NETTMØTE: – Gabriel Knight vil påvirke Moebius

– Gabriel Knight vil påvirke Moebius

Veteranen Jane Jensen svarte leserne på spørsmål om sitt nye eventyrspill.

Der fargesterke Monkey Island og King’s Quest henvendte seg til et ungt publikum, gikk Gabriel Knight-spillene en annen retning. Både dialogene og det okkulte innholdet var best egent for eldre ungdommer og voksne tidlig på 90-tallet.


Skjermbilde fra det første Gabriel Knight-spillet.
Skjermbilde fra det første Gabriel Knight-spillet.
Jane Jensen (pressefoto).
Jane Jensen (pressefoto).

I et tilbakeblikk fra 2010 skriver Kent William Innholt at det første Gabriel Knight-spillet var datidens svar på Uncharted 2. Både med hensyn til stemningen, persongalleriet og historiefortellingen – men også gåtene, som viste at produsent Jane Jensen og hennes kolleger i Sierra var i svært god form.

Jensen har også jobbet med King’s Quest-serien, et par eventyrspill i Agatha Christie-universet og noen mindre kjente prosjekter. I 2010 gjorde hun et strålende comeback med Gray Matter, som i følge vår anmelder tok opp arven etter Gabriel Knight på en utmerket måte.

Helt nytt spill på vei

Nå er Jensen aktuell igjen med Moebius. Spillet beskrives som en «metafysisk science-fiction-thriller», i stil med TV-serien Fringe, Jensens roman Dante's Equation og Gabriel Knight-spillene. Moebius blir et pek-og-klikk-eventyr i tredjeperson, hvor de legger seg på en todimensjonal tegneseriestil. Målet er å finansiere utviklingen gjennom folkefinansieringstjenesten Kickstarter.

Onsdag ettermiddag stilte Jane Jensen opp i et eksklusivt nettmøte med våre lesere. Se svarene på over 40 spørsmål her:

  1. New York

    Spørsmål fra Roy Martin:

    Hey Jane! Thank you for giving us new adventuregames and good luck on your campaign.

    Will Moebius be set all over the world, or will it be mostly New York? I love games set in NY, but I one of the reasons I loved GK1 was the travelling Gabriel did,

    Moebius will have some scenes in NY, but most of it will take place elsewhere. I've always wanted to do a game set in NY though. Originally Gray Matter was going to be set there.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:12
  2. Gabriel Knight license

    Spørsmål fra Anders Ekerholt Dysvik:

    If your new studio becomes successful (I'm a backer by the way), do you have any plans to negotiate with Activision for the Gabriel Knight license? I would love to see you make another GK game!

    Yes, there is a good possibility that Pinkerton Road will be able to do something with the GK games down the road. We need to get a successful kickstarter campaign under our belt and Moebius underway first. Stay tuned!
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:14
  3. Roberta Williams

    Spørsmål fra Espen:


    Do you still talk with Roberta Williams? Loved both your and her games, and would love for her to come back too and do Phantasmagoria 3 (real sequel to Phantasmagoria 1)! :)

    Do you know if she is considering this? What is the currently doing?


    Ken and Roberta are happily retired and enjoying life. As far as I know, Roberta has no plans to do future games. But I haven't spoken to her in many years, so who knows?
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:15
  4. Action sequences

    Spørsmål fra PK:


    Will there be action sequences in Moebius?

    Not in the way the Heavy Rain or Indigo Prophecy had action sequences, but I would like to experiment a little more with touch controls and character actions. Primarily though, they will be pure adventure.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:16
  5. Thank you for everything!

    Spørsmål fra Wolfgang Ritter:

    Hey Jane!

    I loved your Gabriel Knight games (especially Sins of the fathers). In the early 90s there were so many point and click games which mostly played on slapstick and humor; it was truly refreshing that GK went for a darker and more realistic approach.

    I remember when I played GK as a 13-year old; I got so fascinated by the entire voodoo-part I wanted to find out more; although my mom was furious and was scared stiff that I would be dragged into some voodoocult and get myself killed.

    So thank you very much for lots of hours of excitement; and a form of youth-rebellion from a overprotective mom for what which was a young shy boy!

    But will the new game go back to the original roots of Sins of the father with it´s darkness in both story and visuals?

