, thanks for making one of the best gaming-series in generation! To bad it had to stop 2 games before it was all over.

    And you can argue that I could get this game as well for the Xbox to avoid the whole thing, but this is more of a principal!

    I think this question was answered very recently on the internet. Google around and see. (I don't have a clear answer myself, sorry.)
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:08
  4. The end?

    Spørsmål fra Dino :

    Will this only end Ezios and Altairs story or will it also reveal all the secrets around Desmond so far?

    We are ending Ezio's and Altaïr's stories, but Desmond is still our main man. He'll be around.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:10
  5. Leonardo

    Spørsmål fra Sindre:

    Will Leonardo DaVinci be back, to get you more cool gadgets, and weapons? Does he have anything to do with the custom bomb making to do?

    Apart from a small appearance by one minor character, there are no other characters from Ezio's previous games. Leonardo's position has been taken over by a few people... Sofia Sartor helps Ezio with ciphers and riddles, while Piri Reis is our Bomb Crafting master.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:11
  6. Yusuf Tazim

    Spørsmål fra stefan pedersen:

    what kind of role does Yusuf have? is he the head assassin in constantinople?

    Yes, Yusuf is basically Ezio's equivalent in Constantinople -- a Master Assassin. He is not Mentor status yet, but he is probably talented enough to be one!
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:13
  7. Istanbul?

    Spørsmål fra Fridtjof:

    Why did you choose Istanbul (Constantinople) as a location for this Assassin's creed game?

    Because it's a beautiful city. Because it's a city with just as much history as Rome. Because it was the center of the Ottoman empire at this time, which was one of the most powerful empires of the era. And because it sits on the border of Europe and Asia, which is a nice little metaphor for our two Assassins -- one from the middle east and one from Italy. So, practical AND symbolic reasons.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:15
  8. Future AC titles

    Spørsmål fra Mikkel Melsom:

    Ubisoft has said that they will keep the AC franchise and has announced that they will be releaseing a new AC game annualy. Seeing as this is the end of Ezio's triology, should we expect to never see him again in future AC titles, or will he perhaps have some apperances like Altair have had in Ezio's triology?

    For all intents and purposes, this is the end of Ezio and Altaïr, and we will have no more games starring these two fine gentleman. It's always possible that someone, years down the road, could write a little Ezio cameo into some other title ... but nothing is planned at all. It is time to say goodbye to these chaps.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:19
  9. Better Multiplayer?

    Spørsmål fra Stu:

    Multiplayer in Brotherhood was fun to play, but finding/joining a game was slow and just a big PITA... Is the finding/joining a game proscess the same in Revelations?

    Yes, the team worked really hard to solve the matchmaking issue, so finding a match to play should be much much easier now.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:20
  10. Ezio's or Desmond's story?

    Spørsmål fra Jorgen297:

    Do you have most focus on Desmond's or Ezio's story?

    Desmond's story falls into two parts in ACR -- in the Animus's "waiting room" and deep inside his own memories. Of these two sections, it is the second part -- what we have called "Desmond's Journey" -- that focuses on Desmond's past, his relationship with his parents, and his escape from an Assassin compound at the age of 16. There is quite a lot of material to experience in these sections.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:24
  11. Grand Plan

    Spørsmål fra Andreas:

    Is there a grand plan planned out for Desmond already, or is it all made up as you go along? =)

    Our Head Writer, Corey May, has had Desmond's story pretty clearly mapped-out for quite some time, so no need to fear. The franchise is in good hands (and heads).
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:25
  12. Altair and Ezio

    Spørsmål fra Kristoffer Angen Wikre:

    How does Ezio relate to Altair? They are different in many ways, but also very alike. What's your thoughts?

    Ezio and Altaïr are not directly related to one another in a single lineage, although they may share a common ancestor themselves since they both have a high percentage of First Civ DNA. But at some point all these Lineages join at Desmond, making him a very special lad, indeed. It is easier to visualize if you think about it backwards -- you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, and so on. So you see, at 4 generations back, you already have 30 ancestors whose memories you could relive. Crazy hm? To take it even further, if you average 4 generations a century ... and go all the way back to 1192, when AC1 takes place, the number of ancestors a person has is well into the millions... so Altaïr is just one of millions of possible ancestors Desmond could have relived. So its not so surprising that he has a couple highly trained Assassins in his family.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:33
  13. Oliver Bowden

    Spørsmål fra Stig Johnsen:

    How closely do you and Oliver Bowden work, if at all, on the novelizations of the games that have been released?