    Any chance of getting Tim Curry back to do a voice? Maybe for a badguy or someone insane? Loved his performance in Sins of the fathers and his films in general (who doesn´t love his performance of Dr. Frank N Furter?)

    As a last daydreaming question… Any open positions to work for you? ;)

    Hi, Wolfgang.

    Well, firstly, sorry for upsetting your mother! My mother wasn't too happy about the books I was reading as a young teen either.

    Yes, Moebius will have a dark story and visuals, rather like GK1 and (more recently) Gray Matter. I've been nostalgic for GK1 lately so I think it will have an influence on Moebius.

    I would love to work with Tim Curry again and he can do just about any voice. Good suggestion! I'll see if I can work it out.

    Pinkerton Road isn't planning to hire immediately, but people watch our website for postings and/or you can send a resume to I'm starting a file... I promise not to use your name in a dark ritual.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:21
  6. why did you choose kickstarter

    Spørsmål fra Taswaib Hussain:

    Just out of curiosity. Why kickstarter. Why not
    on touch cellphones (ipad, iphone and android), psn/xbox live or something valve. I am not saiyng it wont work I just wonder why you choosed this solution instead of dozens of other.
    By the way good luck

    The game itself will be released on various platforms like ipad, android, pc, mac. The kickstarter is only used to get funding for the game and then it allows us to easily manage our email list and send updates to our backers (we call them CSG members for Community Supported Gaming).
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:22
  7. GK2 real events/fiction

    Spørsmål fra radiohodet:

    Hi Jane,

    First of all, so happy that you got your own game studio. Congratulations!

    One of the things I liked the most about GK2 is that there was such a thin line between actual events and fiction. I caught myself saying "That can't be true! Or?" constantly throughout the game. Will Moebius (or any of the other games you have planned) have the same kind of connection with real events?

    Do you prefer the 2D in GK1, FMV in GK2 or 3D in GK3? Where you involved in the decisions to make the games so fundamentally different?

    Do you "regret" making a game out of the story of GK3, instead of trying to release it as a book when you see how well The Da Vinci Code did by "copying" GK3? (I still like to say that Dan Brown played GK3 instead of reading "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" ;) )

    In a recent Kotaku-interview you said you wrote a four-page letter to Sierra because you were so angry and disappointed about King's Quest V. What was it about it that displeased you?

    Wow -- lots of questions!

    1. Yes, I love using real life location and historic events in my work, weaving those with fiction, and the Moebius concept is particularly perfect for that.

    2. At this point I prefer 2D, but the gorgeous, high-res 2D that we can do now. GK1 was limited by the VGA resolution available at that time.

    3. The decision to make GK2 FMV and GK3 real time 3D were done at a higher level than myself. They were "the hot new tech" and since the games were AAA and fairly high budget, the company wanted them to do as well as possible and thus wanted to use 'the latest and greatest'. As a designer, of course, I wanted them to be perceived as cutting edge also.

    4. No, I never thought GK3 should have been a book. I liked it as a game.

    5. The KQV letter -- my first experience with Sierra was KQIV, where you typed in actions. KQ5 was the first point-and-click and I really felt it was too easy and lost its charm when I played it.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:27
  8. Favorite adventure game

    Spørsmål fra Roy Martin:

    What's your favorite adventure game of all time? And what's your favorite Lucasarts game? ;)

    I always loved the first Monkey Island. KQIV and Manhunter:S an Francisco remain my favorite adventure games.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:28
  9. The future of CSG?

    Spørsmål fra Ludvig:

    I understand "community supported gaming" is something you plan on continuing. How do you feel the gamers have responded to it so far? Will future seasons also be funded through Kickstarter and similar services, or will you handle it through some kind of direct subscriptions?

    Best of luck with Moebius.

    Hi, Ludvig. Good question.

    I think so far the CSG/kickstarter done a good job of aggregating a core group of fans that we will be able to continue communicating with, get feedback from, do beta testing and so on. That was one of our goals for the kickstarter and I already feel we've achieved that (though more people would be great as well!)

    I thought the concept pdf and vote was fun -- people seemed excited to see that we have a number of great ideas for games and to have a chance to give their opinions on them. I think that sort of thing engages people more with the campaign and studio than just a one time 'ok, sign here'.

    As for next year, we may use kickstarter again (though I would do it differently) or we may just do a direct campaign through our website.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:32
  10. Moebius - Voice actors

    Spørsmål fra Jon Magnus Stavik Vold:

    Hello, Jane!

    Will you use Hollywood actors for voice-over in the game?
    I remember Tim Curry as Gabriel Knight, will he be suitable for the role of Malachi Rector?

    Hi, Jon--

    We will use professional voice actors in Moebius, though I am close to NYC now, so not sure if it will be NY or Hollywood actors. Tim Curry as Rector... I will have to give some thought to that one. I'm sure he could do it, but if he were Rector AND Gabriel that might be a little odd. TBD!
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:33
  11. Making an adventure game

    Spørsmål fra Thor Skarsholt:

    Hi Jane,

    I'm part of a group making an adventure game at a University College at the moment, and I'm curious as to how (roughly) the process takes place at your level of the industry, in terms of planning, the creation of assets, game engine and so on.

    Very much looking forward to Moebius. Keep up your great work in the genre!

    Hi, Thor --

    Well, it's a lot to explain in a chat! One of the things we're doing as part of our kickstarter campaign is that people who sign up will get monthly video updates showing what's going on in the studio, so people will get a good idea of what we actually do vs what we supervise.

    A brief answer is, I write the design and dialogue (the game bible and script) and oversee the game as creative director. Robert Holmes will be composing the music. The art and sound assets are created by the dev team and reviewed and approved by us. The dev team also does the coding. The engine we're using is proprietary.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:37
  12. Easter Eggs

    Spørsmål fra Jonatan Myrbostad:

    Will there be any references to the Gabriel Knight games?

    There probably will be some subtle references and/or Easter eggs, yes.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:38
  13. Female lead

    Spørsmål fra Roy Martin:

    Will Moebius also have a strong female character, like your other games do? And will she be playable? :)

    I have a couple of female characters in mind for Moebius. I haven't yet decided if you can play them, but the story is very focused on Malachi Rector so that might not happen until game #2 of Moebius. I do like to have multiple egos when possible.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:39
  14. Point and click gameplay-design

    Spørsmål fra Øivind:

    I recently played through Sins of the Fathers and alltough a great game; maybe its biggest drawback was that if I missed a small detail in the world, I became stuck forever (It could even prove fatal at some points).

    So my question is: Have you learned anything from your early adventure games like GK1 in terms of gameplay design?

    Looking forward to Moebius!!

    Yes, I learn something every time I design a game. Gray Matter, for example, which came out in 2010, was much easier than GK1. Right now I'm feeling a little nostalgic to go back to harder puzzles so we're planning a 'casual' and a 'classic' path through the game (which you select at game start) so that we can have a harder path.

    But I do think there are things that the older Sierra games did that just don't make sense anymore -- like dying without an auto replay or restore and the old "1 pixel glint" pixel hunting for hotspots/
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:43
  15. Foodie

    Spørsmål fra Pekka:

    If Gabriel lived in todays real world america, what would his favourite burger be, and why?

    Something with Cajun spices! It would remind him of home.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:43
  16. The rape-scene in Dante's Equation

    Spørsmål fra Dante:

    Hi, Jane. I'm a big fan of your work, and looooved Dante's Equation. I have Millenium Rising in my collection too, but haven't read it yet, sorry. But anyway, whawt I wonder about the most in all your work is the little rape-scene in Dante's Equation. I won't spoil more than that for those who haven't read it, but just want to know what that was all about? It ended up ruining -both- charactersf or me so much I almost dropped the book. Care to explain?`

    Other than that, excellent work so far, and I'm really looking forward to your next projects. Oh, and if we can't get Gabriel Knight 4 as a game, how about as another excellent book?


    Hi, Dante --

    Hum. I *think* I know what you're talking about. The characters in Dante's Equation represented extremes -- based on the Kabbalah sephirot. Which I know sounds terrible boring. But one character represented 'extreme judgement' and another 'extreme liberality'. The story tried to show why being balanced (say, between 'judgement' and 'liberality') was best. So the extreme characters had to be pushed to their worst to realize that they needed to move back the other way. It's kind of like hitting rock bottom.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:47
  17. Dead

    Spørsmål fra Frank:

    People have said point and click is dead, several times. But still very much alive. Why?