    He works very closely with us, but he is on a schedule that requires him to have the book finished before the game is, which is why you can find differences between the books and the games. We also let him expand on sections we are not able to cover in the games, but all of these additions have to be approved by us.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:35
  14. The Reality of the Story

    Spørsmål fra Mats:


    In the game we meet a series of characters, and some of these characters have actually lived at some point. Take for example Borgia in "Brotherhood".

    Since so big a part of the series consist of real characters and cities, how did you connect this with the obvious fictious part of the game? Where did you get your ideas and inspiration to these parts? Whereas I am mostly thinking of things like "The Truth" from AC2, and the secret chambers with these holographic "god-like" people from AC2 and Brotherhood. I really like these parts, but I think I would like them even more if you could tell me about their origin. How did you come up with this? :D

    The historical characters are inspired simply by sitting down and reading as many history books as possible. The real world is full of so many fantastic stories that it's not necessary for us to invent everything. But AC is also a science fiction story, so we typically look into fun and crazy conspiracy theories, myths, legends, etc, to fill out the rest of the story. And oddly enough, we do a lot of research on this too. Most of the Pieces of Eden are based on "real" things too -- the shroud, the apple, the Masyaf keys for example. In real life these things are just relics, of course, with dubious origins, but we like to give them an extra twist.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:40
  15. travel in the land

    Spørsmål fra eirik:

    is it more free travel between the different towns/citys on revelations?
    and more things to do while traveling?

    Once Cappadocia is opened Ezio can travel there at his leisure. But for story reasons we don't make it available right away.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:41
  16. Returnings

    Spørsmål fra Benjamin Skjevik:

    Will there be any known persons from the previous Assassin's Creed games (like Leonardo Da Vinci) to appear in Revelations?

    There is only one small appearance by a familiar face, a funny cameo.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:42
  17. Assassins creed revelations customization

    Spørsmål fra Simon Berg:

    Greetings Darby McDevitt :) i have a question about dying ezios robe. I am just wondering if that feature will continue in revelations, and if it does, will there be many more options about outfit coloring than the possibilities in brotherhood, and will the colors be based on the different cultures in the different districts inside of constantinople. Also, i know i am getting the special edition, meaning i get the turkish assassin armor. will you be able to customize it, as well with the Ishak Pasha armor? Thank you

    Yes, you can dye Ezio's robes. We have even included Masyaf White for those fans who want to feel a bit like Altaïr as they play. As for the other special costumes, no you cannot dy those.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:44
  18. Difficult?

    Spørsmål fra Gilatar:

    Was the process of writing the storyline very challenging at some point?

    Challenging, yes. Fun, yes. The story was written as a collaborative process between me and the rest of the creative team -- a truly collaborative effort. Once we have a blueprint for the entire game, I sit down and start writing. But I cannot simply sit in a dark room and invent anything I like. I have to be in constant contact with the designers, to make sure we are working towards the same goal.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:47
  19. Full time job

    Spørsmål fra Stian Bjørshol:

    How did you manage to get involved in the gaming industry? Do you have any tips for us who wants to work with UBISOFT for example as a full time job? Also, how is this game better and bigger than the other three games?

    Thank you for answering
    best regards

    Apply for lots of jobs in whatever capacity you can. In this industry it is possible start at the bottom and rise to an interesting position in a few years if you are dedicated and curious and hard working. Learn a little about every discipline, not just your own. A writer or artist that does not understand what a programmer or a designer actually does can really hinder a project. So, read books, watch films, try a little programming, listen to music, play music, etc. The broader your knowledge base, the more ideas you can bring to the table.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:53
  20. Revelations and Beyond

    Spørsmål fra 9x1:

    After a trilogy of a such awesome charchter like Ezio How can you top that with a new ancestor in AC3? And Thank you and Ubisoft montreal with making a such awesome Franchise

    We feel very fortunate to have created two amazing and iconic characters in little more than 4 years. It's not easy, and some might think us mad to be retiring Ezio after just two years. But we love the fact that we get to watch our characters grow, and age, and live real lives. So we don't regret our decision to say goodbye. It makes it all the more sweet.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:55
  21. More Creed?

    Spørsmål fra Runar:

    I've played AC Revelations for a few days now, and I must say I just LOVE it. It amazing, it just gets better and better. The details, the story, all the different characters. But is this the last Creed game or will there come more over the years?

    Thank you for you kind words! No, this is not the last AC game. Don't worry.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 16:57
  22. The End

    Spørsmål fra Simen Gimsøy:

    will the end be equally abrupt as in the previous games

    No we have a nice drawn out ending for ACR. You will cry and smile.
    Besvart: 14. nov. 2011 17:00

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