    Personally, I'm a believer in a wide variety of genres in books, films, games etc. For someone to say "oh, mystery novels are dead" or "slasher films are dead", it's just an expression of a particular preference at that time. Things are popular in cycles and that which is out tends to come back in. In games, there should be a variety of genres because not everyone want to play a 1st person shooter or an RPG with hit points or a Sim. Point-and-click adventures appeal to a certain audience and that's a valid audience.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:49
  18. Indy?

    Spørsmål fra Dante:

    Hi, Jane. First of all, I love all your work, even your books. I can't seem to find the GK2-books, but I *did* manage to track down the first one and really love it.

    But anyway, as everyone else are talking so much about your current work and GK, I figured I'd ask a little, unrelated question. But as I said, I really love you work, and your games and books both prove you are an awesome writer as well as an awesome game designer. Two of my favorite adventure-games of all time (besides GK and Grey Matter, of course) are Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis and Day of the Tentacle. I know we have several Indiana Jones-games after Fate of Atlantis, but we don't have any other adventure-games besides The Last Crusade. (also pretty good, though quite old.) And as for Day of the Tentacle, as you probably know that's technically Maniac Mansion 2.

    So... here's the slightly weird question: Do you think it would be possible for your company to get the license to either of these and make another one? Indy has always been a favorite of mine, and I want more adventure-games with him. And who better to make it than my favorite game designer? And why not go crazy with a Maniac Mansion 3? (hey, a guy can dream, right?) :)

    Other than that, I love all your work. Keep it up! Gabriel Knight 4, Grey Matter 2, Moebius, it doesn't matter much to me. I know it'll be awesome either way. :)

    Hi, Dante --

    I don't have any plans to seek out LucasArts licenses like Indiana Jones. I have too many other things that I would do before that -- either my own original titles or Sierra licenses. I did enjoy the Indiana Jones games though. I hope someone continues them.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:51
  19. Modern adventure games

    Spørsmål fra Larry Laffer:

    Hi, Jane! Big adventure game fan here, and Gabriel Knight is among my favorite series.

    Have you ever considered adopting a more "modern" approach to the genre, like say Telltale's Jurassic Park or Heavy Rain? What are the benefits of traditional point and click?

    Thank you!

    I haven't played Jurassic Park. I did like Heavy Rain, loved the story, but it was a little too action oriented for me. I'm just not that good at that sort of thing. I think there is a "modern" adventure game, but I don't think it has to have action sequences in it.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:53
  20. FMV Games

    Spørsmål fra Klingmann:

    Have you ever thought about making a new modern FMV Game, with high definition videos? In my opinion GK2 was one of the very few games that did FMV justice!

    Hi, Klingmann --

    It's quite expensive to do FMV really, really well. I loved GK2 but it does feel dated now. I don't plan to do FMV anytime soon, but never say never!
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:54
  21. Inspiration.

    Spørsmål fra Håvard Fandrem:

    Where do you take your inspiration from?

    Usually I get big theme ideas from books I read -- particularly non-fiction. For example, GK3 was inspired by "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and my novel Millennium Rising was inspired by the prophecy books of John Hogue. As far as pacing and characters, I'm sure I am influenced by the shows and pop books that I indulge in. I'm a fan of True Blood, for example, also Lost and Fringe.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 15:56
  22. Challenges?

    Spørsmål fra Knut Ytrebakk:

    What's your main motivation for working on a classic adventure game again? And how important was Kickstarter for this decision?

    I really wanted to be able to focus on story-telling in a way that I have not been able to do in hidden object games and casual games. I've been wanting to do adventure games for some time.

    Funding a project through a crowd-funding option like Kickstarter is pretty critical to the whole studio. It would be difficult to get a publisher interested in funding an adventure game right now -- and if they did fund it, they would take the IP. The other path is to raise funding for the studio through investors and then fund the game with that, but it would take a lot longer to get to development on that path and we'd have to give up a certain amount of control.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:00
  23. Sell me your games

    Spørsmål fra Stein:


    I'm a huge fan of point & click games like Broken Sword, Runaway, and even Toonstruck, but I have yet to play any of your games. The reason is I've simply never been drawn towards them.

    So, what can you tell me about your games that will make me want to try them. Sell me your games.

    Hi, Stein --

    If you like those games, you would like the Gabriel Knight series. They're mystery stories with history, real life locations and some supernatural mixed in. The characters are very real to me and there's always a lot of drama going on between the characters in addition to the mystery plotline. They have a definitely 'dark and spooky' vibe and are 'sensual', as some people have described it. Other than that, I can say google some reviews. The GK games still remain at the top of the all time favorites list, so that should sell you more than anything I can say.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:04
  24. Scandinavia

    Spørsmål fra Tim Burton:

    Hello! I was just wondering if you've ever considered setting a game to one of the Nordic countries. Norway has a lot of exciting mythologies and mysteries I'm sure you could do very interesting things with!

    Hi, Tim -- thanks for the suggestion. I love several films set in Norway -- the original "Let the Right One In" is a favorite. Such a beautiful setting. I will check into the mythology.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:06
  25. Game Design

    Spørsmål fra Oluf :

    We often hear popular video game developers state that they never would have become a game dev again if they knew what they had gotten themselves into. Sometimes they even advice against joining the industry.

    Would you have chosen the same career over again? Would you let your kids make games?

    I've really loved my career and I think the next years will be even better. I have no regrets whatsoever about being a game designer and I would encourage anyone to get into the gaming industry in any capacity.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:07
  26. Current technology

    Spørsmål fra Ola Nordmann:

    Hey, are there any specific things that you dreamed of doing in the 90's, but couldn't do for some reason, that you now are able to accomplish with the current techology?

    Are there elements with Gabriel Knight you would have changed today if you were able to?

    Any change of remakes of the Gabriel Knight series by the way?

    Hi, Ola -- If I had a chance to do them over, I think mainly I would like to bring them all to a unified style and gameplay mechanic -- something like really gorgeous 2D retina display art and a basic radial menu icon system. How fun would that be? I'm sure there are small things I would change as well, altering some puzzles or maybe adding more cinematics.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:10
  27. Suggestion for an "extra" goal for your Kickstarter

    Spørsmål fra Alexander:


    You're doing a Kickstarter for your game Moebius, and so I wanted to make a proposition. Kickstarter has really been taking off lately in the game development industry, and it has become popular for game studios to do some "extra" goals. I.e. "if we surpass the goal by [this] amount, we will do [this]."

    So my suggestion would be: If the game surpasses the set amount by [an amount], why not make the game DRM-free as well as Free Software by using the GPL, or (better yet) a BSD-like license?

    (Obligatory "OMG I'm such a fan!!!" comment.)

    We have said we will do a DRM free version. As for the other options, I'm afraid you've just out-nerded me! I'm really not familiar with those.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:12
  28. Gabriel Knight 4

    Spørsmål fra Rob :

    What would the main theme in GK4 be if you got the rights to develope it? We have already seen voodoo in GK1, werewolves in GK2 and vampires in GK3.

    Also would the game me made in traditional 2D or 3D like in GK3? I am pretty sure FMV is out of the question, which is sad since GK2 is by far my favorite FMV adventure game of all time. :)

    It would be 2D or 2.5D (that is, pre-rendered 3D). It wouldn't be FMV because doing it well would be horribly expensive.

    As for the theme, I've had several different GK4 concepts -- ghosts, witches, Tibetian mythology... It's still a page that waits to be written.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:14
  29. Todays market

    Spørsmål fra Petter Haugen:

    Hi, what's your thought on todays gaming market (digital, mobile, Facebook) versus the one on the 90s? What's the main difference from a developers perspective?

    Yes, it is all about digital, mobile and Facebook at the moment vs the retail box PC version of the 90's. I think it's great -- I love my ipad2 and I love playing adventure games on it. I'm also a fan of digital delivery for everything.

    From a developer's perspective, considering platforms like tablet (touch screen) does have an impact on the design and gameplay mechanic, but to me it's a small impact. The core of the story and game remain, whatever the platform. It's probably more relevant in terms of choosing a dev team and engine because you want to be able to port across platforms easily and well.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:17
  30. Publishers

    Spørsmål fra Gamer:

    worst experience with a publisher?

    I'd prefer not to point fingers at specific publishers. What I can say is that my worst moments as a game designer is when I have to cut a design that is complete, especially if it's a big cut. It's kind of like sawing an arm off your baby. But it does happen and it's happened with nearly every publisher I've worked with. It's just part of the dev process.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:19
  31. Gabriel Knight 4

    Spørsmål fra Espen:

    Congrats on nearly funding Moebius, I'm looking forward to it! :)

    I know people keep asking this, but are you in talks with the current owner of the Gabriel Knight license (Activision I believe)?

    Have they stated interest in cooperating on making a new Gabriel Knight game, or perhaps even in you buying the license back from them?

    Loved the games and we would all like to see Gabriel and Grace back! :)

    I've already answered this earlier, but yes, I have talked to them and yes, there is a good chance that Pinkerton Road will be able to work with them on GK games in the future. But for now, we need to show that the fan interest is out there (with a successful kickstarter campaign) and show how well we can make an adventure game with Moebius.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:21
  32. Moebius

    Spørsmål fra Jon Magnus Stavik Vold:

    Hello, Jane!

    Will there be a lot of traveling in the Moebius game? Like traveling to different places in the world.

    Yes, there will be a lot of travelling. It's one of the things I really like about the concept.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:22
  33. Favorite

    Spørsmål fra Oldschoolgamer:

    other than your own games, which adventure game is your favorite?

    KQ IV, Manhunter: San Francisco, Monkey Island, Longest Journey
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:23
  34. Remakes of older games

    Spørsmål fra Petter:


    I'm really looking forward to your new game and have already helped contributing with some money, but I was wondering if you think there's any possibility of remakes of the Gabriel Knight games any time soon?

    I love adventure games with engaging stories, and I have never played the GK-games, but I've heard great things about them. I have also come to understand that you're one of the best when it comes to telling good stories through games, and I've experienced it myself with Gray Matter. I have doubts about playing the original game from 1993 though, so I am hoping a new version will come out sometime.

    Hi, Petter -- I think GK1 still holds up pretty well on Gog, but I also think remakes are not out of the question in the coming years.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:25
  35. Gabriel Knight 4

    Spørsmål fra Jon Magnus Stavik Vold:

    Hello, Jane!

    I am a huge fan of the GK-series, and I was wondering if there will be a fourth installment in the near future?

    Hi, Jon -- I answered this question above. Thanks for coming on the chat.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:26
  36. Moebius

    Spørsmål fra Torgeir Brunsvik:

    When did you decided to work on a brand new adventure game? And how did you come up with the idea and concept for Moebius?

    How do you feel about the feedback so far? Is it above or below your expectations?

    Do you plan Moebius as a triology of games?

    Moebius is planned as an ongoing series. I don't have any definite "end" in mind.

    When my husband, Robert Holmes, and I started talking seriously about launching a new adventure game studio, I made lists of what game series I could see the studio doing. I have more than 10 different concepts that I'd like to do, some in that sort of dark and mysterious vein that people associate with my work and some in different genres. For the kickstarter we picked the 3 most promising.

    I thought that GK fans would prefer Moebius, but it was even a clearer postivie reaction than I expected. So for me, it validates my gut instinct that this is the right concept to do.

    I got the idea for Moebius on a flight -- the idea for Dante's Equation came to me in the same situation. Maybe it's because that's one of the few times I'm not multitasking and give my brain a few moments of peace!
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:31
  37. "Best news ever"? :)

    Spørsmål fra Ludvig:

    So... what's that tweet about?

    Hi, Ludvig -- We did get some good news yesterday, and it is related to the studio. I will tell you more when I am able to but I can't do that until the fat lady sings, as it were.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:32
  38. Spørsmål fra Andreas Skagmo:

    Is adventures game one of the toughes games to make in a economic perspective? I mean compared to MMO games and genres with large user bases, subscribtions and micro transactions. Telltale solved this partly by doing episodes. Is that something you considered too?

    It is a challenge. I think you have to be conscious to keep the budgets and costs as low as you can and find a good publisher after the game is done who can help with marketing and promotion.

    We are not planning episodic as there tends to be a fall-off after episode #1. We hope to release the entire game as one product.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:34
  39. Aliens

    Spørsmål fra Jørn:

    Do you think aliens excists?

    My guess would be, yes.
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:37
  40. King's Quest V

    Spørsmål fra Roy Martin:

    I read that you wrote an angry letter to Sierra about KQV after playing it. What was it you didn't like about the game?

    Hi, Roy -- I answered that question earlier. Thanks for coming to the chat!
    Besvart: 25. april 2012 16:37

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